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Monday, October 8, 2012

Random Pics


Strangely it seemed so real.

I was driving out to coaldale to pick up my fare at this party. There were trains everwhere and they seemed to be travelling at random places without real tracks and it was difficult to manuevar around them while they were traveling at such high speeds. Once I made it out there it seemed like a company Christmas party. The adults were drinking on the one side and the kids were having fun on the other, playing with each other, just as kids do, but not sexually. OK

So I flag down a couple of guys and a gal and we are headed back to Lethbridge. But it isn’t the normal way to lethbridge. It was a magical mountain road and I was driving on the clouds. I came up to a tight turn on the road and was confronted by a train that was stuck or something. Everyone was laughing and having a good time when I tried to maneuver my way around the train. When all of a sudden it started to back up and it hit me. Maybe it was a semi/train. It was powered by what looked like a diesel tank like on a semitrailer. So this train backs up and hits me as I try to pass it. The female driver of the train, whom was wearing a blue conductors hat and a red collared shirt …. Anyway the front right part of my car was struck by the train which had fuel tanks similar to the diesel semis you see around. I punctured the trains diesel fuel tanks and raw eggs started pouring out onto the cloud road that I was on. Everyone started freaking out and the train driver said “my eggs, my eggs”, I was the only calm one at this point and the collision didn’t seem to bother me and I continued driving, scraping the train with the van on the cloud road and driving over the spilled eggs, which seemed to be everywhere and still gushing out from the egg fuel tanks.

So I get to town and stop at this bar and immediately leave for some reason. I then remember I had forgotten my passengers or they had forgot to pay, I forget. So I start driving eratically down the sidewalk of this brick paved road nearly killing people in my attempt to find my fare. I somehow found them and there happened to be a couple of pizzas and a salad in the back seat, the one guy sat on some of the pizza and squished it real good while the other two passengers were eating a different pizza. They were trying out this new gilligans bar.

Anyway that trip came to an end and I decided to drive downtown to another bar where I was confronted by some protesters that were protesting something or another. They were blocking my way and I considered just driving over them all to get to where I was going when I recognized someone. So I reversed into another vehicle, and kept going on my way to the bar. It seemed completely normal for me to drive right into the bar where a wedding seemed to be going on, before I could make it around the corner of the inside of the bar to where the real action was I was stopped by some dude who said “are you available”, I said yes and asked where he was going.  He said “man, I am so lazy, I just need a ride up the hill you just came down”. I asked how far up the hill and he said “about half way up”. I said sure and noticed on the television that a show was on in the bar. I commented “what are you guys watching the powerrangers”, I immediately corrected myself and said “no wait, it is the ninga turtles”, followed by “actually they look like powerrangers dressed like ninga turtles” and they were plotting some cartoon scheme.

So I start driving through this crowd of people and struggle up the hill due to my poor transmission which keeps slipping in and out of drive, if I was parked it would have looked like some huge animals were fornicating in the car it was bouncing up and down so much, like it had hydraulics I guess. At first the taxi I was driving was a white sedan and this was the first time I noticed from the outside that the taxi was actually a red van, and the liscence plate said “RETIRED” on it, from the previous owner whom I bought the taxi from I suppose. I got them up the hill and these gremlin looking things were trying to attack my van to get a ride somewhere and I sped up and ran a few down while a couple others clung to the roof of the van while I was swerving trying to knock them off. Green blood was spilled throughout the road, and my once white angel looking taxi was now an old retirees van with raw eggs and green blood all over it.

And then I woke up and wrote this about it.
I have already asked the crown prosecutors office for full disclosure for each ticket, which I have not received yet. That will be my first objection as the trial begins if I don't receive the disclosure.
I also plan on filing a motion in order to publish the disclosure information I receive. I am still looking into the process. Not really sure if I have to file paperwork before the trial to file a motion or just bring it up at trial.
I have planned my defense quite extensively and will explain what happens after the trial is over.
For the crossing the center line ticket I plan to claim that it was possible that someone else could have been driving the vehicle because I was not pulled over immediately after the alleged offence (I was issued the ticket as I returned to the vehicle), therefore there is a reasonable doubt that I was not in fact the offender and it could have been anyone driving my vehicle. I also plan to subpoena the officers partner who issued me the ticket so I have the opportunity to cross examine them, which I should discover through the full disclosure.
I have other evidence to present at trial, mostly related to the burnt out headlight.
I can't wait to cross examine the officer and make him feel like a complete asshole. I was planning on questioning the officer on whether or not he is married, the crown would likely object. I would withdraw my question and ask if I have ever had sex with his wife. Another obvious objection, then I was planning on asking why this particular officer was harassing me, prejudice, etc. I figure that he only issued me two tickets so I won't do that, but had he issued me a third I certainly would have felt harassed.
The fact is I like this police officer and he seemed friendly and nice to talk with. I realize he was just doing his job and answered all of my questions respectfully, but that is not going to stop me from defending myself.
You may think this is a complete waste of my time, I consider it an entertaining learning experience.
Tips for Effective Cross Examination of Police Officers In Traffic Court

