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Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I have to admit that I rarely read the Lethbridge Herald newspaper.

I have heard a lot of stories about a gang related shooting around XXXXXX Avenue South and that random shots were fired and someone was shot in the leg and the assailants are still at large in an ongoing drug investigation.

Can anyone confirm this for me?

Also what the fuck happened on the offramp from Whoopup Drive heading West onto University Drive?

I arrived on the scene nearly after the accident, the police were on scene immediatly, the ambulance was coming up behind me so I took the taxi offroad to get out of the way and proceeded to take my customers home.

What the fuck happened here? I saw a yellow Cavalier or Sunfire facing the wrong side of the road and the car had possibly rolled over after taking out a lightpole and was severely damaged.

If you ever travel this route (Westbound Whoopup drive exiting the offramp to University drive) there are orange markings of where the accident occured. The markings show where the vehicle hit the curb, struck the lightpole and spun around or rolled over on its side.

I hope that everyone involved in the accident is ok.

The offramp seems like a basic curve to me and I assume that these individuals were either going to fast or they were drunk.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Disgruntled Rant

I was having a bad day even before arriving for work.

My first trip of the night was a drunken bum going to the shelter, he had cash so I took the trip. My next few trips were grocery runs and seniors going to bingo, I hate grocery and bingo trips with a passion. I could never work days and was looking forward to some decent drunk people to drive around.

I was sent for a trip at XXXXXX South and this guy gets in and he could not provide me with a correct address. All he told me was 1229, I kept asking him "1229 what?", he had no clue of what was going on, I sat with this fuck for five minutes while he was trying to remember where he lived. He could not remember and apologized and went back into the bar.

I was greeted by a (former?) prostitute and her new boyfriend with a "hey I remember you, what’s going on" (like we are buddies or something), fuck off with that shit, just say hello and please do not pretend that we are buddies, I may be cool with your drug dealing shit out of the XXXXXX Cage but I am not interested in the facts. You may enjoy having me as your driver but I certainly do not enjoy having you as a customer, your boyfriend/pimp complimented me on driving fast and knowing where I was going... hell ya I want to get you out of my fucking car as soon as possible.

D12 was somewhat of a bust in my opinion, as was the cabaret at the exhibition. The bars seemed slow but maybe because I was kept busy with random calls else ware in the city.

My customers ordered 8 XXXXXX at the XXXXXX at 3:30 in the morning, they wanted seven with no tomatoes and1 with tomatoes. Apparently XXXXXX is out of tomatoes on a chain wide basis and they even posted a sign in the drive thru apoligizing for not having any tomatoes. One of my customers was furious and demanded a discount of the one XXXXXX that he wanted tomatoes on, he argued with the manager at the drive through window relentlasely. She asked me to park around the corner while they prepared the order, which is unusual because we were the only people in the drive through. The lesson is don't fuck with he lady at the XXXXXX 24 drive through because I am almost 100 percent sure they fucked with your food, I would have.
Picked up at the XXXXXX at two something in the morning. The entire way to the Westside they were arguing, it was her birthday and she wanted to get fucked and she was pissed off that he was stirring some other girls drink, he said she was dissing him the entire night and on and on. The guy asked me at one point which side I was on, I said "you had problems before getting in so I have no opinion". We had to stop at a bank machine on the West Side when this guy had enough and got out of the car, slammed the door, and left. They were arguing about money and how she takes care of his kid and does his laundry and how she shouldn't have to get a job and the money he brings in is insufficient.
I took this girl through the ATM drivethrough (backwards) and I pulled right up next to the machine and she decides to get up on her knees and spread her camel toe in my face through her tight fitting black spandex whatever pants they were, while using the machine.
I will stop this post here becuase I am getting off topic of being pissed off/disgruntled.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Last Trip Saturday Night - Looking for Hookers

"This entire story is fictitious and is completely made up and nothing of the sort would ever occur in Lethbridge, this story was written from characters in my dreams and is a compilation of events from my imagination and fantasies."

I flagged a trip at the XXXXXX on Saturday night at 3:15am. There were only a handful of people at the bar at the time. I was parked on the street near the entrance of the bar and decided after a few minutes that no one was interested in my services so I started to reverse back onto the street when this guy finally did flag me and got in the car.

