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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Super Drunk Girl

I pulled up to the XXXXXX Hotel and immediatly noticed a young woman being held by her friends while she was puking. I waited very patiently for this woman to finish barfing while the security guards were looking at me probably thinking "I am glad I am not that guy".

So her friends finally get her into the back seat and she is half passed out and half still wanting to puke. She was leaning out the back door, drunk as fuck, when she says to some guy "want me to suck your cock"?

She instantly puked out the back door! The guy whose cock she offered to suck came up to my window and proudly asked me if I heard what she said. I said "I heard".

Meanwhile she managed to bite some other guy in the arm (she definately bit him and I think it was in the arm as we has trying to help her).

So her friends and I get her back to her place and the guy had to literally carry her into her house. While he was trying to lift her out of the backseat he asked her to work with him. While staying completely motionless she said "I am helping, you fuck".

While her friends were putting her to bed I was wondering why the car smelled so badly of puke. I was looking around and noticed that the womans purse was just covered in stomach debris. It was fucking gross.

Thankfully she did not puke in the car and her friends were there to help her.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Homeless in Lethbridge

I was looking for prostitutes in downtown Lethbridge last night and came across this guy.

It was quite clear that he was struggling and was not equipped to survive sleeping on the street over night in  minus 14 degree Celsius temperatures.

I drove to the police station to make a complaint.

Four police cruisers arrived on the scene (I did not say he was robbing the place). He was just passed out and unequipped to survive in the frigid temperature.

The police were not happy that I was filming him being questioned and subsequently arrested.

An officer reversed and pulled up right beside me to ask me what I was doing. I responded to the effect "I am just minding my business, have I done something wrong?" The officer seemed pretty pissed off that I was filming, he reversed out of the parking stall and came to a stop immediately behind me (blocking me in). He was clearly running my plates to find out who I was.

At that point I was trying to film the individual getting arrested and led to the police cruiser when my camcorder went dark and would not record. What is up with that? I have never had any problem with it and I believe that somehow the police had the technology to censor my recording.

In addition. I only contacted the police because I felt that this persons welfare was in jeopardy. Had the temperature been much warmer I would not have given the situation a second thought.

Monday, November 30, 2009

The Inspiration

I can almost guarantee that I will be able to bust someone within Lethbridge performing a similar sex act on a prostitute. It is just a matter of time. It seems even strange to me but I will catch someone in the act, I know I will.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Testing out the Camcorder on Prostitutes

These videos are unedited and are very amature. All in all I spent more than an hour downtown tonight and saw at least seven prostitutes and was openly propositioned by two of them. I left the downtown area after I thought they were on to me.

I was parked downtown at the XXXXXX Sub Restaurant at around 11:30pm.

Marsha standing on the corner.

Marsha standing on the corner 2 (alternate light capture).

Marsha looks pregnant photo.

Marsha gets picked up and I follow, leads to nothing really.

Here is the pimp, I saw him with numerous prostitutes tonight and it was quite clear that he is definately a pimp. It only took me half an hour to figure this out. Not sure where the police presence is considering they announced that they are ramping up efforts to curb prostitution, which is still rampant.

Closup photo from video of the pimp.

Photo of the pimp's truck.

Photo of the pimp's liscence plate.

Cruising behind the XXXXXX looking for action. None found.

All in all the camcorder test went well. I look forward to posting more videos as they come along.


All videos and pictures removed from this site.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Stabbing at the XXXXXX

Ever since five people were stabbed outside of the XXXXXX a few weeks ago the bar has been a wasteland.

Two people were airlifted to Calgary in critical condition and all of the victims have since recovered, as far as I know.

I understand the XXXXXX has installed a metal detector, which is a first for Lethbridge. Most people I speak with are outright avoiding the bar out of fear of being stabbed.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Pregnant 17 Year Old

I have recently been consumed with the thought that I will be sent out to Shaunessy to pick up a woman that has prepaid her trip to go to the Lethbridge Regional Hospital when she goes into labour.

I have since started carrying a first aid kit just in case something might go wrong while I am potentially on the call.

I watched a video on YouTube called "how to deliver a baby in a taxi". I learned a few valuable lessons, having no children myself the video explains not to cut the cord and to get the woman to a hospital as soon as possible. Also if the baby does not start crying within 30 seconds of birth to clear the airway and give CPR if necessary.

Anything else you think I should know?

Random Recollection - K

I remember a customer a few months back telling me "You can only masturbate so many times in one day before it starts to hurt, what else can I do? I'm retired."

I actually like this guy, he is in his mid 30's and had a stroke a few years back which has made him dependant on a cane.

He likes his sports and called me out on not knowing which CFL teams were playing today (Sunday). He really is quite an interesting character and mentioned to the effect that he was a real Canadian for knowing what was going on in the CFL and which Canadian NHL teams were playing when and where (implying that I was not a real Canadian, jokingly of course,)

He embarrassed me for about 3 seconds and I hope he enjoyed jerking himself to pain while eating his hot dogs.

Beer Fest Weekend and Swollen Members

Beer Fest was at the Exhibition tonight and Swollen Members played the Blarney Stone. Knowing where people were and where they were likely going definitely helped the bottom line for me.

Reviews of the Beer Fest were mixed. The drunker people were the more they seemed to enjoy the event. About 50 percent of the people I spoke with that attended the event were dissatisfied and most of the dissatisfied people were soberish (my new word) and had felt they had been mislead by the advertising.

Most people had assumed that once they paid the $10 admission price that they would be able to sample as many beers as they wanted. That was not the case and from what I read in the newspaper once the admission was paid tickets were for sale for $.50 a piece and different vendors required different amounts of tickets to sample their beer. Much like a county fair.

The Swollen Members played the Blarney Stone tonight, also with mixed review. Apparently they were to start at about 8 or 9 pm. After the opening acts were through SM did not start until 12:30 am. Some people were upset and left before hearing the main event.

I know you folks spent on average $25 per ticket but that is how bars operate, they draw you in early so you buy drinks and spend money. 12:30 is reasonable in my opinion for the main event to begin. Remember when Method Man and Redman played at Suede? They did not come on until after 1:30am.

Suede is no longer in business.

Monday, November 2, 2009

From the Archive... Dicks, Dildos, and Vibrators... Women Commentary.

This was about half of the trip.


Video Removed From Site.

October 31 in Review

Revelers were out in full force Saturday night. House parties were everywhere and the bars were packed to the rafters.

It was expected as halloween was the second busiest day last year, new years eve being the busiest.

Here are some statistics from the night including personnal traffic violations (some are estimated):

Obstructing traffic: 3
Speeding: >50
Excessive Speeding (>than 25km/hr over speed limit) 1
Over Capacity: 3-4
Unsecured Child (no child seat): 1 (Child seats are not exempt from being used in taxis in Alberta)
Passengers without seatbelt : >60 percent
Open liquor: 2-4
Lipstick removed from face: Once
Average wait time after 9:00: 45 minutes-1hour.
Flags: >20
Sick customers (puking): 1
Racing (to speed limit): 1
Failure to yield to a pedestrian : 0
Excessively drunk customers: <5
Scantily clad women: plenty

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Cowgirl / Cowbitch

Fuck you, clearly I am in a bad mood tonight, I wish to post fully about the last three headlines but need some time to compose myself.

I feel stressed beyond belief at the moment.


WTF, too tired to explain, recorded.......Drunk Bum

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Do you Prefer Dildos or Vibrators?

It seemed like a good question at the time...

audio to come...

Flash for Cash?

I picked up these cute little 18 year old drunk bitches from the bar area downtown. (Pardon my language but that is exactly what they were).

