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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Pee Fetish - Where can I get some Diuretics?

A Japanese taxi driver apparently gave diuretic laced crackers to 50 women and would not let them out of the car until they peed in the back seat of the taxi, all for his sexual gratification.

"I got excited by watching women trying to withstand the urge to urinate," the driver told police.

Police recovered 50 videos, who knows how many more times he had accomplished his goal of having women pee in his taxi.

English Oaks Fire

Sometime between 2 - 3am Tuesday morning. No details known.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Head on Collision

Kinda scary to witness. Not going to go into detail about it. Happened at intersection of Uplands Blvd. and 13th street North.

If you listen carefully to the most likely at fault driver sitting in my taxi I am not sure if he makes sense or not talking about how it was just a matter of time before an accident like this happened because of the drivers in this city (he turned left into oncoming traffic).

Anyway I hope everyone is ok, one lady was transported to hospital.

Original video 30plus minutes... Edited to 2.5 minutes.
Nothing really to see wish I had the actual collision on video.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Robert John Gerard Pleads Guilty

Former Lethbridge taxi driver plead guilty to essentially hiring a 13 year old prostitute and performed sexual acts on her.

I can only assume he wanted to get this grade school child before she became a used up crack whore.

I will be sure to post how much time the court sentences him to jail, I certainly hope he gets a couple years.

Hey Robert can you confirm for my story if the child you assaulted was in grade 7 or grade 8?  Did she take off her elementary school shirt while she sucked your 62 year old cock? Did she have her elementary school bag with her? So many unanswered questions.

My previous post March 15, 2013 

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Guy is Oblivious he has Gay Porn Playing in his Vehicle While Driving - VIDEO

I was driving a buddy home from work today when I spotted this guy, he had two video screens in his suv playing hard core porn while driving down Mayor Magrath. At first I thought it was straight porn it looked like a guy spreading a woman’s ass apart and licking her anus.

We pulled up beside him and he looked at us just staring at him giving him the thumbs up and laughing. He didn't seem to know why.

I busted out the video camera for some proof of the incident and while filming it turned out this guy was playing hard core gay porn inside his suv clearly visible to anyone.

Not sure if one of his buddies was pranking him or something or maybe he just left the gay porn DVD in the player. Either way check out this quick vid (had to separate for 100mb max blogger video)

Waning: strong sexual hard core gay content (face sitting / bareback anal). Check out his custom license plate in second clip maybe you know this guy. It appeared that he was alone in the vehicle and was unaware of what he was broadcasting to the world.

 I ended up uploading it to YouTube for better quality but it will likely be removed as usual.

The Crackheads

Last trip of the night a couple weeks ago these two guys flag me down at Mcdonalds off Scenic Drive downtown. I figured just a couple guys headed home from the bar and decided to make the Mcdicks stop, was I ever wrong.

The guy that got in the front seat was like "Yo homie who's my nigger, yo this is my homie yo" to me and just bouncing happy to have a ride. He had a backwards hat and no shirt and was wearing red basketball shorts.

The guy in the back seemed rather relaxed and I later learned that they had recently met and the guy in the front seat was going to score crack for the guy in the backseat.

So the guy in the front apparently knows where to get crack and tells me to head North on Scenic towards the North side. Sure why not so I start driving he is all hopped up and keeps saying "keep going straight" and to his new friend "I am gonna hook you up bro, we are getting hooooked up, your gonna come in with me your gonna come in".

So I get all the way up to Legacy Ridge area and asked the guy where he needs to go, he says "downtown, we gotta go downtown", I said "we were just downtown why did we drive all the way up here." He said "just go downtown don't worry about it we gotta go downtown we are gonna get hoooooked up, I am gonna hook you up bro don't worry about it your gonna come in we gettin hooooked up".

The guy in the back seat is paying for the ride and he asks me to stop the car on Stafford Drive and 7th ave North. The guy in the back was like "listen man where the fuck are you taking me why did we just make that drive?" The guy in the front again "we gonna get hooooked up dont worry bout it head downtown, we gotta go doooowtown". The guy in the back asked his hookup to tell me where to go and if he didn't know the ride mise well end right now and he was going to get his ass kicked.

The guy finally relents and asks me to go downtown, at this point I ask for cash he showed me money, I said I wasn't going anywhere unless I had some cash in my hand as we were already at like $16.