I am almost sure that I have taken this guy on a similar trip before but cannot be sure.

He gets in and says he wants to go to XXXXXX. I agreed and asked for a deposit on the fare (as I have mentioned in previous posts I always ask for a deposit for out of town fares, XXXXXX is a little different for me and I do not normally ask unless there is only one or maybe two people, (getting ripped off for $40 is not a good end to the night)).

So I got some cash up front and this guy decides he needs to get laid tonight and because of his lack of success at the "meat market" he is now willing to pay for sex.

We started cruising downtown looking for hookers and he spotted one immediately, he picked her up off the street in front of the XXXXXX Main Entrance and we went to the XXXXXX Bank so he could get some cash.

So the crack whore and this guy want to get some crack, I am pretty sure he gave her $100 and was worried that she was going to take off with his money so he asked her to leave her jacket while she went to buy the crack from what appeared to be the only small apartment between 12 and 13 street South on the South side of the street.

I was surprised that he only waited for ten minutes before telling me to continue on and "Fuck this Bitch", I thought maybe at least five more minutes would have been more appropriate but what do I know.

So we are cruising down 5th street again at around 3:40am and spot another hooker, we drive by but he is not interested, he says "Man if you wouldn't fuck her keep driving" I said "ok" (knowing that I would NEVER fuck any of these street whores).

So there were no other hookers around at this point and he asked me to pull over beside the rather large XXXXXX prostitute in front of the XXXXXX downtown, as soon as I stopped he asked me to take off, she was going to be a last resort for this guy.

I again started driving and figured he might find a girl around XXXXXX (XXXXXX) downtown. There was a girl standing outside the store, we pulled up and he asks her is she wants to party, she was hesitant. She went into the store to get some stuff, when she came back she opened the door and he said something and she surprisingly decided not to come along.

So he wrote this girl off and we continued looking for hookers, with his moderate success it just seemed like a matter of time before this guy found what he was looking for.

After driving around for a few minutes I suggested he try to find the other girl that was apprehensive at XXXXXX and perhaps alter his approach (I offered a couple suggestions).

We spotted her on 6th Ave South and 5th Street and I pulled over, she got in this time, she said she was just looking for a ride and they got to talking, he was flashing his cash all over this bitch.

She said she was not a street walker and had never done this sort of thing before (I have never seen her before but she did look rough, and very thin). I drove them to the XXXXXX (XXXXXX 4th street South).

I am unsure of whether he gave this whore money for cocaine but that is what she was supposed to come back with. We waited for 25 minutes in total parked outside of this apartment complex.

It appeared that multiple drug deals were going on at this place. After the guy in the truck parked down the street and got out of his car to meet two other males on the corner the deal must have been made because after that people were coming and going like crazy.

I forgot to mention when we arrived on the scene these two freaks were fucked up on something and were all over getting a ride someplace but it ended peacefully.

I was scared because above the North Entrance to this building is appeared as though two individuals were keeping watch as people came and went, every time I looked up at them it seemed like they were staring at us. I don't know what these drug dealers are capable of, fuck maybe they wanted to rob this guy because of all the cash he was showing this girl, why not rob me while they are at it.

So after around 25 minutes of waiting this guy decides to leave and get cigarettes at the XXXXXX store. I figured he had enough of waiting for another girl when he decides to go back there. I was surprised that she was actually standing on the corner when we got back there and she was asking him where he went.

She got in the car and asked "whose jacket is this" (it was the previous hookers jacket that this guy thought took off with his crack money), he says "it's your now" and she asked him if he wanted to come inside, he did and that was the end of the trip.

I actually enjoyed this trip, just a young decent looking working man trying to get fucked. Also I am absolutely against the sex trade in any way shape or form, although I like to observe and know it exists.

I know the Police like to bust the big fish drug dealers but if they are ever bored this is probably a good place to start, just from my observation.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Escort Proposition

Will have to narrate the clip because I do not hold permission to distribute this one.

Picked up a woman from the XXXXXX asking for one of our drivers that is basically notorious for playing around with the hooker population even though he is married.

I will update this post within a couple weeks with a detailed transcript of our conversation. I am just too busy and not quite bored enough at the moment.