Basically the entire way to the West side they were trying to get a deal on the fare by offering to show me their boobs. They were quite good looking and I must be accustomed to this job because I recall saying "I am sorry, but I would rather have the cash then give you a discount on the fare".

They were trying to bargain with their breasts the entire way and it actually became quite annoying. The final price they set for me to see their tits was $2.00 off the fare, that's right 50 cents a boob (or 10 percent of the fare).

Like I said I was a little annoyed at this point, why I don't know, maybe stress of the bar rush, who knows, I still declined.

Anyway they paid the full fare, said they were still going to flash me, got out of the car and they both pulled down their shirts and pressed their breasts against the passenger side window.

Perhaps I figured they were going to flash me no matter what I said. I wasn't going to pay for something they do for fun, or anything else for that matter.

Sent to the XXXXXX Again - RANT

I was sent to the dreaded XXXXXX Bar at around 11:15pm. It was clear as day multiple drug deals were going on right in front of me. I could not believe the brazeness. I don't know if the white guy was soliciting the hooker or buying crack, but he gave her his cell phone to make a phone call (likely a drug deal).

This other XXXXXX/hooker was saying she wanted a "brown bag" to the hooker on the phone with the dealer.

I know this stuff happens at the XXXXXX everynight, EVERY NIGHT, sometimes you might see a police officer on a bike or even the downtown beat unit or a hurse at the bar, but for what I see the police have been letting them do their deals around the bar for some time.

If I havn't said it before, which I am sure I have, the XXXXXX bar is definately for the lowest of the low and is occupied by approximately 90 percent XXXXXX at any given time. I would estimate 9 percent of the XXXXXX poeople that occupy the bar, other than staff (suprisingly) are looking to score crack or bang an HIV infested prostitute.

XXXXXX is working all the time now, police need to get her off the street because she is infecting everyone I am sure.

If you are seriously desperate and low enought to bang this crack whore you deserve to die a slow death from aids.


I basically wanted to say, before I was sidetracked, that I am happy our direct line is broken in the bar. I ended up loading the trip and they went to the Exhibition, on the way for some reason the XXXXXX Liquor outlet had a suspended liscence (I meant to get a picture of that because it is extrememly unusual) and was closed.

I said I didn't believe the exhibition was open but they insisted that XXXXXX (vlt casino) was open. Ok fine I took them and watched them get denied at the gate while looking at the sign that said "Gates Close at 11:00pm."

I laughed my ass off and could have cared less.

I had to break a hundred for this women, so I have a good feeling that the taxpayers of Canada were paying for her night out on the town.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Friday Saturday Randoms

I have been in hiatus with my posts so here are a couple randoms from this weekend.

I picked up a woman and her luggage from a house on the Westside at 1:30am. On our way to XXXXXX I asked her what was up and she said she was leaving her boyfriend for her girlfriend. She also mentioned that her boyfriend did not know she was leaving him. It was interesting, she was telling me that you have to do what you have to do to be happy, and if people don't accept it fuck them (about being gay). Her lesbian lover was waiting with open arms in XXXXXX.

On a side note judging by appearance only there was no loss to heterosexual men.


I picked up this man and woman from the XXXXXX area. I started driving them home and something was up, she was crying. Out of no where she asks me to pull over, this other guy reluctantly gets in and there is some serious tension in the cab. I have a real good suspision that she had caught him cheating on her.


I picked up this woman from the Northside. She gets in the car and says to the effect "hey sweetie, how are you doing tonight, are we gonna party or what?"

I initially assumed that she was a hooker based solely on her appearance, drunkeness, and attitude. I was actually planning on asking for a deposit on the fare. I didn't because she wanted to hit up a liquor store and come back home. I figured if she had money for liquor she had money for me.

So we get the liquor and are back on the way to her place. She has been flirting with me the entire time. Before we arrive at her house she plain as day asks me to come into her house to have some fun. I was taken back and responded poorly (I can not remember what exactly I said).

Anyway we are sitting in her driveway and she is trying to get me to have a shot of liquor in the taxi, obviously I declined. She again asked me to "come in for a beer", I told her I wasn't interested in her HUSBAND comming home and kicking the shit out of me.

She was actually quite attractive and really had me going, but also very drunk and married. Her last ditch effort to try to get me to come in was to pull down her shirt and start playing with her boobs.

So yeah that was that, suprisingly she never once tried to touch me. I forgot to mention that she only had half of the fare so she gave (or I took) six of her beer, one of which I am drinking at the moment thanking myself for not banging that drunk XXXXXX woman on her couch.

Monday, July 6, 2009


I have to laugh every time one of our night drivers (whom I have previously posted about knowing what all of the hookers nipples look like) temps off to "grab a sandwich" at 2:30 in he morning.

Now that the McDonald's and Tim Horton's are open 24 hours downtown maybe that is what he is up to but I believe he is interacting with the downtown prostitutes on a regular basis.

I laugh my ass off every time I hear "XX, I need to temp off for a sandwich".

All I ask is please do not get anything on the steering wheel, please Bob.

Washer and Dryer Message

A weird find in a random alley downtown. It is not worth trying to decode the message. Somebody was clearly more bored than I was.

Another Slow Night

Some random alley art in Lethbridge...

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Slowest Friday Ever....

I had so much time on my hands tonight I took a few pictures of the High Level Bridge and area.

I barely bothered to flag the bars and if I remember correctly did not have a single flag all night. Every bar I went to had 3-5 taxis waiting in line for a fare. I think my problem for not getting any flags was that I kept moving from place to place. I can not sit in a parking lot and wait indefinately behing 5 other cabs.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Off His Medication...

I was called to a North side residence and pulled into the driveway. The entire driveway was a complete mess and it looked like someone had just wrapped up a party.

I noticed a hand written note on the front door and was interested in what it said. I thought maybe the note was for me telling me they were in the back or something. I waited a couple of minutes and decided to ring the door bell. No one answered so I took a couple pictures of the front door area.

There were pornographic magazines in clear view of any Girl Scout Guide trying to sell cookies, as well as empty beer cans and cigarette buts and garbage everywhere. I wish I had taken a wide angle shot of the place but was in a rush and didn't want to get caught.

I am glad the guy never appeared as I am sure it would have been an interesting encounter.

If you can not read the note left on the door it says (including the writers punctuation)...

"Richard I will Be back tomorrow For my things, you need to take your meds you lost it, if you keep drinking all the time, without taking your meds. you are hearing Voices that aren't there. Get help Buddy, S."

Saturday, June 27, 2009

To the Employee of the XXXXXX Strip Club:

Damn your boobs were pushed up and out of your shirt so far I tried my very best not to stare.

Every time I needed to look right (at every intersection) I held my breath and tried my best not to look at your tantalizing melons.

I remember when you came to the door, bent over and asked me if I had been waiting long, I cleared my throat and said no. After seeing those giant beer can crushers I would have waited all night and still said I had just pulled up.

This picture is not of her and is a random example of some of the serious distractions I have to deal with.

Wierd Flag

I was driving down 3rd Avenue North towards a trip when a guy walking down the sidewalk was trying to flag me down. I pulled over and turned around.

The guy looked pretty rough, he had a scraggly beard and dirt all over his pants. I assumed he was probably walking from the homeless shelter, which was only two blocks away.

I let him into the car. I let a lot of people in the car, it looked like he needed a ride, that is my job, to give people rides. I admit I have become somewhat racist because of this job and to be honest if this same man was native there would have been little chance of me giving up my trip to flag a native guy around the shelter.

He happened to be white. He did not know exactly where he was going and I asked him if he had any money to pay me for a ride.

