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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Weekend Randoms...

Unedited Post.

Stopped outside of XXXXXX to get offsales and this guy came up asking for a ride. I said "sorry man I am already on a trip" and he said "oh so am I my man, I am trippin hard". He was unable to comprehend that I already had passengers. He must have been on drugs just by looking at him. I hate when people want to grab offsale from XXXXXX at 2:30am because the bar is letting out and there many people approaching me asking for a ride. I am forced to sit in front of the bar while people are trying to find a ride home and I continously have to explain that I am already hired. Some people get pretty pissed off.

Sean Paul played at the Exhibition, I believe it was a sold out show.

I picked up this couple from downtown and they mentioned they had seem Prizm tonight. I asked if they went to Calgary (assuming the concert was there). The said they never went to Calgary and the concert was at XXXXXX. I though that was a big name act that would not be in Lethbridge, maybe in the 80's I guess.

The International Peace Pow Wow or whatever it is called was in Lethbridge last night, I had a group that I assumed was associated with the event. Picked these three middle aged men from the Casino and took them downtown to get offsale and then to XXXXXX and the XXXXXX. Very respectful the entire trip. I am going to start capitalizing XXXXXX  from now on out of respect because as of the last few months I am really starting to see that perhaps I was wrong in my labelling and even racism towards a certain culture.

Drunk young cowboys going to XXXXXX. They were beyond control and very drunk. All the way to the bar they were yelling at each other as well as every vehicle and pedestrian that we passed. The one guy thought it was a good idea to open his window and start riding the cab like it was a bull. He was hollering and waving his hat in the air. I hate to say it but I wish that he had fallen out of the car. Maybe not these guys were alright, just trying to have a good time. At a light we were stopped at they were looking for trouble and yelling at every one in sight and this kid (maybe 15 or 16) decided to moon us from the car his buddy was driving. It set the one cowboy off and he wanted to scrap with this kid right then and there.

Picked up this lesbian women that was telling me how she had to break off the relationship of watching The Bachelour with her ex-girlfriend and sleeping over because she had found another lesbian lover.

Made a few contacts this weekend that could possibly provide me with a more career oriented job. I have decided I will not drive a taxi this summer and am looking for something else.

Was sent for Tony at XXXXXX Tattooz. I arrived and he said he had to wait for his friend to finish getting his tattoo. I asked him how long and he said five minutes. I said ok and he went into the XXXXXX Pub. I waited and waited and this girl came out and asked me what was up. Long story short Tony had no friend that was getting a tattoo and I think he wanted me to wait while he was drinking a beer or two in the pub. It was early in the evening and I waited. He finally gets in the car after I tell him I am not waiting any longer and wants to get a pizza somewhere. I drove him to XXXXXX and he wanted me to wait again while he went into the store and ordered his pizza. I said I would, but as soon as he was out of sight I just wrote off the trip and left him there. I don't care that I was not paid the $3.10, I was not about to wait a half hour for you to get your pizza. Fuck Off.

XXXXXX  (Insert Link) / Wannabe Italian Gangster

Monday, February 22, 2010

Emptied Stomach

This guy flagged me outside of XXXXXX this weekend and he wanted to go to the West Side. I started driving and after some small talk I knew this guy was wasted.

At the next light I heard him burp/hiccup. I asked him if he was ok and the next thing he did was roll down the window and let it all out. It was literally a stream of fluid projecting itself from his stomach as far as it could go. His puking continued sporadically throughout the trip.

I really could have cared less at that moment because I wanted to go home and he was making a good effort to puke outside the car. There was some stomach debris left on the inside of the door. I went to a car wash and hosed it down and dried the door after.

I am surprised at how casual I was about it. I must be accustomed to the job. He was respectful and so was I. I am always weary when there is only one person in the car with me no matter what the circumstances. The more people there are the less likely things are going to go wrong.

Monday, February 15, 2010


The XXXXXX Stone was packed tonight. From what I heard from my customers the bouncers were raking in the profits for "cash in hand let me in"/ preferential treatment. Apparently $40 got a group of five into the bar without having to wait in line (which is not obsurd).

