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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Fuck The Police... To come soon

The Same Mike.


To much information guy

Random guy gets in my car and wants to go to the Travelodge hotel. Whatever... Along the way he starts showing me pictures of his dogs, his whatever I was trying to drive, made sure to tell me I did t get all hot for the four pictures of his daughters he showed me, they were hot eighteenish. Then he starts talking about the Jamaican whores for 100 a night and shows me a pic. 

Well thanks for showing ,e your daughters pictures and then immediately after your same age Jamaican slut that you said was too tight to take your cock. Wtf man, from "innisville" I think he said, he was looking for a "world traveller" to gangbang whores his daughters age.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Legit Crazy Level 10 Nutbar Pshyco Taxi Ride to Vancouver

I intend on providing as many detail about this trip as possible as to not forget too much that had occurred during our perhaps 22 hour taxi journey. Some may be complicating but trying to remember the exact chain of events during a 22 hour journey with one person would be difficult for anyone.

I have written about this particular woman before but will not bother linking them. They were about a trip to her daughters Christian Bible Camp to rescue her (daughter was not released). The other was the time that no clothes in Lethbridge would fit her so she paid me to take her to go shopping in Calgary (wasn't satisfied with not being satisfied).

So I get a text on my phone asking "How far will X amount of dollars take me in a taxi"? I responded "who is this? pretty far". She responds "it is your desperate pal X here sweetie". I responded "where do you want to go and can I ask why? seems strange". She texted " because it is strange but i'll pay you X dollars to take me as far away from Alberta as possible". I said via text "where do you really want to go Alaska"? Last text she send was "I can pay you X$ as soon as you say yes and I get in your car if you just pay for coffees and water once in a while :)".

At this point I phoned this woman and asked where she really wanted to go and I said well I would maybe go to Regina or Vancouver for that I am not sure and she said she would go to Vancouver. I asked if she was serious and she said most definitely so I wrote down her address and gave her a two hour pick up time.


I am in Medicine Hat at the time ////hmm not necessary to say but noted


As I am on my way to her apartment from well I spilled it about she had called twice just to make sure I was on my way and I had assured her that I was. I pulled into Lethbridge and gathered a blanket, winter jacket, emergency kit and first aid kit (I had everything else I thought I needed already packed for Medicine hat and my vehicle is surely expecting winter driving conditions although none were noticed on this trip.


I arrive at her apartment perhaps 2.4 hours after her initial text viewed. I had called saying that I would be there in five minutes and she was happy to hear that. Upon arrival I see her standing by the outer apartment door at XXX westside whatever and she was smoking a cigarette and had a laundry basket less than half full of random stuff.

I got out of the vehicle and asked her how she was doing and said ok or whatever I cant remember. A brief greeting occurred and I asked her if she still wanted to go to Vancouver as we had agreed upon and she said "shhhhhh, I don't want anyone to hear". I did think it was a bit strange but maybe someone was listening what do I know and she has what seems to be a few clothes and some random objects in her laundry basket. I just stood there with her until she was done her smoke and she said we should go and I asked if I could grab her basket to put in the car and did the agreed upon.

I have to say at this point she did look thinner and sicker than maybe the last time I had seen her months earlier.


She says she wants to leave now and I agree without being paid the agreed upon price and don't push it but I said I needed to get gas before we left town. (Colombia Macs Esso Gas).

While on the way to fort mcloud alberta i was trying to ask her some questions as to what was going on and why she wanted to leave and etc etc... some she was happy to answer but my more pressing issues such as why she was leaving or where she was going were either ignored or not wanted to be talked about. She opened up quickly on the way to fort macloud and mentioned that she was going to visit her sister in Victoria and that she was having problems in lethbridge.

Problems with being charged with assault on her daughter (while trying to hug her she claimed)  and assault on a police officer if i remember correctly and that she was supposed to be fingerprinted soon and had to appear in court. I had no idea about any of this prior to picking her up, she began telling me how she had tried to commit suicide a month earlier and was in the intensive care unit and the psychiatric department. I shared some things that are troubling me and some of my police dealings and I think she felt comfort in that.