He seemed disappointed that I had asked and kind of fumbled around trying to find some cash, I honestly thought he was pretending to look and was expecting the hard luck story and blah blah blah.

To my surprise he pulled out maybe $2000 in cash (mostly $100's. I asked him where he wanted to go while apologizing for doubting him. He said he knew he looked rough or whatever and was actually surprised that I pulled over and let him in the car.

He only went a few blocks and threw me $20 on a $5.70 fare. He kept thanking me for being compassionate but I really do not think I was.

Thursday, June 25, 2009


I have no problem picking up a blind war veteran and transporting him to the hospital to see his dying wife.

One day I helped him to the fourth floor and his wife was so very happy to see him, normally a volunteer escorts people to their family.

I have never escorted a blind person that far and was unable to estimate distances correctly, but I got him there.

Fuck all of you that refuse this trip. It may not be profitable but show some god damn respect you pieces of shit.




Sunday, June 21, 2009

Random Saturday Night Fares

I have found that I write about natives and crack whores far too often and will try to steer my topics elsewhere.

The night started off extremely slow. I found myself pacing in the office wondering when I was going to make some cash.

Thankfully between 11:00pm and 3:00am taxis were in high demand. The bars were very busy and likely due to all the weddings happening in the city. People were dressed to the nines. I picked up a native dude in a suit at the Roadhouse. That is extremely unusual.

Some Random Trips.........................................................

I picked up this elderly lady from a old age home earlier in the evening. I asked her how she was doing and where she was going. She said she was fine and that she was going far away.

I asked her where she wanted to go exactly, and again she says it is far. She then mentions 12 st a and I ask whether it is North or South. She said again 12 st a. I asked her for the house number and she started listing off different streets that she knew or whatever... it sounded like this ``12 st a, 4th avenue, 12st, it`s far away, you know where I mean, by 10th avenue... 21st street, 3rd avenue, far away``.

I was confused but gathered that it was on the South side on 12 street a. She then pulled out a piece of paper with the address written on it. It turned out not to be the correct address of where she was going but it was close.

I told her I was not sure where she wanted to go and she guided me to the address. She had a key to the house and I waited for her to get inside.

She was a very pleasant lady. I think maybe she has a mild case of Alzheimer's. She tipped me $10 or 100 percent of the fare for being patient and courteous with her (at least I think those were her reasons). I especially made it clear that she had given me a $20 and asked again if she was sure she did not want any change. I do not take advantage of anyone, especially an elderly lady.


I picked up the crazy lady that thought I had run over someone and almost killed a few people in a parking lot while I was going 5kmÉhr. That happened a few months ago.

This time she had a ham with her that was somewhat covered with tin foil.

While she was getting in I asked her how she was doing, she responded by saying ``what do you think I am a cunt or a bitch``, I said no I ask all of my customers that.

I tried to recall her memory of when she had thought I ran some people down in a parking lot while driving her to a bar. She explained that she did not have her glasses on. HA HA CLEARLY.

She begins to tell me that she is abused by her man. Not only physically but emotionally, she started crying. She told me the next bruise that he gives her she is going to leave him.

The tears were running down her face and she was clearly upset. I tried my best to console her and basically said there was not a whole lot I could do for her, but that she should involve the police the next time anything happens.

She did not want to get out of the car, I think the was scared. I didn`t know what to do or say. Her last words of advice were ``never have kids``. It was strange.


The guy I mentioned earlier in the Suit at the Roadhouse... I pulled up close to the bar and he immediately offered me $100 to get him home. He said he lived on the West Side and I said that was way to much money.

He offered me $50 to take him home, of course I accepted. After we started going his girlfriend was quite pissed off at the price, even thought the guy didn`t care about the money I gave him $10 back anyway. I ran the meter and it was $15 once we arrived. He was more than happy just to get home.

As pissed off as his girlfriend was it was HIS offer to pay me that much and not my request.


I picked up three doctors (I presume) from the Casino and the entire trip back to the hotel they were talking about how to change the Canadian Health Care system, more specifically the wait times in Emergency rooms. They had some interesting ideas.


I picked up four people from the Letbridge Transit Headquarters. They were returning from a golf tournament and arrived on a private bus. I watched the bus unload and it seemed as though everyone was emptying their beer cans in the parking lot.

They gave me their address and I knew the house. It can be a tricky place to find but I drove there like I lived there. Upon arrival the guy says, ``man you really know your way around`` and I said ``I know your two daughters``. It came out kind of wrong and everyone but him started laughing, someone said ``that explains it``. I made sure to mention that I did not know them personally but had picked them up before.

The one girl works at a Source Adult Video store. She claims not to even like porn. I don`t know about that, who the hell works at a porn shop that doesn`t like porn. I remember her mentioning that a lot of older men like to rent the young gay twinks porno and that it sickened her, also a popular rental was super fat women.

The other daughter works at BK and looks like a complete slut, even for a high school girl.



I picked up a group from the Sound Garden tonight and a man told me the final destination, followed by ``you know right next to the crack house``. I knew the address and personally gave him my condolences because I know he is trying to sell his house but has the shittiest neighbours in Lethbridge, so nobody wants to buy it (I had not previously met this guy). I have picked up hookers from his neighbors house and even dropped a guy off there that had a huge gash in his arm that required medical attention, I doubt he ever got any. That house is notorious and he said the police can do nothing about it.

He mentioned that the crack house was taken care of because he had paid someone $1000to burn it to the ground. Another guy in the back seat said he would do it for $500 but apparently the deal was already made.

(remember the red cross trip from that place, for me only)


I had a puke scare tonight and her friends were basically counting down how long it was going to take to get to the house to puke. ``fifteen, fourteen, thirteen...`` It wasn`t really that bad but I am certain she had a rough morning.


Fucking guy who works at the Casino. I like you but I have no tripped you at least twice because you have dissapeared some how and you are never waiting for your cab. I waited five minutes at the employee entrance for you and said fuck it, I drove to the main entrance and pulled a $75 flag, the trip went all over town. I have doubts that they were all going to make their 8am tee time, especially the first guy. Good guys, excellent trip.

I think one of the guys was the owner of Scores, at least from his Visa Statement.


Monday, June 15, 2009


To be discussed.

Hooker in Action

I noticed the same girls out tonight trying to make a buck. One in particular was standing on her usual street corner around the Lethbridge XXXXXXl.

Every time I drive by her she looks right at me and advertises her hooker services (with a strut or pose).

A short time later I was driving by the Lethbridge XXXXXX and was stopped at a red light. I noticed this same woman in a vehicle going through the intersection. I figured something was up and decided to investigate, possibly to cure my boredom.

By the time the light turned green and I found the car less than a half block away beside the Lethbridge XXXXXX the guy had reclined his car seat with his arms behind his head and the hooker was bouncing away on his cock.

They never saw me but she was really going at it, I could see her hair bouncing up and down at lightning speed.

I drove away and came back soon after and they were already gone. I noticed her 20 minutes later standing outside of the XXXXXX, again basically propositioning me and everyone else with her hooker stance/pose.

I know this sort of thing happens a hundred times a day in Lethbridge and there is a significant market for prostitution for a city of 85,000 but I have never seen it happen first hand.

The guy was driving an older model blue Honda.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Job Opening

Job Opening:

Wanted (not by me):

1 or more XXXXXX prostitutes from the XXXXXX.

All the current prostitutes from the XXXXXX are on crack and are completely fucked up.

Must be willing to suck cock and fuck for cold hard cash. (You can use the money to buy crack cocaine by the way).

With the recent Lethbridge Police "crackdown" of prostitution there is a viable market for young, enthusiastic XXXXXX crack whores, if you are XXXXXX, please apply.


