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Monday, April 23, 2012

Kinda Strange

I picked up this guy and before heading home he wanted to make a stop and pick up his booty call. He mentioned that he had never met this woman before and was worried that she might be nasty looking. Once we got to her house I mentioned that I would keep it in drive so if he didn't like what he saw we could just drive off quick.

Turns out he knew her and they were friends all along. Weird thing to openly just fabricate a story to tell me and obviously I caught on that he wasn't just meeting her for the first time.

So we get to his apartment and he says to me "did I give you enough date rape?" I responded "yes you gave me plenty, we are all good". The look of her face was just priceless, I don't think she knew how to react to that strange comment and she didn't really react at all, she just looked surprised I guess.

I made sure to mention to her that we were just kidding around.

The guy kept saying some kind of movie quote, I think it was "That's why I don't have nice things". I kinda liked this guy and had met his date on a previous occasion.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Should Have Locked The Door

I picked up this guy and his two buddies and they were in town from Edmonton. The one guy decided to pop over to his long distance girlfriends house to surprise her. We arrived at her house and he went up to the side door. The door was open and he went inside. He came back a few moments later and was pretty pissed off.

I guess he had found his girlfriend in bed with another guy. He said "at least I know for sure now". I guess the surprise was on him, but I think he had his suspicions before.


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