I can almost be sure that the owners of the XXXXXX Stone had zero intention of their bouncers being differential towards certain people. If there is a cover then there is a cover. If there is no cover and the bouncers are charging at the door they are making 100% profit.

To the owners of the XXXXXX Stone: You have two days a week to be profitable, you fuck up those days by taking advantage of people, especially by your "bouncers". If you allow this behaviour you are stupid bar owners.

Yes you made money but your staff has taken advantage of your customers and repeat business is questionable.

UPDATE: September 19/2010... You are now BANKRUPT... congrats.

Older Guy

I was sent to the XXXXXX on Mayor Magrath and Fourth Avenue to pick up a regular customer. This older gentleman is friendly and I have never had any problems with him until tonight.

I am unsure whether he had too much to drink or has some sort of disability (or a combination of both) because when he opened the door to the car he fell hard to the ground and could not get up. I immediately got out of the car to offer assistance.

He was unable to get up on his own and I tried to lift him with little success. This guy weighs at least 250 pounds and with no support from him I just could not get him into the car. I tried numerous times to get him to stand on his own and he was unable to use his legs at all to help me.

I told him I could not lift him and needed someone to help me. I left him there on the cold ground while I went into the Legion looking for help. I went into the lobby and was hoping the front desk guy could help me, one look at him and I knew he was not going to be able to help me lift this guy because he was handicapped himself. I looked around and everyone else was elderly also. I told the guy my situation and he found his manager who came out and helped me lift this guy into the front seat.

I really felt bad for this guy. He was embarrassed that he could not stand on his own. I helped him into his house and he was very thankful. I am thankful to the guy at the Legion who helped me get him into the car in the first place. THANK YOU.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Dedicated Crack Whore.

I picked up this woman from XXXXXX Court earlier in the evening. She had open wounds all over her hands and was dependant on crutches and had a broken ankle or something.

I asked her where she was going and she said she wanted to go anywhere downtown. I asked for a deposit on the fare.

She eventually decides she wants to go to the XXXXXX Bar.

I was sent to an appartment building downtown a couple of hours later and this same woman gets in the cab. This time she didn't have her crutches and I asked her what happened to them. She said she lost them.

I asked her where she was going and again asked for a deposit on the fare. She said her brother was going to pay for it at the other end. I said I would not take her ( I never trust the crack whores and unless they have cash upfront I don't move). I ended up driving her two blocks and let her off at her favorite street corner.

She said she was going to have to find a trick in order to make some money. I dropped her off on the same street another crack whore was already working. Who in their right mind would pay this woman for anything. She could hardly walk without her crutches and had open wounds on her hands and was completely fucked up.


I have posted about this girl in the past. I have my doubts about this story. Would she not be in jail if she were attacking people with her needles?

Added March 2nd, 2010,

 I have not seen this woman for some time so maybe she is in jail, who knows?

Lost Beer Leads To Street Fight

I picked this guy up again this weekend and he was trying to scrap his brother all he way to his grandmothers house. I was looking for the video and I must have removed it, here is the original post and from at least a year prior to this posting.

I flagged a trip from the XXXXXX and two XXXXXX males and a women get in the cab. They want to get off sale beer from XXXXXX.

We arrive at the bar and there is a huge line to get liquor and it takes them approximately half an hour to come back with liquor at a cost of $20 for me to wait. I ask them to put the beer in the trunk and they do. They all get in and decide they do not want to leave yet. One of the males started bitching at me that I made him put his beer in the trunk and he wanted me to open the trunk so he could get his beer back.

So he takes his beer and they start trying to pick up girls. They finally came back and I started driving away. I asked them what they did with the beer and they thought it was in the trunk. I pulled over and they looked in the trunk and there is no beer.

We start driving back to the bar so they can get more beer or find the beer they bought before and they realize it is closed and tell me to drive to their house. About a block away from the bar they start arguing and one of the males wants out of the car. I pull over and the other male tells me to wait because he is going to beat the other guy up.