You must enjoy hard core drugs such as heroin or crack cocaine, although not necessary, you will become accustomed to the lifestyle.

Also I presume johns prefer females with at least a grade 4 education and must be 13plus.

No cover letter required... just stand on 5th street South around the XXXXXX and you are sure to make a few bucks... just don't get murdered.

Please forward your resume to XXXXXX (care of Lethbridge Corrections Center (jail)) or XXXXXX in the physch ward.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Cool Trip

Senator J.F.

Appointed by Trudeau.

Wierd Flag

I was sent for a call to XXXXXX Downtown and was on my way when this guy flagged me down at around 8pm in front of the Lethbridge XXXXXX.

I decided to stop and he proceeded to tell me that he was in an emergency situation and needed to get his medication. He told me that he had $8 and needed to get to 13th street and back with his medication.

I told him I was already on a trip and said I would come back if he wanted. He agreed and I told him I would be back in 15 minutes. I asked him to wait on the street.

I drove my original fare, cleared, and proceeded back downtown to see if the guy was still there.

Upon arrival at the Lethbridge XXXXXX I on 5th street South he was still waiting, now with a friend.

I pulled over and they are very excited that I actually came back. I knew something was up even before I said I would come back, if it were a true emergency I would have had no problem extending a hand.

Long story short they were both new to the city and were former/current intravenous drug users. What I was told was the one dude needed to get his "medication".

So we agree on, well, ..... I can not say.

They have no idea where they are going and I finally get them to Heather Road on the North side, (I was pissed because I was driving up and down 13th street South for them to try to identify a landmark of where this guys place was, the thing that pissed me off the most was the guy new the name of the fucking street a block before we got there, had he told me the fucking street in the first place I would not have wasted time and gas driving around aimlessly, fucking XXXXXX...

So we arrive at the place and the guy in the back seat went in to make the deal, I don't really know what was happening inside but became aware of my safety and surroundings when the XXXXXX drug dealer in the Chrysler 300 M pulled up and there was some sort of problem with the quantity.

Apparently wherever this guy was from Methadone costs $5 per 30 grams, he had paid $1 per gram here. He was clearly pissed off and I thought shit was going to hit the fan at the dealers place.

Meanwhile I .............(can't really say until employment agreement expires)

Whatever it was he bought he said it was grade A shit but cheap on the quantity. From what I saw he counted maybe 7 or 8 prescription style pills in his hand.

Then the guy asks me to lend him $20 to buy more so he would not get beaten up when he arrived back at the Lethbridge XXXXXX. I immediately declined and said we had a deal and was holding up my end of the bargain and that I was leaving in two minutes if his friend didn't come back, after all this I think he was really in trouble from whomever had pitched in on the Methadone because he was scared shit less to go back into the Hotel basically empty handed because they were going to eat the pills they had gotten no matter what happened.

The one guy said he was working at the XXXXXX Diner and wanted me to come in and he would give me $40 or something, I told him not to worry about it, he was sincerely grateful and I was honest, and shit did not hit the fan.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Driver Hits Deer.

I almost forgot to mention this incident.

Apparently last Friday a driver was issued a two-hundred and fifty something dollar traffic ticket for running a red light.

The same driver was run into by a deer on Whoop Up Drive (the damage confirms the deer hit the car from the side, it ,,,,,,,speed was 90KM/H........;;;;;


So the cops eventually arrive on the scene and shoot the deer in the head to kill it because it was clearly mangled.

Really what are they supposed to do....take the deer to the emergency veterinary clinic, HAHA. Deer tastes good, but I think they feed deer that have been hit by vehicles to bears. The deer's muscles tense up before being killed by a car and result in chewy meat......

BLAH BLAH BLAH...................

Lethbridge XXXXXX Store Robbery Gone Wrong?

Something definitely wrong happened in, or just outside, the Lethbridge XXXXXX on 6TH Ave and 5Th Street South.

From what I have heard someone tried to rob the liquor store and/or steal something.

I have known the owner/manager to have a double thick hockey shaft sized bat behind the counter to apprehend potential thieves and burglars.

Apparently the suspect tried to rob the liquor store and the Manager XXXXXX intervened and subdued at least one of the criminals, either killing him in the process or putting him in the hospital.

I followed the ambulance to the hospital and they were in no emergency, but perhaps a hurry because I could not quite keep up.

There were at least 5-7 police vehicles involved in the aftermath. The CSI van later arrived on the scene.

So I guess the lesson is, if you are going to rob a liquor store you face the possibility of getting killed in the process, or at least fucked up big time in this case.

I really can not stop thinking about it. I remember seeing the woman who works there with her head down on the curb outside the liquor store, as well as XXXXXX who was wearing his emergency jacket, which I have never seen him wear before (it was the kind of overthrow an emergency highway worker or a conscientious tow truck driver would wear. TO BE SEEN.

I had a fare a short time later around three blocks from the crime scene and I immediately was thinking "that is very close to the incident", I wondered briefly if I was the eventual getaway plan or something worse...


The trip was cool... an XXXXXX Highway Asphalter home for a few days after working on the road in Red Rose or something... near some small town with a D.

The first place he wanted to go was the Lethbridge XXXXXX store, which was within 45 minutes of the incident. I told him about it and thought that it would be an interesting opportunity to get closer to the scene and maybe gather additional evidence. No evidence was gathered.

I drove as close as I could to the front door and asked two uniformed police officers "I know this is probably a dumb question, but is the liquor store still open?". It was not still open, but did re-open later in the evening.

AMATEUR VIDEO OF POLICE PRESENCE (immediate scene, not including outer perimeter).

HIV....Rumour.....Driver Story.

Apparently a certain XXXXXX woman who happens to work the streets at night has contracted, or has had for some time, a serious infectious viral disease known as HIV.

Also she has become pregnant and is completely fucked up.

XXXXXX the Crack Whore.....

What an interesring Sunday. I did not expect such an eventful night, especially one full of rumours, other drivers stories, and a police presence.

Apparantly, XXXXXX the "Crack Whore" XXXXXX prostitute whom I have mentioned previously has been in jail recently, then released, then she violated her probation and was returned to prison.

She was again supposedly released and has a strict curfew of 8:00PM and to refrain from using drugs, according to her (supposed) bail conditions.

The last time she was apparantly seen, by anyone I know, was walking Southbound down 5th street smoking out of her new crack pipe.

Who knows for sure about that...but I wouldn't doubt it. I have seen her recently in that area of Lethbridge and have had my suspiciouns. Also, I have not seen her out past her curfew.

Friday, May 1, 2009


To...Reader Comment

My Email to you was undeliverable.

I have read your message to me, a few times, and I have a response for you.

I believe your message was truthful and accurate. I also believe your message was full of racism. Perhaps you have become accustomed to native people ripping you off or committing crimes, sometimes against you.

I have been ripped ripped off equally by natives and white people. Perhaps I am able to recognize a bad trip and have not been ripped off by natives as much as you have, but I doubt that because you have been driving for much longer than I have.

I really am not quite sure how to respond to your letter. You say that Lethbridge is not a racist city, although within the letter you sent you are somewhat/very racist yourself.

Of course neither you or I want to admit it but I believe that most white people in Lethbridge are racist towards natives.

It only takes one negative experience.

I grew up in a multicultural community and have had and still have friends that are Hindi, Muslim, Black, Chinese, etc. After becoming a cab driver in Lethbridge I honestly believe the job has caused me to become prejudice and even racist towards certain natives.

I have had a few drinks tonight and normally I do not speak about this issue. I agree with you that it is mostly the select few natives that do not give a shit about themselves that portray a negative image about their race.