The Puker

This guy walked out of boss hoggs the other day and spewed his guts out in the parking lot, I was the only cab around at the time and I thought I should just take off because I knew he would be wanting a ride soon, he had a couple of friends with him and they came over and asked if I could take their friend, I said I didn't have a bag or anywhere for him to puke and was going to say no, they convinced me otherwise I guess, well the guy that puked came over and said he was ok and what not, I said I would take him home and rolled his window down and told him if he had to puke to ask me to stop or just do it out the window, well I guess he got tired of having the window open so he rolled it up, he was hiccuping along the way and every bump we his I though he was going to lose his stomach again, it is nerve racking because I knew he had already pucked once, why not a second time in the taxi? it turned out fine, pretty rare people actually puke in the taxi, I am talking like 0.03 percent of fares or less.

Thanks for the laugh

Someone told me joke and it went a little somthing like this ... a guy walks into a pharmacy and asks the pharmacist where the tampons are, the pharmacist directs to guy to where they are, he comes back to the counter with cotton balls and string, the pharmacist says those aren't tampons and the guy says, I sent my wife out for cigarettes the other day and she came back with a can of tobbacco and rolling papers, she said it was cheaper for him to roll his own, so he was returning the favour and she could make her own tampons.

A while back do not even remember who said that, made my night.

Mistaken Identity

I have not posted for a while because this is a thankless blog. I receive far more negative emails and comments than I care to read.

This homeless fuck has been trying to figure me out for the past year and I feel bad for the guy he thinks is writing this current post. I don't exactly understand all of this guys emails but he is a complete fuck up as far as I am concerned. The most current email...

"Marcel Trinkaus stays at the Lethbridge Shelter.
I know because I am there as well but doesn't look like he might be staying there much longer.
Due to him posting something he wasn't.
So if anyone wants to beat him down that's a good place to start."

Yeah you are mistaken, I am not Marcel Trinkaus, and if I was I wouldn't give two shits about saying I am not him. My point is go beat up and kill someone else you piece of shit, tired of your threatening comments not even directed towards me because you think I am someone else.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Kinda Strange

I picked up this guy and before heading home he wanted to make a stop and pick up his booty call. He mentioned that he had never met this woman before and was worried that she might be nasty looking. Once we got to her house I mentioned that I would keep it in drive so if he didn't like what he saw we could just drive off quick.

Turns out he knew her and they were friends all along. Weird thing to openly just fabricate a story to tell me and obviously I caught on that he wasn't just meeting her for the first time.

So we get to his apartment and he says to me "did I give you enough date rape?" I responded "yes you gave me plenty, we are all good". The look of her face was just priceless, I don't think she knew how to react to that strange comment and she didn't really react at all, she just looked surprised I guess.

I made sure to mention to her that we were just kidding around.

The guy kept saying some kind of movie quote, I think it was "That's why I don't have nice things". I kinda liked this guy and had met his date on a previous occasion.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Should Have Locked The Door

I picked up this guy and his two buddies and they were in town from Edmonton. The one guy decided to pop over to his long distance girlfriends house to surprise her. We arrived at her house and he went up to the side door. The door was open and he went inside. He came back a few moments later and was pretty pissed off.

I guess he had found his girlfriend in bed with another guy. He said "at least I know for sure now". I guess the surprise was on him, but I think he had his suspicions before.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Some Random Trips

A pretty classic bar trip. I picked up three males and one female from Boss Hogs and took them to get some off sale. They got the off sale and then we made a stop at a house so the woman could let her dog out. She asked me if she could bring the dog along instead. Sure why not. So they want to go to Burger King, then off to get smokes, but while I stopped at 7-11 because I clearly heard someone ask me to stop there I guess they said they never asked me to stop. So we finally arrive at there place so they can continue with their drinking and partying when the first guy got out with the beer he dropped it onto the pavement. The case hit the ground hard and the sound of broken glass was loud. It turned out not a single beer survived. He said he had more beer in the house. Anyway.


Thanks to the lady who fixed my time on the vehicle because I clearly have no idea.


