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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Some Friend You Are

I am not sure why the title of this post is in Arabic or some foreign language but it reads "Good Friends".

To the young hoodlum XXXXXX bitches (mostly) that I picked up from the XXXXXX Lodge tonight.

I am glad you did not have nearly enough money to pay me for the one way trip to the West Side, never mind the return trip back across town.

I was more than happy to leave you stranded on the West Side in the middle of a snowstorm. You have only the bastard birthday girl to blame. Apparently she had told the other girls she was only picking up her sex toy and then going back to the XXXXXX Lodge, but upon arrival to the West Side she could only come up with $5 dollars and she decided to spend the night at her booty calls house, leaving her friends to fend for themselves after promising to take care of them.

Some bastard friend you are. It was quite entertaining for me because the birthday girl was playing the "dumb fucking XXXXXX birthday slut" and she played her friends for fools or at least lied to them.

It hate getting ripped off but at least it was somewhat entertaining. The XXXXXX guy the birthday girl was going to see had no money either, and probably no job for that matter. He and I agreed to a couple of DVDs in exchange for the cab fare. His roommate arrived at the house during this time and they began arguing about who pawned of what DVDs and they started fighting with each other (at least verbally).

I told the girls that I called the cops and they started freaking out and took off from the scene. I mean it is within my right to press charges for transportation fraud and it would not have been the first time.

I actually did not phone to police because it was not worth it. They had paid me $10 on a $25 fare so at least some of my expenses were covered and I could have waited at the house for over an hour for the police to come during Saturday night bar rush for a misdemeanor offence.

The only time the Police have ever been quick in that situation is when I have secured someone into custody. I was able to secure one of the girl's purses as collateral while she was outside of the car bitching at the birthday girl but I am not an asshole like that.

Looking back on the trip the funniest thing was that the girls, one in particular, did not want to go to the West Side if they were not able to get back to the South side (home). One of the girls even said "if we are going to be stranded on the West Side drop me off here" (at XXXXXX).


John said...

Its not Arabic you dingbat its Hindi or something like that.
There is a button on your blog which allows automatic translation. Block it.
Have a nice day

taxiguy said...

Thanks for the tip, and you were right it was Hindi.


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