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Monday, March 30, 2009

Unedited Reader Comment - Racism in Lethbridge

I was asked to post this message and am happy to. I also assumed you wanted to remain anonymous and did not give you credit for the letter. I also I have no idea who you are. I do not agree or disagree with any of the following:

"The letter that I sent you was in response to the article in the Herald last week about the protest ralley to end Racism in Lethbridge"

"Hi, I drive for one of the other companies and was wondering if you could post this on your blog. It was a letter to the editor that I had written. But since it don't praise the XXXXXX , it will never get printed.

I am also afraid that this could cause some real tension between the XXXXXX and XXXXXX, but I believe it needs to be said.

Thanks and I also love your work, people need to open their eyes and see what this town is really like. It is far from the nice sweet innocent Mormon town that people think it is.

The People of Lethbridge are NOT Racist...

I have driven cab in this town for quite a few years and I have to say, racism is not the problem. The problem lies with a select a select number of the population of this town that are crack heads and drunken bums. This unfortunately shows the XXXXXX population as being in majority. Unfortunately, this attracts negative attention towards the good natives of Lethbridge and makes it ten times as hard for them to support their families and raise their kids. These members of the XXXXXX society should be commended for the roles they play. It is not easy having to live thinking everyone is watching you to make sure you don’t steal, or whatever.

I want to focus on the other side of the fence. People are good or bad. We should not paint any race with one brush. However, it seems that there is quite a number of XXXXXX in this town that have 0 respect for themselves, yet alone others which are not of their own ethnic background. For some reason there is a growing number of people (which seem to be primarily XXXXXX) that are commiting crimes such as; theft, physical violence and yes, I will say it RACEISM TOWARDS XXXXXX. Most of the crimes you hear of around here are perpetrated by XXXXXX persons. Whenever you read the court pages in the paper you see that most of the defendants are of XXXXXX decent. Most of the time you see drunks passes out in the parks, storefronts and malls, they are usually XXXXXX. 9 out of 10 times that I have been ripped off in my cab it has been by a XXXXXX person that knowingly don’t have any money to pay for my services, but they take the trip any way. These are the reasons why XXXXXX seem to get signaled out. They find it hard to find affordable housing because that landlord has had XXXXXX living in their apartments before and have found them to be destroyed after several months, to the point of being condemned. These are the true reasons why the XXXXXX are being signaled out. I admit, I get concerned when I pick up XXXXXX customers, because I am afraid of not getting paid. I hate myself for feeling this way, but as previously mentioned, most of my nonpaying customers are XXXXXX.

I have also had XXXXXX in the car that say they hate XXXXXX, and enjoy committing injustices against XXXXXX. They see it as we owe them. Sorry, I never took your land. I moved here from the East.

Yes, there were many horrible injustices committed to a once proud nation, and these should never be forgotten. Now for the, butt! This happened hundreds of years ago. So, don’t blame the great grand kids for what their forefathers did. Let’s try and live together, and help one another.

I do not hate XXXXXX, however I hate the XXXXXX that are a drain on society. If all they want to do is get drunk or stoned, then go back to the Reserve and do it. However, if you wish to be a contributing member of this fine city, then welcome my friend how can we help you.

I have had friends, co workers and employers from every walk of live, and I can say that I have nothing short of the utmost respect for them. It is not easy to leave their families, friends and even their own kids behind to come to Canada and make a better life for themselves. I believe these people deserve our utmost respect. It is the dregs of our society that I believe should be sent on a one way trip to an abandoned island and left to fend for themselves."

A Taxi Driver

Sunday, March 29, 2009


I picked XXXXXX up from a party on the West side. She was going to the Uplands, a fair distance in Lethbridge.

We started chatting and she asked if she could give me a hug. She was sitting in the back seat and put her arm around me and began trying to make out with me. I was trying to concentrate on the road and she was really only able to catch the right side of my mouth. It was a little surprising.

Throughout the journey we kept chatting, she told me she loved me more than 10 times and continued to slobber all over my neck, face, and ear and was trying furiously to get her tongue down my mouth. I was not at all objecting but kept my eyes on the road (a true professional). A couple of times she reached over and kissed me and started rubbing my balls and of course my rock hard cock (through my pants of course), this woman wanted it bad.

I knew she was hammered and I was not going to do anything that would get me into trouble, although had she pursued further I would not have objected.

She asked me how old I was and I told her. She said "I am eighteen", and here comes the catch, "well almost eighteen". I could not believe that she was a minor after all that.

