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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Pregnant Teen

I picked up a regular customer tonight, I have gotten to know this young woman and even know her mother.

Last week she explained to me that her boyfriend had broken up with her for the fourth time and that he always wants to reconcile after the fact, which she seems inclined to do. Her mother told me later that same evening that it was her first boyfriend. This girl is maybe 17-18. I like her she is a real sweetheart, but not the brightest.

I think I have gained her trust because I have told her a few very embarrasing stories about myself trying to console her more less about her recent break-up.

Well tonight we started chatting after I picked her up from work. She tells me that her ex-boyfriend wants her back again and how difficult it is because she works with him.

Out of the blue she tells me that she is three weeks late for her period and bought a pregnancy test, used it, and the results came out "inconclusive". The told me she bought another test, used it, and was happy that there was only one line "negative" until the other line appeared "positive", I think she was scared. She mentioned she made a doctors appointment for the next day to confirm the home pregnancy test.

She said she did not see a future with the father and that he was unlikely to take care of the probable baby. Yet another teen mother in Lethbridge who would have done well using a condom. I can not remember exactly but I think she actually wanted a baby, so I guess congratulations are in order.

I am unsure what else to say.

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