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Monday, March 28, 2011

The Scam...

Updated April 24, 2011.

This story was all about mispricing at local convenience stores. Most notably the Mac's convenience stores and the Shell Station. I believe that people have been paying more then the sticker price for common conveinience store items such as a pack of gum and a drink.

I have confronted the owners of the Mac's on 6th Ave. and the Shell on Scenic Drive for their what I consider malicious behavior and they did eventually change their sticker price to reflect the true cost of their product so I did not pursue this further.

I promise more taxi related stories in September of 2011.

As of this moment I am pissed right off that a local businessman has been misleading consumers and falsifying prices in order to mislead consumers to make a profit.

I called him out on his falsified prices last week where an argument ensued between him and I where he admitted there was a mistake (or rather that he was ripping people off).

I plan on bringing the video camera with me today to expose this business for what it does best... ripping off consumers with misleading/falsified pricing.

I have given this business fair warning and unless there have been any changes in the last week I will feel zero remorse for exposing this business as the con artist thieves that they are.

I am certain a video is coming soon.

Saturday, March 19, 2011


This acreage owner allowed me to come onto his property to take some pictures of all the garbage that blows in from the city on one condition; that I pick it all up after. I obviously declined that offer and he let me film anyways. All the plastic debris appeared to be from commercial use and was most likely the result of construction companies building houses in the area. This property is located approximately just East of 43rd Street by the 6 Mile Common development.

In my opinion this is a clear case of gross negligence on the part of the developers of this area as well as the subcontractors hired by the property owners. The video says it all...

You assholes have encroached debris from your development and construction activities onto a landowner and in my opinion shall owe this person at a very minimum, clean up costs. Such as the reclamation costs afforded to oil companies. I am not a lawyer but this seems like a gross injustice to a random acreage owner,facing a huge clean up bill.

Am I wrong?

The rest were taken mostly around the Old Man River.  


The following three are of the snow pile dump site the city has used all winter as of March 18.


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