In conclusion I have to disagree with you that there is not racism in Lethbridge towards the native population. Most people that I speak with are racist towards natives.

I am saddened that I live in a community where racism against natives is abundant.

Also I have no idea who you are and that is OK with me.



I have read your message to me, a few times, and I have a response for you.

I believe your message was truthful and accurate. I also believe your message was full of racism. Perhaps you have become accustomed to XXXXXX people ripping you off or committing crimes, sometimes against you.

I have equally been ripped ripped off by XXXXXX and XXXXXX people. Perhaps I am able to recognize a bad trip and have not been ripped off by XXXXXX as much as you have, but I doubt that because you have been driving for much longer than I have.

I really am not quite sure how to respond to your letter. You say that Lethbridge is not racist, although within the letter you sent you are somewhat/very racist yourself.

Of course neither you or I want to admit it but I believe that most XXXXXX people in Lethbridge are racist towards XXXXXX.

It only takes one negative experience.

I grew up in a multicultural community and have had and still have friends that are Hindi, muslin, black, Chinese, etc. After becoming a cab driver in Lethbridge I honestly believe that has caused me to become prejudice and even racist towards certain XXXXXX.

I have had a few drinks tonight and normally I do not speak about this issue. I agree with you that it is mostly the select few XXXXXX that do not give a shit about themselves that portray a negative image about their race.

In conclusion I have to disagree with you that there is not racism in Lethbridge towards the XXXXXX population. Most people that I speak with are racist towards natives.

I am saddened that I live in a community where racism against XXXXXX is abundant.

Also I have no idea who you are and that is OK with me.


Monday, April 27, 2009

Neil Young Concert

Everyone I spoke with enjoyed the show except for the guy that was tripping balls and had a bad trip off some drug. He thought the opening act was Neil young and was disappointed in his voice, and every aspect of the show. Apparently he never even saw neil young because I picked him up at 9:30 and from the information I have gathered Neil Young did not come on stage untill 10:00 PM.

Vietnam Veteran

This was definitely the most unusual trip I have had for some time. I flagged three males from the XXXXXX bus depot. The older war veteran had a walker and I think he was intoxicated and had some mental issues.

The trip began by looking for a prostitute. The older guy was looking for a hooker and did not want to give up because he needed pussy to prove that he was not gay. There were no hookers available downtown and I asked my dispatcher to phone a certain escort agency.

Apparently the escort page was ripped out of the phone book at the office and the dispatcher was unable to get me the number.

After giving up on looking for a hooker we went to the liquor store so they could get more beer.

I look back on it now and knew at the time it was quite strange that they had no luggage. No change of clothes, no nothing. I asked where they were coming from and they would not say.

I was scared right off the get go because the guy was telling me about murdering people and slashing there necks. Fuck me was I ever freaked out. If it was not for the decent nephew the trip would have ended much sooner. Also the police were staking out the XXXXXX which made me a little suspicious. While loading these passengers the bus driver was looking at me. The scene was very strange and I immediately became suspicious and the red flag was raised.

He eventually mentioned that the kid had a bomb and he was forced to slit his throat, what you hear in the recording is that he blew his head off, but I am pretty sure there was more than one "kid" that he killed in the war. It was a completely fucked up trip. I recorded the very end once we arrived at the hotel and he broke down on me.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Keeping It In My Pants

This trip was around 30 minutes long and was interesting throughout. I edited the recording to the last 2 minutes because too much personal information was revealed.



As a side note I was almost "busted" recording this because I had the camera between my legs and that area was not exactly off limits.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ditched Brent - College Girl Commentary

Because of my last post I mise well post this. I was sent to XXXXXX in Lethbridge and "doubled". I actually had the person that called for a cab, and then there was XXXXXX.

I can't say much more...



Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Statuatory Rape - My Bad - 8 Minute Recording

If you have ever wondered what driving a taxi is like here is a random example.

Thank you Mr. Law graduate from Queens University for enlightening me about what Statutory Rape actually means.

I assumed that Statutory Rape meant any rape without consent. I now understand that Statutory Rape means the rape of a minor.

I now understand why you mentioned the 12 year old niece at Christmas time as an example.

I definitely feel like a complete DUMB ASS!!!

At minute 0:57 did you not say you had gay sex at the XXXXXX? and when asked "what" by Monique did you not try to dismiss what you had just said?

At 3:18 I find out you are a "lawyer" and you disclose your credentials and I make my stupid comment.

After 6:25 there is nothing worth viewing.



Saturday, April 18, 2009

Last Class Bash...Including Random XXXXXX Shit Scare


For some students at the University of Lethbridge final classes came to an end yesterday (for me Thursday).

I picked up numerous UofL students tonight and some had apparently begun drinking at 9-11 AM, some of them claim they passed out for a while and re awoke in order to spend the rest of the night at the bar.

The XXXXXX was the busiest I have seen it for a long time, especially since 2008. I must have pulled at least 10 trips of the XXXXXX tonight. On most any other night I would not even bother driving to the XXXXXX because it is a waste of time. Tonight I drove Whoop Up Drive at least 20 times and Bridge Drive at least 5 times, sometimes in attempt just to get West to Flag a trip.


My last fare of the night was an off duty Police Officer, our conversation was very interesting and apparently the Lethbridge Police have unofficially upgraded the recent Suspicious Death Case around 5-6ave S and 9th street to a Suspected Homicide (or something of that nature, there were no official terms used). I also learned that to become a police officer you are required to have graduated from high school and you must also prove you have obtained certain life experience. In addition a Criminal Justice Diploma never hurt, but is not required. I mentioned what I was trying to attain in school and I shall stop this post here........


I had one very scary/interesting trip tonight, XXXXXX to the west side,drove the woman to a crack house near XXXXXX, where XXXXXX lived for a while from the XXXXXX, apparently staff had called for them and the name it was under I forget, , the three remaining wanted to go to an unknown west side destination (current fare 7.20), i asked for a deposit on the fare, a XXXXXX man wearing a white t-shirt gave me a 100 dollar deposit for the ride, I was arguing with the XXXXXX male in the front seat who was trying to turn the country music station beyond an acceptable volume for me. I was very suspicious and even very afraid of these individuals. We had a few stops, Lethbridge liquor on sixth ave and they were not allowed to purchase alcohol, they begged me to buy it for them, NNNOOO, we went to another store, the XXXXXX that obviously either succeeded in a major crack deal or had a land settlement claim/welfare, nevertheless he had cash. I remember irregularly informing my dispatcher where I was and trying to be exact about it. One stop included the XXXXXX Inn where the three XXXXXX males were supposedly picking up a friend. It seemed that every XXXXXX outside of the bar was coming along for the ride. A near fight ensued because apparently the XXXXXX male with the cash in the back was a fag and the guy they were tryin to come with them had punched him out earlier (the previous day), and was calling him on in front of the XXXXXX. Fucked up scene.

At this point I am full with five very drunk XXXXXX, in my opinion capable of doing most anything they could($*$*$TH*crime wise). I overheard the youngest guy, who was hooking up the place to stay for the night, say that he had been stabbed within the previous week. They ended up buying liquor from the XXXXXX Cold Beer Store. The one guy wanted to take the scenic route (quite a d,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, mm/scenic/west instead of 6thave to west).

Arrive at XXXXXX, maybe 185, corner apartment adjacent to XXXXXX Mac. The guy who was apparently gay had his liquor taken from him and went with the other gang members to the apartment asking them where his liquor was, during that time he appeared afraid of the other XXXXXX and asked me to wait a couple minutes, I locked my doors immediately after they were all out, I did wait a couple minutes for some reason and left very soon, 43.50 fare, fucked up.