Long story short she asked me to park a few houses away from her house. At this point I was able to give her a little action back and it was exhilarating to say the least. Nothing illegal or immoral (depending on your values) was ever performed.

XXXXXX I know you will probably not remember most of your night, but I sure will remember part of it.

P.S. to XXXXXX: If you are reading this post you should close your browser now because you are not of age to review the content contained within this site.

Are You Prejudice Against XXXXXX?

I had a weird trip and the woman was going across town and voluntarily gave me ten dollars up front. I assumed it was all she had and told her it was going to be much more than that. I kept explaining that I was going to let her out of the car after the ten dollars expired. I made it clear there was no deal to get her the whole way, she kept saying she would take care of me and blah blah blah. I said I didn't want her to take care of me and only cash did that, and if all she had was ten dollars she was shit outta luck.

I pulled over after ten dollars and she hands me another $20 and asks...

"Are you prejudice against XXXXXX?"

I responded to the effect "Yes, as a matter of fact, most of the time I am."

Special Mention

Most crack whores occupy 5th street S. There is a newer girl that has been working 5th ave and 6th st S. She is a decent looking XXXXXX girl (for now) and I have had suspicions that she is an undercover police officer although I have seen a man in a grey civic drop her off there. Who knows.

XXXXXX The Tweaking XXXXXX Crack Whore

I pulled up to the XXXXXX Hotel looking for XXXXXX. Let me be clear it was not the XXXXXX Lodge, but the XXXXXX Hotel. There is a significant difference.

I noticed another cab driver kicking her out of his cab. I decided to take her. I believe it is common knowledge that XXXXXX is a XXXXXX cock sucking crack whore from the XXXXXX Hotel with the most fucked up face and teeth I have ever seen, clearly a drug addict. She was tweaking out waiting to get her next crack hit. She said she was 26 and started smoking crack 25 years ago, that's right, when she was 1. I think she was just confused and she could not have actually meant to say that. I never asked her to clarify.

She was wearing red spandex/sweatpants, if you can imagine that, and of course for easier access no panties to speak of. I think about it now and you really can't be a crack whore and wear panties, it just doesn't make sense to. What if one of your tricks cums on your panties, you don't want your next trick to see that (I have also heard around that swallowing is an implied agreement of the crack whore/client contract pricing). At least cum on the body is easier to clean off. Also just for ease of access, if you are fucking some guy beside a dumpster you don't want to have to take your shoes off to get your panties off, not that you necessarily have to remove the panties although when you fuck 10 or more guys a day and their cocks are constantly rubbing against your panties you could experience some sort of wear and tear. Sorry I got a little off track there.

She said her ex-boyfriend got her hooked on crack. The man in the backseat with the cash was telling her to shut the fuck up because she was clearly telling me to much. I told them I knew what they were up to and said I didn't care. That is the only thing you can say.

It was weird because she called the man "Dad", I don't believe it was her father and he was probably just some dude she finished fucking so he would buy her crack, but it could have been her dad because of his age. Maybe he was her dad that just finished fucking her, it would not surprise me. The guy kept calling me Lorenzo Foronzo or something like that, apparently his favorite race care driver.

I am prohibited from releasing confidential information but it you live near 2nd avenue north and 17th street your neighbor could be a crack dealer.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Another Drunk XXXXXX

So I am cruising along Southbound on 7th Street South approaching a solid green light at 3rd Avenue when BAM! some older XXXXXX guy with a cane steps out into traffic. I laid down rubber and had to swerve to avoid him, coming to a screeching halt not far from him.

He must have appreciated my effort to avoid seriously injuring him because he promptly gave me the finger.

I was still impressed with myself for not possibly killing him but I laid on the horn for a good five seconds after he gave me the finger.

I guess you wanted to be killed? Had I not been paying close attention you probably would be dead. So you can take that finger and shove it up your suicidal drunk XXXXXX ass.

In addition I only assumed that he was drunk. No sober person would step into traffic like he did, with no regard for their own safety.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Some Friend You Are

I am not sure why the title of this post is in Arabic or some foreign language but it reads "Good Friends".

To the young hoodlum XXXXXX bitches (mostly) that I picked up from the XXXXXX Lodge tonight.

I am glad you did not have nearly enough money to pay me for the one way trip to the West Side, never mind the return trip back across town.

I was more than happy to leave you stranded on the West Side in the middle of a snowstorm. You have only the bastard birthday girl to blame. Apparently she had told the other girls she was only picking up her sex toy and then going back to the XXXXXX Lodge, but upon arrival to the West Side she could only come up with $5 dollars and she decided to spend the night at her booty calls house, leaving her friends to fend for themselves after promising to take care of them.