Deja Vu

I was send to the XXXXXX tonight and the guy came out to the car, opened the door, and fell hard to the ground and could not use his legs to get back up. I got out and tried to lift him from behind when he fell over on top of me. I hope the people walking by did not think I was trying to rape this guy because it was a very awkward position (I lost my balance while trying to lift him from behind by putting my arms under his armpits and lifting with my legs, I managed to get up from underneith him and was holding his head between my legs so his head would not hit the ground).

I tried again and basically forced this older heavyweight guy into the car with all my might. I picked up the loose change that fell out of his pockets and gave it back to him, as well as his shoe that had fallen off.

I will refuse this trip in the future. If you have such bad mobility problems perhaps you should not drink so much alcohol to intensify your issues. I don't even know if this guy is real. The last two times he was able to walk from inside the building all the way to the car, open the door, only to have a horrible fall at the last second trying to get into the car.

I have mentioned this guy before in a very similar post but at least did not require help this time.

Pregnant Teen

I picked up a regular customer tonight, I have gotten to know this young woman and even know her mother.

Last week she explained to me that her boyfriend had broken up with her for the fourth time and that he always wants to reconcile after the fact, which she seems inclined to do. Her mother told me later that same evening that it was her first boyfriend. This girl is maybe 17-18. I like her she is a real sweetheart, but not the brightest.

I think I have gained her trust because I have told her a few very embarrasing stories about myself trying to console her more less about her recent break-up.

Well tonight we started chatting after I picked her up from work. She tells me that her ex-boyfriend wants her back again and how difficult it is because she works with him.

Out of the blue she tells me that she is three weeks late for her period and bought a pregnancy test, used it, and the results came out "inconclusive". The told me she bought another test, used it, and was happy that there was only one line "negative" until the other line appeared "positive", I think she was scared. She mentioned she made a doctors appointment for the next day to confirm the home pregnancy test.

She said she did not see a future with the father and that he was unlikely to take care of the probable baby. Yet another teen mother in Lethbridge who would have done well using a condom. I can not remember exactly but I think she actually wanted a baby, so I guess congratulations are in order.

I am unsure what else to say.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Just Sad

I wonder how young some of the girls in Lethbridge get into the trade.

In Lethbridge you can easisily get a blow job for $20-$40. I would like to disclose at this point that I have never paid for any sexual activity what so ever, nor have I ever received ``in kind`` sexual services from any person.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Searching for Prostitutes - Audio

After driving from the Westside to downtown he stopped to get some cash and I busted out the recording device. At this point I was well informed of his intentions.

This is a raw unedited audio clip of this guy trying to find a hooker in Lethbridge, Alberta.

No suprise that he actually found a hooker because in Lethbridge prostitutes are very easy to find, especially if you can be patient for about five minutes.

The video/audio has been removed, sorry for any inconvenience. I mentioned previously that I would not post this clip for long and after the first comment I decided to remove it.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Saturday Night

Billy Talent played the Enmax tonight. It was busy but not nearly sold out.

XXXXXX was busy with their Beach Bash event. Lots of scantily clad women and even a few scantily clad guys.

People seemed to be everywhere downtown tonight and I was in high demand, especially when the bars started closing.

Picked up a guy from the Westside looking to score a prostitute (and not for the first time). I drove him around downtown and he found a potential cantidate but he said he would rather jerk himself off than fuck her. I definately agreed with him on that one. The fat white whore he found was not much better looking but he was getting desperate at this point. I was waiting outside of the XXXXXX ms and he was outside looking for a prostitute. It took him less than five minutes. I recorded the majority of the trip and will post it for a limited time within the next few days. It really isn`t anything special. Just a guy looking to get laid by a local prostitute. Because he picked her up on the street outside of the car I didn`t hear any of the details. When she got in the car she was talking about all the times that she had gotten drunk in the last few days. I imagine when she said she was getting drunk she was really talking about her other tricks.

The XXXXXX was robbed tonight. This is the gas station that I always fill up at because they give us a discount on gas. It was closed at the time I went to fill up pending the police investigation. From what I heard the female clerk was held at knife point or at least threatened with a knife, the robbers made off with $500 cash. I feel pretty bad because I have gotten to know some of these people and this woman had only worked there for about a week, maybe two.

