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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Super Drunk Girl

I pulled up to the XXXXXX Hotel and immediatly noticed a young woman being held by her friends while she was puking. I waited very patiently for this woman to finish barfing while the security guards were looking at me probably thinking "I am glad I am not that guy".

So her friends finally get her into the back seat and she is half passed out and half still wanting to puke. She was leaning out the back door, drunk as fuck, when she says to some guy "want me to suck your cock"?

She instantly puked out the back door! The guy whose cock she offered to suck came up to my window and proudly asked me if I heard what she said. I said "I heard".

Meanwhile she managed to bite some other guy in the arm (she definately bit him and I think it was in the arm as we has trying to help her).

So her friends and I get her back to her place and the guy had to literally carry her into her house. While he was trying to lift her out of the backseat he asked her to work with him. While staying completely motionless she said "I am helping, you fuck".

While her friends were putting her to bed I was wondering why the car smelled so badly of puke. I was looking around and noticed that the womans purse was just covered in stomach debris. It was fucking gross.

Thankfully she did not puke in the car and her friends were there to help her.

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