Some bastard friend you are. It was quite entertaining for me because the birthday girl was playing the "dumb fucking XXXXXX birthday slut" and she played her friends for fools or at least lied to them.

It hate getting ripped off but at least it was somewhat entertaining. The XXXXXX guy the birthday girl was going to see had no money either, and probably no job for that matter. He and I agreed to a couple of DVDs in exchange for the cab fare. His roommate arrived at the house during this time and they began arguing about who pawned of what DVDs and they started fighting with each other (at least verbally).

I told the girls that I called the cops and they started freaking out and took off from the scene. I mean it is within my right to press charges for transportation fraud and it would not have been the first time.

I actually did not phone to police because it was not worth it. They had paid me $10 on a $25 fare so at least some of my expenses were covered and I could have waited at the house for over an hour for the police to come during Saturday night bar rush for a misdemeanor offence.

The only time the Police have ever been quick in that situation is when I have secured someone into custody. I was able to secure one of the girl's purses as collateral while she was outside of the car bitching at the birthday girl but I am not an asshole like that.

Looking back on the trip the funniest thing was that the girls, one in particular, did not want to go to the West Side if they were not able to get back to the South side (home). One of the girls even said "if we are going to be stranded on the West Side drop me off here" (at XXXXXX).


To the cute Land Reclamation graduate from Olds College: If I had stopped rambling on I might have been able to ask your name :(

Some trips are just too short.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Homeless Person/ Fucked Up XXXXXX... Hand In Hand...

It is quite obvious to me that somebody is sleeping underneath this makeshift "tent", if you will.

The sad part is that the shelter is a block away and most likely this individual was banned from the shelter for not abiding by the Lethbridge Shelter rules, which I believe are very basic and have assumed the following to be the rules of entry into the Lethbridge Shelter...

1. If you ingest Lysol do not come to the shelter.
2. If you drink mouthwash do not come to the shelter.

Rambling on... my first trip from March 15, 2009 was from the hospital. If I could have refused the trip upon arrival I would have but I am unsure about the regulations.... blah blah blah. I knew the trip was on a charge account with our company and most likely was going to the shelter (9.25 times out of 10.00)

I arrived at the Emergency entrance to the Lethbridge Chinook Regional Hospital and immediately found my "customer". He was in a wheelchair and I asked him if I could offer any assistance, not knowing the full extent of his disability.

Long story short this 72 year old XXXXXX had pissed himself, it was quite clear from front and back while trying to load his drunken ass. I am glad the security assisted him into the taxi. When I say glad I mean if they had not I would have left him on the emergency ambulance loading ramp to get run over.

I took his bleeding pissed soaked ass to the shelter and practically carried him into the doors.

On a random note I picked up a young XXXXXX individual last night that actually had a job, good for you buddy.

City Alley Comparison

Random biased samples of neighborhood alleys in Lethbridge Alberta.

The following photograph was taken in a North side alley within the city of Lethbridge Alberta...

Added March 29, 2009: "If you look close you might be able to see a few needles."

The following photograph was taken in a typical South side alley.

I would have posted a picture of a randomly selected West side alley although I am still panning for gold in that area of town.

Did I make my point?

Please refer to the first sentence of this post.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

10 Minute Rant About Hand Jobs

Apparently this guy fell off a roof and his spleen had to be removed. I only recorded around two minutes of the conversation.

It was basically about the nurse giving him a hand job before putting the catheter in his penis while he was on his supposed death bed. He said that while the nurse was giving him a hand job, which was apparently part of the treatment, he gave the nurse a wink (I believe he referred to the wink as a cheeky monkey) and she became mad and shoved the catheter deep into him.

He told me that if I was ever in a situation like he was that I should pretend to have expelled some liquid from my penis onto my pants. That way the nurse will come along and give you a hand job, again apparently part of the treatment.

You can hear me say "and that's when she puts her fingers in your ass?" in the second video. I can't quite remember how or when he said that but apparently the nurse putting her fingers in his ass was part of the treatment.

He was drunk and absolutely hilarious.

Only audio is available from the video and you may need to turn your speakers up to hear although he was quite loud.



Thursday, March 5, 2009

You have to wonder about the death of Frank Fair Chief Calf

I originally hesitated to post this comment but have since obviously had a change of heart.

I believe that someone must ask this question... was the suspicious death case of Mr. Frank Fair Chief Calf a murder or an accidental death?