XXXXXX and XXXXXX were packed as expected.

I picked up a couple older guys from the XXXXXX tonight. They told me they had just bought the Dominion Fruit warehouse accross the street from XXXXXX and XXXXXX. It is basically an old run down warehouse that I am sure has not been in operation for quite some time. Anyway they told me they were planning on renovating the space to allow for a new restaurant and bar. The only thing they were concerned about was obtaining a liquor liscence.

I have my doubts about these guys but they did seem legit, mentioning some of the bars they have owned in the past... mostly in Medicine Hat where I have lived previously.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Weekend Randoms...

Unedited - Some of the notable trips I remember

Picked up the same crack whore who had the crutches a couple weeks back.

She gets in and says "hey, what’s up, so do you want me to rub your balls?" I obviously declined. I asked her where she wanted to go and asked if she had money to pay me. She said her man was going to pay. He got in the cab two minutes later. Seriously what were you going to do jerk me off for two minutes until your pimp or john arrived in the cab, you are much more of a whore than I thought.

So they want to go to the shelter, I asked the guy for a deposit on the fare. He had cash and gave me a 20 dollar deposit. He would not stop bitching about how he is a regular customer and he shouldn't have to give a deposit and on and on. You are with a known prostitute and you are going to the shelter from the Westside and you expect me to give you the benefit of the doubt that you can pay me at the end of the trip. I don't think so.

She was sitting in the front with me and he was in the back. He started feeling her up and they were making out and what not, right beside me. It was disgusting, I can only imagine how many men this whore is with every day and this guy thought he was king shit. We stopped to get beer from the liquor store and they were planning on partying in the shelter where he was going to fuck her.

Ripped off for $16 bucks. I should have known better. I flagged these two losers from XXXXXX Saturday Night at around 1:00 AM. They were very intoxicated and could not provide me with a correct address on the Westside. That was my clue to check for cash and I decided to give these guys the benefit of the doubt. The thing that pissed me off the most was that I had to stop on Columbia Boulevard for the two assholes to have their emergency piss outside of the car. I ended up paying money out of my own pocket for these fucks to enjoy their long awaited pee. We ended up going to the XXXXXX Bank a block away, I told them it was closed and they insisted. The one guy woke up from his passed out state and bolted, followed by his buddy, I didn't have a chance on this one. I drove around the area looking for them and gave up on my search. I almost enjoy the pursuit and at times give chase on foot for a little excitement.

I picked up this woman and the conversation went pretty much like this:

Me: "Hey how's it going?"

Her: "I am good; I'm going to a party"

Me: "That’s cool, what kind of a party are you going to?"

Her: "Oh just a party where they show you stuff"

Me: "Oh a Passion Party!"

Her: "Yeah that’s what I didn't want to say"

Me: Laughing and her blushing "It's all good"

So we arrive at the house and it must have been the organizer that was unloading her suitcases full of dildos and other sex toys when I said "There's the suitcase full of goodies, I hope you have a good time tonight"

It was priceless, you really had to be there.

I picked this guy up from the Police Station and he had just received a DUI charge after he crashed his truck on the highway. He said it was all good because he was from BC and because he was in Alberta he would not lose his licence. LOL, I don't think so, if you are charged with a DUI in Canada, it does not matter where you are licensed, YOU WILL LOSE YOUR DRIVERS LISCENCE, in fact they probably ripped it in half on the spot you moron. I know you were still drunk and you mentioned you could not even remember where you were driving too, but after the crash your buddy wanted you to leave the scene with him. I hate to say it but that might have been your best option at the time, since no other vehicles were involved.

The Pro Bull Riding was a huge success this weekend and the Enmax Center was packed Saturday night. A nice increase in revenue for many local businesses. By 10:15PM XXXXXX had a line up, likely equivalent to their capacity, well into the parking lot.

My court date has been set for June XX for the traffic ticket I was issued. I have been trying to familiarize myself with the law and court proceedings to better defend myself.

Other then bar rush demand has declined for taxis and will continue to decline into the summer months. I know this for a fact and gave notice that my services will no longer be provided as of a certain date. My plan is to look for a more career oriented position and possibly continue driving a taxi (as my own business) as more of a hobby in the future.


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