I wrote the previous to remember details at a later date because they were easily capable of killing the gay(not really, just there figure of speech/opinion) XXXXXX and they pretty much stole or at least had his liquor,. Wolfchild was the country music lover with the volume issues, all in all the trip ended OK and everything, except maybe the one XXXXXX would not be OK in the morning.


Women went back to the XXXXXX after close and retrieved her purse through the bouncer.


XXXXXX fitness woman, MMMMMM, XXXXXX//Yummy


English folks from the lodge 2:45 am, mother daughter? going to an undetermined mountain when they wake up, three guys at the lodge were madly chasing the taxi and I had to perform minor evasive techniques to avoid confrontation. The English women commented on how that sort of thing never happens quite like that in England. It rarely happens here either, they must have been waiting long for a cab because i have never seen such an intense foot pursuit for a cab......

Picked up a glass installer at the university new building....worked in Vancouver and Toronto, from XXXXXX, went to that area maybe only 3-4 times although it was busy,


Asbestos remover...informed of the risks, even with proper safety equipment, he had some technical name for his job; abater?.....................


Transferred XXXXXX Shop Employee to Calgary from Lethbridge. Explained computer hilarity/warranty issue, other witnessed XXXXXX scams/errors/employee, had disfigured hand because it was trapped in a security cage or something.


By typing all this shit out I hope I will never have to think of any of it again.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I plan on taking this blog offline soon. My original intentions were to use this forum for personal use

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Saturday Night Brawl at the XXXXXX

Rumble in the Cage was featured at the Exhibition Grounds tonight and was a success, at least in my opinion.

It seems that every night there is a UFC event or any other major/local fighting challenge there are more fights in the city.

Here is a short, poor quality, video (I think it is time to upgrade to an actual video camera) of the brawl behind the Roadhouse tonight. Upwards of 200 people were on the scene with multiple fights happening simultaneously.


Video Removed

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Special Mention - Immigrants

To every recent immigrant to Canada that I have EVER  met/driven:

Sometimes I have a hard time understanding your English but you are understandable and are constantly learning. Most of the time you hold more than one job and are trying your very best to support your families and be a productive member of society.

In my opinion you are more than welcome in our country. I have nothing but the utmost respect for you and wish you all the best and hope you are able to stay and adjust to Canada easily.

On a somewhat related note I picked up a group of Porterican (sp?) folks from a local grocery store. Upon arrival at their townhouse the one guy told me that he thought I was cute, I brushed it off. He then told me as we were parting that he loved me, I told him I loved him also.

I don't believe that he really loved me but he is learning English and I humored him, maybe he humored me. It takes a little bit of patience sometimes but it is rewarding in its own way.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Random Crackwhore - "I'll give you a blowjob"

I was sent for a call tonight to the XXXXXX downtown. I arrived and this XXXXXX Crack Whore got in. I asked her where she wanted to go and she said she didn't know and just wanted to party.


I think her plan the entire time was to call for a taxi and ask the driver if he wanted to pay her for sexual favours. In all honesty I think she had executed a good tactic, I estimate she may have been successful in obtaining a trick this way 30 percent of the time.


After reviewing the video I clearly made the mistake of saying "You seem like a nice lady" after she offered to suck my dick, I immediately realized that this was clearly not the case and cleared my throat soon after.

I remember her telling me that she was XXXXXX, although she was clearly XXXXXX.

She paid me five dollars to take her into the back alley and drop her off by the XXXXXX Inn.

Strange trip, here is a portion of the audio version of the encounter...


Video Removed



Hold on, I recant that statement, I don't want you to do something that you both enjoy, WHY DON'T YOU FUCK EACH OTHER UP THE ASS, oh wait, again with something you both enjoy.






But seriously you should lay off the trans fats you fat fuck. Those twenty litre jugs are meant for the fryer and not for drinking like bottles of water.

I am absolutely livid about what happened at the XXXXXX tonight and quite frankly every Sunday we have a similar encounter. Fuck your gay little sign and the 1991 taxi you rode in on. I am surprised that beast actually holds your weight YOU FAT BALD FUCK.

Anonymous said...
Yikes! What happened here?

Well now you have me going again, apart from the City of Lethbridge Bylaws and private property laws BIG GAY XXXXXX TAXI trying to enforce a "Reserved Parking Spot" at the XXXXXX. I should not even bother trying to state my case because your daily family bucket of XXXXXX downed by 20 litres of fryer oil will kill you quick you dumb fat fucking piece of shit.

Go fuck yourself and your 1991 Mercedes Benz you rode in on. Has that beast even past a safety inspection? Fuck you XXXXXX and your illegal/immorally GAY sign at the XXXXXX. FUCK YOU, EVERY CAB DRIVER IN THE CITY HATES YOUR FUCKING GUTS. YOUR SIGN HAS NO LEGAL CONSEQUENCE AND BASICALLY YOU ARE STEALING FROM THE REST OF US YOU FUCKING FAT PIECE OF SHIT, FUCK YOU.

I am more than happy to block your death cab from picking up at the XXXXXX. I consider it a public service to avoid a tragic death from someone entering your death cab.

If I haven't mentioned it go fuck yourself with you illegal sign. You are such a hypocrite, I have seen you downtown fagging at the XXXXXX ignoring the no stopping sign, you ignore a city issued parking sign yet expect every taxi to follow your "Reserved for XXXXXX", fuck you that is no taxi stand, go fuck yourself and have a look at the city bylaws you fat trans fat fucking piece of shit homo fag.

April 11, 2009:

I have found out recently that I am wrong about that sign and the agreement you have with the XXXXXX and will honor that agreement in the future. I apologize for disobeying your precious sign, the same way you disobey the no stopping sign at the XXXXXX on numerous occasions. I apologize for the sign and not for any other comments.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Random Saturday Night - Unedited Recollection

I had a LOUD XXXXXX passenger that was furiously yelling/preaching to me about what a true "XXXXXX" is. Apparantly unless the British Empire had some sort of something or another, blah blah blah. I was trying to tune him out as much as I could because;

1. I could barely understand a thing he was saying, mostly because of his thick accent.
2. He was drunk.
3. I could care less unless you speak proper english and stop yelling in my fucking ear.

So you are a true self proclaimed/British labeled "XXXXXX", Congratulations.


I picked up a couple of crack dealing bitches from the XXXXXX Inn tonight. I asked the one girl if she was a crack dealer and she said "no, I am a crack hustler". I recorded most of the trip. I do not know the legalities of posting the video and probably will not. They succeeded in their crack deal at the XXXXXX Bowl. One woman said "We are slutting it up tonight", and I was impressed with their honestly to my questions. I mean I blatantly asked "so are you really a crack dealer?", and no I do not want to get shot in the back of the head but I read the situation and it seemed like an acceptable question to ask.


I have to say I am starting to enjoy when women start breaking down balling about their boyfriends to another friend. It allows me to concentrate on the road much more.


I had a few self proclaimed "newfies" on Friday night. Our conversation was awkward and was mostly about having sex with cougars. In their case the cougars happened to be over 40 and upwards of 57 years old. The one guy wanted to cum in the grandmas mouth and she said she wanted it inside of her, he said he was worried about getting her pregnant and she said she was past due for having a baby (sort of speak), the other guys oldest was 53. So I picked them up again tonight and they recognized me, but I did not recognize them. It suddenly hit me that they were the granny newfie fuckers and I told them that I could not stop thinking about what they had told me. I told them I was at the XXXXXX Garden later Friday evening and saw this much older lady, I mentioned that I envisioned them fucking the shit out of her, the laughed. It was fucked. I really believe these early 20 somthings really get there kicks out of super old ladies. Next time I will recommend the extendicare.