Did the police exhaust all resources to conclude that the death was the result of a pre-existing medical condition?

To my knowledge the case is still open pending toxicology results, even though the police have concluded the death was non criminal (pending the results of the toxicology report of course).

I want to know what happened to the video camera that was so clearly positioned to have some sort of view of what may have happened in the adjacent lot of the XXXXXX Restaurant downtown, where the body was discovered.

Originally I believed that the victim was just passed out in the snow, after coming back to the scene I was informed by police that he had died. The ambulance was still on scene and was possibly still trying to revive him.

As soon as I was able to ascertain that the victim was Frank from the shelter (source: a shelter employee) I began to wonder, was Frank the victim of a senseless homicide or did he just pass out and die in the frozen snow as a result of a preexisting medical condition?

If so where was his walker and how much cash did the police find on him? He was known at times to have a significant amount of cash on him, upwards of $500 and probably the result of a welfare check or land claim settlement.

I found him deceased near the end of the month. Did he received his welfare check and was he murdered for a petty amount of cash? Again where was his walker? Perhaps disposed of? I wish that when I had found him that I had checked out the scene more thoroughly but realized that the police have a job to do and I did not want to compromise the scene. Perhaps his walker was present and I had not seen it. Also my initial response to the police dispatcher was that he was around 35 years old, so clearly I did not have a close up view of the person (Frank was 66 years old).

In conclusion, did the police exhaust all resources in determining the sudden death conclusion or did they find that Frank was a homeless man and concluded the case closed because Frank was a homeless older Native individual?

In my non expert opinion I believe that Frank Fair Chief Calf was the victim of a senseless homicide. Most likely the result of having too much cash and being in the wrong place at the wrong time, that place and time being in the presence of his piece of shit XXXXXX alcoholic friends from the shelter. My personal opinion is that those XXXXXX piece of shit's murdered frank for his money and went to the XXXXXX Liquor store near by to get more booze.

Could this be your Daughter...

passed out in a Lethbridge Alberta taxi?

This was not my fare but apparently she passed out in the cab. The driver had to look through her purse to find out where she lived. Once they arrived at her house she awoke briefly only to find she didn't have any house keys. She was locked out of her house. She passed out again.

The driver had to phone her mom in a different city to find out what to do with her. She had passed out in the car for around an hour, if I got my story straight.

At least she got stuck with a decent driver who probably would not have assaulted her in any way.

Not like certain day drivers who molest handicapped women.

I guess the handicap molester was never formally charged because he asked her if he could touch her and she said yes (in her mental capacity it should have sounded like a no).

But she still takes rides with us so maybe she made it up, maybe she liked it, who knows. Enough about that.

I just remembered about another day driver that was caught by a police officer while he was licking some random woman's pussy. I think he ended up with just a verbal warning. Obviously in this case the woman wanted it and hopefully was not mentally challenged in some way.

"Eating Out"

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Suspicious Death - Case Closing

Sounds like police are closing the sudden death case as non criminal. The police are attributing the death to a pre-existing medical condition. They also acknowledged the 66 year old was Frank Fair Chief Calf (sp?). The case is expected to be officially closed pending toxicology results.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Random Video

From a taxi drivers perspective I enjoyed this video.

Suspicious Death

The police released a statement that they had found a 66 year old body in down town Lethbridge at around 4 am Saturday morning. That statement conflicts somewhat with my story I had posted earlier.

It was not until 4:34 am (according to my phone record) that I informed the police that the body was there. It took me literally seven minutes to explain exactly where he was, partly because I left the scene but I still knew where he was, he wasn't going anywhere.

It turns out the man was XXXXXX from the shelter (name not yet released). I don't know his last name but I have taken him on numerous trips in the past year or so.

I know that XXXXXX has a walker but I definitely did not see one when I found him laying motionless in the snow. It now sounds like the police are treating the death as suspicious and foul play has not been ruled out pending an autopsy.

There was a surveillance camera on a building about a block away from where he died and it was pointed directly at the scene. I wonder if that offered police any clues. I was also suspicious knowing that Frank relied heavily on his walker and how or why would he have chosen to maneuver through the uneven terrain where a building was recently demolished? Doesn't make sense does it?

Every time I saw XXXXXX with any of his so called friends or family from the shelter they always were trying to take advantage of him. It was a disgusting way to treat an elder in my opinion.

removed text

The video camera is there. Look for yourself at 2nd ave and scenic downtown on top of the adjacent building West of the Castle Apartment Complex. The video camera is white in color and is very visible to the naked eye.