 I watched this guy staggering around Boss Hoggs for quite some time. Another guy came out of the bar and took a hard spill down the stairs, hitting his head on the ground, when the first drunk guy tried to come to the other drunk guys aid and was unable to help him get up (because they were both just fucked) so a third guy comes along and helps the guy who fell down back on his feet no problem. 

The staggering drunk guy that I had my eye on comes up to my car and gets in. I asked him where he wanted to go and he was really trying hard to think but couldn't come up with any sort of address. All he that he knew was that he had to get to "Reddins house", not having any clue who that is I couldn't take him anywhere. I let him sit in the car for a few minutes watching him struggle so hard to try to remember where he had to go. I eventually politely asked him to get out because he didn't know where he was going, and he got out.

If you are planning on getting so fucked up that you won't remember where it is you need to go, write the address down on a piece of paper before going out or you might just end up in the drunk tank. Also while I was first watching him his friend and girl were with him and they pretty much abandoned him as a lost cause I think.


I was driving these girls home the other day and they started asking me about pukers. I explained that it doesn't happen nearly as often as people think when one girl started telling me about this cab driver that picked up her friend and she puked in his cab and that he never charged her for the cleaning or something. She also mentioned that she left her debit card in the cab and that the driver returned it the next day and that the cab driver had stalked her on facebook. Well I remember that trip and explained that she hadn't actually puked in the car but in her mouth and in her hands. I denied stalking her on facebook although after I dropped them off I vaguely recalled sending her some kind of message. I wasn't sure that they actually believed that it was me that had taken her home that night. I spurted off her address and I don't think there was much doubt after that. I drove the original girl (A.A.) home like over three years ago so it seemed wierd that they would mention it to me. Not sure the of the date but I did write a story about her.


Monday, March 5, 2012

Update on Traffic Court

Relating to the burnt out brake light and crossing the center line alleged offences.

I received the crown prosecutors full disclosure which amounted to the officers hand written notes, which I am not able to talk about.

I arrived to court early and well dressed on the day they asked me to appear. I was fully prepared to defend myself. There is a security checkpoint upon entering the courthouse and they ask you to remove any metal objects you have and to empty your pockets.

I was carrying my Smith and Wesson handcuffs and plopped them in the box, as well as my notes, car keys, etc. The security officer asked me if I was in law enforcement or a security guard. I said no. They asked me if I was in the criminal justice program or if I had any qualifications to carry the hand cuffs. I again said no, I explained that I had them with me in case I was sentenced to go to jail for my $30 ticket that I would prefer to wear my own handcuffs. They made me return the handcuffs and key to my vehicle, which I did.

I went back in and they said I still had the handcuff keys on my key chain. I explained that those were fake cloverleaf handcuff keys and that I had left the real keys in the vehicle.

Anyway. So they let me in and as soon as I saw the 100 person line up I knew I was not going to trial that day. I had forgotten about this step. It was only a notice to appear and not the actual trial. So I waited and waited and finally got to the front of the line and entered a plea of not guilty on both tickets. I explained I was not happy the full disclosure was so empty and did not provide me with the name of officers partner, whom was there during the citation. I explained that I wanted to subpoena the officer as a potential defence witness. They said I would have to do the leg work on my own and that I would be responsible for paying the officer's wages at time and a half.

I likely will not do that. So my trial for the burnt out brake light and the crossing the center line alleged offences will be in a few months.

Lawn Surfing

I was driving these college girls back to their residence one night when they asked me to stop so they could go lawn surfing. I didn't really know what they meant but I stopped anyways. They all got out but one girl and went running off. I was thinking "what the fuck is going on" when they started coming back with random objects from peoples front lawns.

They asked me to stop maybe three times. Their total take from the night was...

1 mail box
1 20kg bag of sand
1 wrought iron chair
1 flower basket full of dirt
1 small blue flag
2 security signs

Why did they do this? I don't know exactly.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Random Encounter

Do you think I took advantage of this woman? I don't believe I did but it is unlikely I will do this sort of thing again...

So I picked up this young woman from Studio 54 around 12:01 AM a couple of days ago and on the way to the University Residence she stopped at a bank machine. She couldn't get any cash and decided that she was going to walk to the West side of town (not a short walk).

I watched her walk off and she was only wearing a skimpy little purple dress and she was by herself. I decided I would just take her home for free. I pulled up along side her and told her I would do just that.

She got in a we were off to the West side. We started talking and by the time we had gotten to the University Residence she had invited me in for a beer. I declined and declined and finally said I have some beer in the back (that someone had given me as a tip the week before) and decided to hang out with her for a bit.