XXXXXX I love you, XXXXXXI am even in more love with you. Fuck there are so many hot girls out there. I am tired of working every fucking weekend. ......................................................

I hate anticipating bar rush on a Saturday night and then getting stuck on the North side with a bunch of people going to work nights in the industrial area, it ruins the mood pretty quick.


Awkward........people get in a XXXXXX Hatters and the one girls boyfriend says "show him your tits" it was not a very appropriate thing to say but she was so fucked up, she kept assaulting him the entire way,,,,,


Saturday, April 4, 2009

Are You Fucking Serious?

I picked up some college guys from XXXXXX last night and as we were approaching the college one of the guys practically propositioned me in front of his straight friends that if I were to go through the XXXXXX drive through that he would suck me off.

It seemed like a serious offer. I was flabbergasted to say the least, especially since XXXXXX had been closed for hours.

Enough about that.

Marianas Trench...

... played the XXXXXX last night.

Crack Whore Supposedly Robbed

I was sent for a trip at 2:45 AM to the XXXXXX on 19th ave Mayor Magrath and I see my fare.

She is a sketched out crack addict, apparently she had been robbed and only had 5 dollars to get downtown. Another cab driver from another company was on the scene and explained the situation.

Pretty much all I said was "take her if you want, I want nothing to do with her".

Some people come up with the craziest excuses sometimes. I mean you want me to believe you were robbed and you still have 5 dollars on you? Probably no police report, no nothing, you should have spent the five dollars updating your wardrobe.

I imagine hookers that at least look somewhat classy can demand a higher dollar. Get your face out of that pipe woman. At least the other cab driver had some compassion, which I often do, but I know who you are and I don't fucking think so.

You are just another random crack whore to me. Which = zero favours. I don't want your favours, expect none from me.

XXXXXX the Professional Crack Whore

XXXXXX must be out of the psych ward because she is back working the streets. I saw her tonight apparently working 4th ave and 5th st S.

It really is sad because there is very little hope for her. She is going to end up on a Lethbridge "Pickton" farm eventually.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Unedited Reader Comment - Racism in Lethbridge

I was asked to post this message and am happy to. I also assumed you wanted to remain anonymous and did not give you credit for the letter. I also I have no idea who you are. I do not agree or disagree with any of the following:

"The letter that I sent you was in response to the article in the Herald last week about the protest ralley to end Racism in Lethbridge"

"Hi, I drive for one of the other companies and was wondering if you could post this on your blog. It was a letter to the editor that I had written. But since it don't praise the XXXXXX , it will never get printed.

I am also afraid that this could cause some real tension between the XXXXXX and XXXXXX, but I believe it needs to be said.

Thanks and I also love your work, people need to open their eyes and see what this town is really like. It is far from the nice sweet innocent Mormon town that people think it is.

The People of Lethbridge are NOT Racist...

I have driven cab in this town for quite a few years and I have to say, racism is not the problem. The problem lies with a select a select number of the population of this town that are crack heads and drunken bums. This unfortunately shows the XXXXXX population as being in majority. Unfortunately, this attracts negative attention towards the good natives of Lethbridge and makes it ten times as hard for them to support their families and raise their kids. These members of the XXXXXX society should be commended for the roles they play. It is not easy having to live thinking everyone is watching you to make sure you don’t steal, or whatever.

I want to focus on the other side of the fence. People are good or bad. We should not paint any race with one brush. However, it seems that there is quite a number of XXXXXX in this town that have 0 respect for themselves, yet alone others which are not of their own ethnic background. For some reason there is a growing number of people (which seem to be primarily XXXXXX) that are commiting crimes such as; theft, physical violence and yes, I will say it RACEISM TOWARDS XXXXXX. Most of the crimes you hear of around here are perpetrated by XXXXXX persons. Whenever you read the court pages in the paper you see that most of the defendants are of XXXXXX decent. Most of the time you see drunks passes out in the parks, storefronts and malls, they are usually XXXXXX. 9 out of 10 times that I have been ripped off in my cab it has been by a XXXXXX person that knowingly don’t have any money to pay for my services, but they take the trip any way. These are the reasons why XXXXXX seem to get signaled out. They find it hard to find affordable housing because that landlord has had XXXXXX living in their apartments before and have found them to be destroyed after several months, to the point of being condemned. These are the true reasons why the XXXXXX are being signaled out. I admit, I get concerned when I pick up XXXXXX customers, because I am afraid of not getting paid. I hate myself for feeling this way, but as previously mentioned, most of my nonpaying customers are XXXXXX.

I have also had XXXXXX in the car that say they hate XXXXXX, and enjoy committing injustices against XXXXXX. They see it as we owe them. Sorry, I never took your land. I moved here from the East.

Yes, there were many horrible injustices committed to a once proud nation, and these should never be forgotten. Now for the, butt! This happened hundreds of years ago. So, don’t blame the great grand kids for what their forefathers did. Let’s try and live together, and help one another.

I do not hate XXXXXX, however I hate the XXXXXX that are a drain on society. If all they want to do is get drunk or stoned, then go back to the Reserve and do it. However, if you wish to be a contributing member of this fine city, then welcome my friend how can we help you.

I have had friends, co workers and employers from every walk of live, and I can say that I have nothing short of the utmost respect for them. It is not easy to leave their families, friends and even their own kids behind to come to Canada and make a better life for themselves. I believe these people deserve our utmost respect. It is the dregs of our society that I believe should be sent on a one way trip to an abandoned island and left to fend for themselves."

A Taxi Driver

Sunday, March 29, 2009


I picked XXXXXX up from a party on the West side. She was going to the Uplands, a fair distance in Lethbridge.

We started chatting and she asked if she could give me a hug. She was sitting in the back seat and put her arm around me and began trying to make out with me. I was trying to concentrate on the road and she was really only able to catch the right side of my mouth. It was a little surprising.

Throughout the journey we kept chatting, she told me she loved me more than 10 times and continued to slobber all over my neck, face, and ear and was trying furiously to get her tongue down my mouth. I was not at all objecting but kept my eyes on the road (a true professional). A couple of times she reached over and kissed me and started rubbing my balls and of course my rock hard cock (through my pants of course), this woman wanted it bad.

I knew she was hammered and I was not going to do anything that would get me into trouble, although had she pursued further I would not have objected.

She asked me how old I was and I told her. She said "I am eighteen", and here comes the catch, "well almost eighteen". I could not believe that she was a minor after all that.

Long story short she asked me to park a few houses away from her house. At this point I was able to give her a little action back and it was exhilarating to say the least. Nothing illegal or immoral (depending on your values) was ever performed.

XXXXXX I know you will probably not remember most of your night, but I sure will remember part of it.

P.S. to XXXXXX: If you are reading this post you should close your browser now because you are not of age to review the content contained within this site.

Are You Prejudice Against XXXXXX?

I had a weird trip and the woman was going across town and voluntarily gave me ten dollars up front. I assumed it was all she had and told her it was going to be much more than that. I kept explaining that I was going to let her out of the car after the ten dollars expired. I made it clear there was no deal to get her the whole way, she kept saying she would take care of me and blah blah blah. I said I didn't want her to take care of me and only cash did that, and if all she had was ten dollars she was shit outta luck.

I pulled over after ten dollars and she hands me another $20 and asks...

"Are you prejudice against XXXXXX?"

I responded to the effect "Yes, as a matter of fact, most of the time I am."