Ok fine we were spitting random banter and i become quiet i can tell she just wants to think or reflect perhaps. I started hearing her scraping metal to metal together fairly loudly and it kinda had me on edge i didn't know if she had a knife or was scratching something with her fingernail. I doubted the knife she seemed fairly at ease with me at this point and prior. I assumed it was some kind of obsessive compulsive disorder of just rubbing something together it wasn;t annoying i didn't say anything about it. Out of know where she rolls the window completely down in the passenger seat i didn't mention where she sat and chucks something out the window.

I was thinking what the fuck was that and asked her what she had thrown and she said to the effect "those were all my keys fuck Lethbridge"


At this point I figure she is pretty serious about leaving Lethbridge and there is no way she is ever going to find those keys again.

Around this time she began to tell me how the University is the only thing keeping her in Lethbridge besides her daughter that she does not have custody over (refer to the Christian Bible Camp). I truly believe she has never completed a single course at the University she is just not capable of doing so in my opinion (but the University continues to take her money).

She says the main reason and I have no idea why but her daughter is going to be living with her sister in Victoria in a couple weeks and that she only wants to be near her daughter. Not sure how the grandmother lost custody or what the hell is really going on to be honest.


Fine we get to Fort Mcloud and we grab a coffee and she pays me for the trip to Vancouver in full at the tims via debit interact.  Oh I forgot she was trying to have me in on her story of just leaving but she mentioned that she had told her mom that I was coming to pick her up. What the fuck i kind of asked you are planning on going awal and your last known whereabouts is me coming to get you i asked her what she expected me to say when the police arrive knowing full well if she doesn't surface they are going to think i killed her or at least had something to do with her disappearance.

So the story was to tell the police that I had picked her up and dropped her off at the greyhound bus station. I agreed and said it sounds reasonable until maybe someone finds her keys days or years later and or the rcmp in Fort Mcloud had a good look at my car. So her story she wanted me to agree with changed to Calgary and then Edmonton i could tell she was a little bit paranoid but her throwing those keys out the window earlier really sent a message to me that she was not coming back no matter what.


Nothing that she had mentioned up to this point was of any surprise or suspicion to me, after all her plan was to disappear and flea her upcoming charges and go stay with her sister.


For the majority of the next 12 hour drive nothing seemed out of the ordinary what so ever except for one thing. I said from the get go if i want to stop we are stopping and i wanted to close my eyes and just rest for a while (all those lights get to you after a while after dark and especially the nonstop attentativeness  or constantly navigating sharp turns and avoiding other vehicles.

I left the car running for us to have some heat but I knew I would be warm enough I packed emergency blankets, kits, jackets, I came prepared. Whatever I wasn't planning on being stopped long and had my seat as far back as would go and was fully enjoying peace and quite when she said "don't look".

What the fuck happened there I don't remember. I had my arm over my head not even looking in her direction pretty much half asleep and not moving when I hear "don't look". I told her I wasn't going to look until she said not to.

To this day I really didn't look (only maybe to make sure she wasn't going to kill me or something). I don't know why she said that she wasn't changing, i think maybe it was some suicidal bandages just looking back on it, I will never know. Just strange for me to be asked not to look while I am pretty much asleep.

Hey maybe jerk off to some 25 year old one legged blond midget performing gagging deep throat on some massive black cock. Ok I wont look then just warn me.


So yeah we stopped a couple times like that and never for more than an hour, it was tough on me navigating unknown roads especially at night. I almost found some comfort behind a slow semi realizing that he/she has probably navigated these roads many times. Kamloops has a tesla charging station never seen one before. 



Like I said things seemed relatively normal for me thus far I understood she was basically abandoning her mother and stuff while her kid was eventually going to be off to Victoria ? (36 year old female)


Hours and Hours go by and intermittently I was asking like where do you want to go exactly?
My entire plan was essentially to drive her to Vancouver and said here and there that I would be willing to well lets say grab some food, grad a coffee, fill a prescription.

I am sure most people would be annoyed after being next to someone for say 18 hours. As was I and she mentioned a rest stop so she could have her privacy and go to the washroom. KNOCK YOUR FUCKING SELF OUT AND GO PEE.   

So at the rest stop with working washrooms and maybe one other person using the facilities she cant do it she says she is too dizzy and might have a seizure.  (REMEMBER THIS STOP) perhaps langly or surrey;


Fine I continued on driving towards to ferrie and any ferrie really because she had to cross to see her sister. Well wait she had not contacted her sister prior and a huge scene was going to erupt at the door had she arrived unexpectadly/  So she wants her alone time to figure things out, fine with me she did absolutely zero planning thus far and i was beginning to be a little upset.

