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Monday, March 23, 2009

Another Drunk XXXXXX

So I am cruising along Southbound on 7th Street South approaching a solid green light at 3rd Avenue when BAM! some older XXXXXX guy with a cane steps out into traffic. I laid down rubber and had to swerve to avoid him, coming to a screeching halt not far from him.

He must have appreciated my effort to avoid seriously injuring him because he promptly gave me the finger.

I was still impressed with myself for not possibly killing him but I laid on the horn for a good five seconds after he gave me the finger.

I guess you wanted to be killed? Had I not been paying close attention you probably would be dead. So you can take that finger and shove it up your suicidal drunk XXXXXX ass.

In addition I only assumed that he was drunk. No sober person would step into traffic like he did, with no regard for their own safety.

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