Special Mention

Most crack whores occupy 5th street S. There is a newer girl that has been working 5th ave and 6th st S. She is a decent looking XXXXXX girl (for now) and I have had suspicions that she is an undercover police officer although I have seen a man in a grey civic drop her off there. Who knows.

XXXXXX The Tweaking XXXXXX Crack Whore

I pulled up to the XXXXXX Hotel looking for XXXXXX. Let me be clear it was not the XXXXXX Lodge, but the XXXXXX Hotel. There is a significant difference.

I noticed another cab driver kicking her out of his cab. I decided to take her. I believe it is common knowledge that XXXXXX is a XXXXXX cock sucking crack whore from the XXXXXX Hotel with the most fucked up face and teeth I have ever seen, clearly a drug addict. She was tweaking out waiting to get her next crack hit. She said she was 26 and started smoking crack 25 years ago, that's right, when she was 1. I think she was just confused and she could not have actually meant to say that. I never asked her to clarify.

She was wearing red spandex/sweatpants, if you can imagine that, and of course for easier access no panties to speak of. I think about it now and you really can't be a crack whore and wear panties, it just doesn't make sense to. What if one of your tricks cums on your panties, you don't want your next trick to see that (I have also heard around that swallowing is an implied agreement of the crack whore/client contract pricing). At least cum on the body is easier to clean off. Also just for ease of access, if you are fucking some guy beside a dumpster you don't want to have to take your shoes off to get your panties off, not that you necessarily have to remove the panties although when you fuck 10 or more guys a day and their cocks are constantly rubbing against your panties you could experience some sort of wear and tear. Sorry I got a little off track there.

She said her ex-boyfriend got her hooked on crack. The man in the backseat with the cash was telling her to shut the fuck up because she was clearly telling me to much. I told them I knew what they were up to and said I didn't care. That is the only thing you can say.

It was weird because she called the man "Dad", I don't believe it was her father and he was probably just some dude she finished fucking so he would buy her crack, but it could have been her dad because of his age. Maybe he was her dad that just finished fucking her, it would not surprise me. The guy kept calling me Lorenzo Foronzo or something like that, apparently his favorite race care driver.

I am prohibited from releasing confidential information but it you live near 2nd avenue north and 17th street your neighbor could be a crack dealer.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Another Drunk XXXXXX

So I am cruising along Southbound on 7th Street South approaching a solid green light at 3rd Avenue when BAM! some older XXXXXX guy with a cane steps out into traffic. I laid down rubber and had to swerve to avoid him, coming to a screeching halt not far from him.

He must have appreciated my effort to avoid seriously injuring him because he promptly gave me the finger.

I was still impressed with myself for not possibly killing him but I laid on the horn for a good five seconds after he gave me the finger.

I guess you wanted to be killed? Had I not been paying close attention you probably would be dead. So you can take that finger and shove it up your suicidal drunk XXXXXX ass.

In addition I only assumed that he was drunk. No sober person would step into traffic like he did, with no regard for their own safety.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Some Friend You Are

I am not sure why the title of this post is in Arabic or some foreign language but it reads "Good Friends".

To the young hoodlum XXXXXX bitches (mostly) that I picked up from the XXXXXX Lodge tonight.

I am glad you did not have nearly enough money to pay me for the one way trip to the West Side, never mind the return trip back across town.

I was more than happy to leave you stranded on the West Side in the middle of a snowstorm. You have only the bastard birthday girl to blame. Apparently she had told the other girls she was only picking up her sex toy and then going back to the XXXXXX Lodge, but upon arrival to the West Side she could only come up with $5 dollars and she decided to spend the night at her booty calls house, leaving her friends to fend for themselves after promising to take care of them.

Some bastard friend you are. It was quite entertaining for me because the birthday girl was playing the "dumb fucking XXXXXX birthday slut" and she played her friends for fools or at least lied to them.

It hate getting ripped off but at least it was somewhat entertaining. The XXXXXX guy the birthday girl was going to see had no money either, and probably no job for that matter. He and I agreed to a couple of DVDs in exchange for the cab fare. His roommate arrived at the house during this time and they began arguing about who pawned of what DVDs and they started fighting with each other (at least verbally).

I told the girls that I called the cops and they started freaking out and took off from the scene. I mean it is within my right to press charges for transportation fraud and it would not have been the first time.

I actually did not phone to police because it was not worth it. They had paid me $10 on a $25 fare so at least some of my expenses were covered and I could have waited at the house for over an hour for the police to come during Saturday night bar rush for a misdemeanor offence.

The only time the Police have ever been quick in that situation is when I have secured someone into custody. I was able to secure one of the girl's purses as collateral while she was outside of the car bitching at the birthday girl but I am not an asshole like that.

Looking back on the trip the funniest thing was that the girls, one in particular, did not want to go to the West Side if they were not able to get back to the South side (home). One of the girls even said "if we are going to be stranded on the West Side drop me off here" (at XXXXXX).


To the cute Land Reclamation graduate from Olds College: If I had stopped rambling on I might have been able to ask your name :(

Some trips are just too short.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Homeless Person/ Fucked Up XXXXXX... Hand In Hand...

It is quite obvious to me that somebody is sleeping underneath this makeshift "tent", if you will.

The sad part is that the shelter is a block away and most likely this individual was banned from the shelter for not abiding by the Lethbridge Shelter rules, which I believe are very basic and have assumed the following to be the rules of entry into the Lethbridge Shelter...

1. If you ingest Lysol do not come to the shelter.
2. If you drink mouthwash do not come to the shelter.

Rambling on... my first trip from March 15, 2009 was from the hospital. If I could have refused the trip upon arrival I would have but I am unsure about the regulations.... blah blah blah. I knew the trip was on a charge account with our company and most likely was going to the shelter (9.25 times out of 10.00)

I arrived at the Emergency entrance to the Lethbridge Chinook Regional Hospital and immediately found my "customer". He was in a wheelchair and I asked him if I could offer any assistance, not knowing the full extent of his disability.

Long story short this 72 year old XXXXXX had pissed himself, it was quite clear from front and back while trying to load his drunken ass. I am glad the security assisted him into the taxi. When I say glad I mean if they had not I would have left him on the emergency ambulance loading ramp to get run over.

I took his bleeding pissed soaked ass to the shelter and practically carried him into the doors.

On a random note I picked up a young XXXXXX individual last night that actually had a job, good for you buddy.

City Alley Comparison

Random biased samples of neighborhood alleys in Lethbridge Alberta.

The following photograph was taken in a North side alley within the city of Lethbridge Alberta...

Added March 29, 2009: "If you look close you might be able to see a few needles."

The following photograph was taken in a typical South side alley.

I would have posted a picture of a randomly selected West side alley although I am still panning for gold in that area of town.

Did I make my point?

Please refer to the first sentence of this post.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

10 Minute Rant About Hand Jobs

Apparently this guy fell off a roof and his spleen had to be removed. I only recorded around two minutes of the conversation.

It was basically about the nurse giving him a hand job before putting the catheter in his penis while he was on his supposed death bed. He said that while the nurse was giving him a hand job, which was apparently part of the treatment, he gave the nurse a wink (I believe he referred to the wink as a cheeky monkey) and she became mad and shoved the catheter deep into him.

He told me that if I was ever in a situation like he was that I should pretend to have expelled some liquid from my penis onto my pants. That way the nurse will come along and give you a hand job, again apparently part of the treatment.

You can hear me say "and that's when she puts her fingers in your ass?" in the second video. I can't quite remember how or when he said that but apparently the nurse putting her fingers in his ass was part of the treatment.

He was drunk and absolutely hilarious.

Only audio is available from the video and you may need to turn your speakers up to hear although he was quite loud.




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