So I start driving back downtown while asking the crackhead in the front where he needed to go. He said "downtown downtown just just go downtown" so I drive downtown and he starts directing me to turn here and there all the while saying how the guy in the back is gonna get hooked up and how he can come in and its getting old at this point he is basically driving me in circles with no apparent destination.

I look at the guy in the back and pretty much told him we are going in circles. The guy in the back got upset and started demanding the guy in the front straighted up and take them to his crack dealer. The guy in the front giving directions was clearly high of crack or some equivalent, seemed like a last resort but he said to me "go to the shelter, we can pickup at the shelter..... we gonna get hooooked up".

I said something like "you really think your going to walk up to the shelter at 4:30 in the morning and score crack? I don't think so buddy."

Guy in the back tells me to pull over and he says that the guy in the front is going to get his ass kicked. I pulled over on Stafford Drive and 3rd ave South facing North and the guy in the back got out of the car. The guy in the front was visibly shaken and not sure what to do so he said "drive drive just drive"

I thought about it for a moment and weighed my options briefly. Option 1: drive away and leave the guy that was paying me for the ride on the side of the road while still having to deal with this fucked up crackhead. Option 2: don't drive anywhere and let the guy in the back deal with him and potentially beat him up.

I chose option 2 and did not drive off, sure enough the guy from the back seat opened the front door and wanted the guy to get out of the car because he was going to get his ass kicked, the guy in the front resisted and looked quite scared his demeanor immediately changed from some big baller crack head to a complete pussy... so the guy drags him out of the car and he got a couple shots in before the guy stumbled off. It wasn't too bad he deserved a much better beating than what he got if you ask me.

They were both out of the car and I was starting to close the doors to take off when the guy in the back got in again and wanted to go home, I said sure he asked me if I knew where to get some crack and I said no.

It was fucked you really had to be there. I mean really what crack dealer is going to be happy with one of his customers bringing some random new guy into his place to buy crack, not gonna happen and the guy in the front insisted that he was going to come in to the dealers place. Then he was going to get hooked up at the shelter.

Fucking crackheads. I could tell the guy in the back was an occasional user likely with a job and the guy in the front was full on crackhead with no prospects in life other than getting hoooooked up.

The Pukers

I picked up from Boss Hoggs and three women got in the back seat and they decided to share the cab to the West side with a woman that sat in the front seat. No less than 2 or 3 blocks away from the bar I hear the dreaded "bauahgth bahght", I turned around and sure enough the woman sitting closest to the passenger side door had puked - ALL OVER HERSELF, and no where else thank god. She didn't even realize that she had puked she was so fucked.

I pulled over and asked her to step out to finish her business. Instead of trying to get out of the door right next to her she decided it would be better to crawl across her friends in an attempt to get out the other door. There is no doubt in my mind she must have gotten some of her puke on her friends in her attempt to crawl over them although I did not notice.

Her friends get her focused on her door and she gets out of the car and stumbles a couple meter before falling down hard and she started puking some more, she managed to get up and then tripped and fell hard over the low chain fence around the civic park I think it’s called.

I then asked her other friend if she would go help her friend because she was clearly not doing so well. Friend number 2 gets out of the car and approaches her friend that is lying on the ground and she too begins vomiting uncontrollably.

I asked the third friend in the backseat what was going on with them and she mumbles something like "just go in just go in, the jeans are red" while looking at the ceiling, I got her attention and told her that her friends were in need of assistance.

She got out to help her friend and I looked at the woman in the front seat that did not know these other bitches let’s call them that from here on out. I asked her to close the rear door on her side and I closed the rear door on my side and I peeled the hell out of there. That was more than just alcohol they were fucked on some sort of drugs I bet.

Anyway the woman and I thought the situation was kind of funny and I got her to her destination, she was a nurse if I remember correctly and was perfectly fine, not like those bitches we ditched at a random park. Yeah I would love to let 3 puking girls back in my car, No Thanks.

Turns out one of the bitches forgot her phone in the backseat which I did return. They got home somehow just glad I didn't have to put up with them and very glad the first bitch was able to keep her puke on herself and not in the car.

The Masturbator

I was driving two young women to the West side from a downtown bar when I noticed a guy near the old fire hall on 6th ave South and he was facing me and in my lane.

I switched lanes to possibly avoid hitting him. While passing him I noticed he was stroking his erect cock in the middle of the road as I was entering onto whoop up. The women with me did not see him.

Not a bad place to do some public masturbation you can pretty much run in any direction. After I dropped that trip off I went back and he was long gone.


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