So we were sitting in the University parking lot and she had convinced me to have a beer with her (it ended my taxi driving night right there, I didn't care to work much anyway). So we were drinking our beers and chatting away for at least an hour. Damn she was so sexy. At one point she grabbed my hand and was holding it on top of her legs. So after about an hour of just chatting in the taxi she asked me to come inside her dorm. I agreed and parked the taxi and followed her into her place.

Once inside we sat down on the futon couch type thing and I observed that she and others had been playing sociables earlier in the evening, the rules were written down on a piece of paper and there were playing cards on the coffee table, also there were empty bottles around.

She was getting kind of flirty and we started making out on the couch. I noticed that her blinds were open and as she lives on the bottom floor it was easy for people to see inside. She wasn't concerned at all and I really didn't care either. We made out for some time and she was getting pretty touchy feely as she was grinding and bouncing on top of me. I was having fun with this woman but at one point I looked into her eyes and her pupils her very dilated and I didn't think that she was going to remember much of what was currently happening. So I stopped myself from taking it any further and our clothes stayed on.

Also during this time we were interupted by some random people that came into her dorm, which was shared with two other people. I met two other woman and a guy (they did not live with her). There were three guys that came in (so I didn't meet them all) and went into another womans bedroom. I have no clue what they were doing in there but I didn't really care. I figured after they were probably just pranking their friend or something.

So they left and we wrapped things up. She wanted to go outside for a cigarette so we went and sat in the vehicle. We went for a little drive. We were parked in a pretty secluded area on the University grounds and she was crawling into the back to grab another beer. Such a nice up skirt view by the way. Well she got her leg stuck somehow and I had to assist her in getting free. I have no idea how she managed to get as solidly stuck as she was but it happened. She got free and we tried to chase this porcupine around on foot (sort of).

So we get back to her building and say our goodbys. I was watching her to make sure that she got inside ok when all of a sudden she comes running back and says that she had lost her key. She started freaking out and was telling me about her problems she has/is faced/facing with bulimia and how she spent a year in a wheelchair and is currently suicidal and wants to kill herself. Holy fuck what a change of attitude. I didn't really know what to say or what to do.

I am not going into detail about that but I gave her a hug. It was such a sad story it made me cry a bit. I felt so sad for this girl. I just wanted to help her out. So we talked for another couple hours. At around 4:30am I convinced her maybe it was time to go to sleep and I helped her to the back door of her building where she said she could get in. This whole time I assumed she had been locked out because she forgot her key and was saying how it costs $300 to replace. Once we get to the back door we said goodbye again and gave each other a hug. Then she pulls out a key and opens the door. What the fuck? I think she just completely made that part up to continue hanging out with me. I wasn't just going to leave her without a key stuck outside her place.

Anyway, that was pretty much that. Just a random encounter with a stranger. I really did enjoy the conversation I had with her and she seemed really nice. Kinda feel bad about writing about it. I would have liked to have taken things further with this woman but as I have said before I never take advantage of anyone. For the most part she seemed ok but there were tell tale signs she had a few too many drinks.

So my question remains...

Do you think I took advantage of this woman?

I think not.

Did I make a bad judgement call. Yes.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Traffic Court Again

I received two separate traffic tickets from the same police officer in less then a week.
One was for a burnt out brake light ($56 provincial) and the other was for crossing the center line ($30 bylaw).

I plan to fight these tickets to the full extent of the law and will have my day in court.

...Post details removed until after trial...

Monday, January 16, 2012

Good to Go

This past weekend I was very nervous driving again. I was timid to say the least. After a few trips I started feeling more comfortable. It can be nerve racking picking up random people off the street. I just never know what kind of mood folks are in, how much they have had to drink, or what kind of drugs they have ingested.

For the most part I had a pretty good weekend. The students were back in town for the second semester and the bars were busy. I had many trips to the University of Lethbridge and surrounding area. I picked up a girl from Pulse and she was upset that she had forgotten her ID. I am pretty sure she was trying not to let me notice her crying but I did.

I picked up another young woman from Pulse and she called her boyfriend on the way home. He was instructed to come over to her house so he could literally get his ass waxed. She was going to heat up the wax when she got home. I thought it was strange but who am I to judge. I do some pretty strange things sometimes.

My last two nights ended with trips out to Coaldale and Coalhurst. I am very glad those guys did not attempt the drive.

I have noticed many people are still driving drunk and getting DUI's, crashing into poles, etc. Not sure that the new legal limit for alcohol tolerance has had much effect on people.

On another note I was approached to shoot a porn scene(s) in the taxi. I was informed of different scenarios that they seemed interested in doing. One included me driving around while they were filming and the girl would basically pick up a random guy off the street to do the scene with. I think that would be pretty interesting to be honest and have not ruled it out. I will not mention it again unless it actually happens.


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