I stopped in langden i believe some small community off river road and i stopped for her in a very peaceful place for her to make her phone calls that she wanted privacy. I offered get out for privacy or we both get out for privacy or she could stay in the car for her privacy. Well we both got out and I walked towards the pier and took in a nice view. I turn around and crazy face is standing by my door like some kind of dog not long after we had arrived for her to make her private calls.


 Turns out that she is desperate to use a washroom and has to leave this gorgeous park, I mentioned that we had stopped earlier for her to pee but she had no interest because of her dizziness. I mentioned there was a public portapoty  she could use but no she was not having any of it. I mentioned that I did not think that she really had to go after all the stops.

Anyway we went to subway

Well fuck got to make a long story short.

My plan was to take this woman, per request to Vancouver.

I am horriple sad if she thought otherise and I was driving her around aimlessly and sh had zdrro plan in Vancouver.  Absolutely nothis she did not plan anything. i believe no in her mental capacity she s not caababple of even suggestion a childrens shlow on television

I paid for this and that and realozed that the mental capacity of thi///////////////i took her to the hotel she wanted ater not wantingto go to her sisters because she had made zero prior contact. So  now she cant go to victoris cuz i wonth support it.



Sunday, September 27, 2015

What The Fuck...Drug Deal I Guess...

This woman flagged me down from the Greyhound Bus Station or at least that area and I knew immediately she was not coming off any bus.

She looked cracked the fuck out but not unreasonable she asked me to take her to south and back.

Well I am no retard and I was working and asked for some money and she said I would get paid when I got there. FUCK THAT.

I demanded a deposit or no ride and what does the crack whore give me? A FUCKING KNIFE and a half pack of smokes.

She was trying to contact her friends that were still walking at this point when the downtown Lethbridge  police unit pulled up right beside me (obviously trying to figure out what was going on). I ignored them we went around the corner and proceeded to the drug dealers house at 709 9ave South. I say nothing upon payment for service.

She was in there much longer than she said and I was ready to leave and the police pulled up right in front of me just checking the area I suppose. (I thank them for that in case something was wrong).

While waiting for her...I wanted to just leave but I did have her collateral and had agreed to the trip. I was counting down the meter til I gave up on her when she came out and waved me around the corner. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME I just sat outside of the drug dealers house for 15 minutes at least and its important for you to have me pick you up around the corner, fuck you.

So I guess she got the drugs and wanted me to go to another address for her to sell the drugs so I could get paid/ We arrived at hmm 721 7ave south unit 1 and she wants her knife back so I give it to her.

I'll tell you what I will never say shit about addresses or information unless I am not paid, so fuck your drug dealing shit I was trying to have a peaceful weekend. FUCK YOU CUNTS.

I literally was waiting at that address listening to "don't be fooled again" by whoever and had my windows rolled up to not be stabbed in the neck potentially by some meth head.

Glad you did not pay me you cunt whore, I was trying to have a god damn peaceful fucking weekend.

Cutting it here.


Photo Dump With Some Commentary

Like the title says.

What did this place used to be? I have no clue it is North of Legacy Ridge and West of Hardeeville.

I like the lighting in this one.


Military Convoy


Some neat holograms at CASA. I thought they were real people until closer inspection.



I don't think this service is still around but cool sign.

 This little bird fell from the nest. It was so small I almost stepped on it. I don't think it was going to make it but was alive and well when we left it.


Not sure what kind of bird this was. 






How did they even do this with flowing river?

Standing in the middle of the low river.

Really right outside of the front door? Nice tow job Mike.
The following photos are me walking along the low riverbed in Lethbridge. I found a lot of debris not sure what from perhaps the coal mining era. Anyway I finally found "The Thing" I was looking for. No explanation of what it is but some people assembled it. Crossed a beaver dam to get to it.
I was warned not to touch the voodoo dolls but didn't see any however I did ask a student where this thing was and she had no clue what I was talking about but mentioned on the other side of the river there was a "Hanging Doll Display". What the fuck..... tell me more.
Left this pic sideways looks interesting to me.

Is that a locomotive wheel in the water?

Here is the "art" dump site I wish I knew more.

The entrance...

The beaver dam crossway...


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