I removed the video in this post and replaced it with a picture, now you can at least see that the video camera is there.

These pictures, also taken 48 hours after the fact show the type of terrain he would have been walking through unless his body was dumped there. Also the snow melted since I discovered him and took these photos. He was pretty much laying where the white object is on the bottom right of the darker photo with the building in view. His head was closest to the sidewalk with his legs furthest from the sidewalk. This would suggest that he did not fall while walking on the sidewalk.

I have seen XXXXXX with his walker and there is no way he could have maneuvered this terrain by himself, but maybe he tried. I will certainly never know for sure. I hope the police can figure it out and that the autopsy provides some details.

Rest In Peace XXXXXX.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Wierd Conversation

I picked up this guy tonight and he commented on how cold the weather has been. I mentioned that I had found a guy who had froze to death the night before and he told me that while he was working in Vancouver he had a crushed a transient to death with his garbage truck, accidentally of course. It was awkward and we had an even more awkward laugh together. Perhaps because we didn't know what else to do. It was strange conversation.

Clueless Hooker Rant

I picked up a woman from XXXXXX tonight and this was pretty much our conversation:

Me: "Where are you headed to?"

Her: "Downtown"

Me: "Where abouts downtown?"

Her: "Anywhere is fine"

Me: "Well do you have the money to pay for the trip" (being suspicious)

Her: "Oh of course I do"

Me: "Well all I need is to see the money"

Her: "Well that's the thing I only have five bucks"

Me: "I am sorry, we are busy and that is not nearly enough money to get you downtown"

Her: Pulling out a new hat and offering it to me along with the five dollars "Will this do?"

Me: "No I don't want your hat but I will take you as far as five dollars will go"

Her: "Ok fuck whatever, take me downtown"

I took her five dollars, started the meter and began driving. She started pleading with me that she absolutely had to get downtown. She told me that she was a hooker, not just any hooker, but king shit of hookers in Lethbridge. I can not remember seeing her before but she said she had to get downtown and wanted me to extend credit to her because she must get her next trick so she can buy drugs and booze.

She asked me if there was anything else she could do for me to get her downtown. I told her I was not into that sort of thing. She said "I didn't mean it like that" but I know she did. She was clearly a cock sucking crack whore, by her own admission. She also mentioned that a lot of other cab drivers would have taken her (well not me you stupid bitch).

I took her quite a bit further than five dollars would have normally gotten her and she was pretty pissed off about how much further she had to walk. She had assured me that she was in the cash business and I was sure to get paid had I taken her the entire way.

If I trusted every one of you cock sucking XXXXXX crack whore bitches you would all owe me cash. How do you think I am actually going to collect my money at a later date from a prostitute? Walk up and ask them for cash, lol, forget it. I keep my distance from you whores for a reason, because you are trashy XXXXXX hookers, enough said.

If you were as smart of a prostitite as you claimed to be you would have been downtown much earlier because the pow wow was in town. It probably would have cost you a two dollar bus fair and you probably would have fucked or sucked five or six guys before I even saw you. Just think of all the crack you could have smoked. You could probably afford to take a taxi anywhere you wanted to in town, depending on how much you had left after the crack.

LethbridgeXXXXXX Poser

I picked up a couple of guys from the XXXXXX tonight and one of the males asked if he could charge the trip to the Lethbridge XXXXXX.

The Lethbridge XXXXXX do have an account with us but I have never picked up any player from a bar before. I was a little suspicious.

I don't follow the WHL that much but I knew the XXXXXX were not playing at the XXXXXX center tonight.

I called him on it and he said had come back from Medicine Hat. Another driver told me the game was in Swift Current. He then said his name was Max XXXXXX and he was injured and was not on the road with the team.

He was somewhat convincing but I declined to allow him to charge the trip to the XXXXXX because he did not have player ID, not to mention the players I have taken before always have there own charge slips.

I told him I would give him a receipt (which I did) and he could try to claim the trip with the team. He was not very happy about it.

I got home just a few minutes ago and looked up the player Max XXXXXX on the Lethbridge XXXXXX website and found that he was listed on the official roster lineup in Swift Current and received a major fighting penalty in the second period.

I am glad I called you on your authenticicy you piece of shit. How could you have possibly played a hockey game in Swift Current, come back to Lethbridge and get completely smashed, when the actual Lethbridge XXXXXX play the Regina XXXXXX tonight in Regina (my home town by the way).

I would call you a complete dumbass if you hadn't almost fooled me. Also the picture of the real Max XXXXXX was not you.


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