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Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Pukers

I picked up from Boss Hoggs and three women got in the back seat and they decided to share the cab to the West side with a woman that sat in the front seat. No less than 2 or 3 blocks away from the bar I hear the dreaded "bauahgth bahght", I turned around and sure enough the woman sitting closest to the passenger side door had puked - ALL OVER HERSELF, and no where else thank god. She didn't even realize that she had puked she was so fucked.

I pulled over and asked her to step out to finish her business. Instead of trying to get out of the door right next to her she decided it would be better to crawl across her friends in an attempt to get out the other door. There is no doubt in my mind she must have gotten some of her puke on her friends in her attempt to crawl over them although I did not notice.

Her friends get her focused on her door and she gets out of the car and stumbles a couple meter before falling down hard and she started puking some more, she managed to get up and then tripped and fell hard over the low chain fence around the civic park I think it’s called.

I then asked her other friend if she would go help her friend because she was clearly not doing so well. Friend number 2 gets out of the car and approaches her friend that is lying on the ground and she too begins vomiting uncontrollably.

I asked the third friend in the backseat what was going on with them and she mumbles something like "just go in just go in, the jeans are red" while looking at the ceiling, I got her attention and told her that her friends were in need of assistance.

She got out to help her friend and I looked at the woman in the front seat that did not know these other bitches let’s call them that from here on out. I asked her to close the rear door on her side and I closed the rear door on my side and I peeled the hell out of there. That was more than just alcohol they were fucked on some sort of drugs I bet.

Anyway the woman and I thought the situation was kind of funny and I got her to her destination, she was a nurse if I remember correctly and was perfectly fine, not like those bitches we ditched at a random park. Yeah I would love to let 3 puking girls back in my car, No Thanks.

Turns out one of the bitches forgot her phone in the backseat which I did return. They got home somehow just glad I didn't have to put up with them and very glad the first bitch was able to keep her puke on herself and not in the car.

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