That is exactly what happened, the guy got beat up for losing the beer.

I thought it was absolutely hilarious because they had the beer in the trunk, got mad at me for making them put it there, took the beer out of the trunk, and lost it.

So they started fighting in the middle of 4th street between 2nd and 3rd ave S. Throughout the entire trip the woman in the back seat was passed out cold. It turned out the woman was related to both the men. She was a wife to one and a sister to the other.

Here is an amature edited video of some of the fight followed by our conversation afterward.


Video removed from site.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Weekend Randoms...

Mr. XXXXXX from the XXXXXX College. You have my utmost respect and I enjoyed our conversation more then you know (even though you did most of the talking).

This person is confined to a wheel chair (but was able to stand on his own), I do not make it a point to ask about any persons physical disabilities but this guy had his business in order. He mentioned to me that he was the music coordinator for the XXXXXX College basketball and volleyball teams and was also a journalist, he said he was a consultant for certain advertising campaigns and has been involved at a producer level of a local radio broadcasting service.


A young man and woman flagged me outside of XXXXXX. All they were trying to do was find a place to fuck. They could not go to her house because she lived with her dad and they could not go to his place because he someone stole his jacket with his keys in it. They gave me five bucks and left. I hope you found a place to have sex, maybe the bar washroom?

I saw Grant Imuhara (sp?) from the Mythbusters at the Lethbridge County Airport and was wondering what the hell he was doing in Lethbridge. He was picked up in a BMW crossover. That would have been an interesting trip for me because I am a fan of the show. About twenty minutes later I heard on the radio that the Mythbusters (crew) were giving a show/presentation at the UofL.


The bars were busy tonight and I had a few interesting flags out of XXXXXX tonight. XXXXXX has seen business increase at least 60% since (and before) the XXXXXX officially closed and I have never seen XXXXXX that busy.


Sarah you were cool but I felt like strangling your fucking friend while he was leaning across you at the end of the trip yelling as loud as he could in my fucking face "do you like it, what, yeah" and on and on, I wanted to grab him and well...I had maybe five people in the car and there just happend to be one duesch bag.

My personal space, as very limited as it is in a cab has been invaded on many occations, but I am pissed right off that I waited more than ten minutes for you fuckers during bar rush only to have your severely drunken native friend pass out and fall over into my lap and spreading his druel all over. Fuck you. All the loose coin you game me was insufficient to cover the fare and I hope you had fun with your Gay buddy for the night who could not even stand on his own.

A similar thing happened with a woman tonight. She was only leaning on my shoulder and was not completely fucked like you were, not to mention she was not druling on over me. XXXXXX.... something, never again. From the very end of XXXXXX on the right.


Interesting folks from the Cabaret at CC High School.


I could go on and on but have had enough and need some sleep.

Passed Out XXXXXX Gets Arrested At XXXXXX

Repost... After a threatening email I do not believe that I have violated the rights of your employees. The people in this video were in a public place and knew I was filming them and there is no association to your business.

3 part video (with the old camera)


Video's removed from site.

Updated October 18/2010:

The security company complained to YouTube a few months back and the video was removed despite my objections.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Random Pictures

Had Enough?

Random Rant/

Someone asked me today "what made you want to become a taxi driver?"

I really had to think about this question and I have a response:

-Better pay than my last job
-I thought it would be interesting (it has been)
-Meeting new people
-Discovering the city

Reasons why I should no longer continue after two years:

-Less money
-Less benefits
-Not carreer oriented, unless you want to drive a taxi for the rest of your life
-I have additional qualifications such as a XXXXXX Diploma in XXXXXX with a major in XXXXXX, not to mention continuing towards a University Degree.
- I am tired of dealing with certain customers (often on a weekly basis)
-Cleaning up some one elses puke (rarely)
-Worrying about having to clean up after someone (often)
-The complete lack of respect some people give me

My reasoning should tell me to quit... but I just can not do that right now for reasons unknown to me. Perhaps it is the attraction of what might happen next that keeps me around, something interesting is bound to happen eventually and quite often something interesting does occur.


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