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Thursday, March 5, 2009

You have to wonder about the death of Frank Fair Chief Calf

I originally hesitated to post this comment but have since obviously had a change of heart.

I believe that someone must ask this question... was the suspicious death case of Mr. Frank Fair Chief Calf a murder or an accidental death?

Did the police exhaust all resources to conclude that the death was the result of a pre-existing medical condition?

To my knowledge the case is still open pending toxicology results, even though the police have concluded the death was non criminal (pending the results of the toxicology report of course).

I want to know what happened to the video camera that was so clearly positioned to have some sort of view of what may have happened in the adjacent lot of the XXXXXX Restaurant downtown, where the body was discovered.

Originally I believed that the victim was just passed out in the snow, after coming back to the scene I was informed by police that he had died. The ambulance was still on scene and was possibly still trying to revive him.

As soon as I was able to ascertain that the victim was Frank from the shelter (source: a shelter employee) I began to wonder, was Frank the victim of a senseless homicide or did he just pass out and die in the frozen snow as a result of a preexisting medical condition?

If so where was his walker and how much cash did the police find on him? He was known at times to have a significant amount of cash on him, upwards of $500 and probably the result of a welfare check or land claim settlement.

I found him deceased near the end of the month. Did he received his welfare check and was he murdered for a petty amount of cash? Again where was his walker? Perhaps disposed of? I wish that when I had found him that I had checked out the scene more thoroughly but realized that the police have a job to do and I did not want to compromise the scene. Perhaps his walker was present and I had not seen it. Also my initial response to the police dispatcher was that he was around 35 years old, so clearly I did not have a close up view of the person (Frank was 66 years old).

In conclusion, did the police exhaust all resources in determining the sudden death conclusion or did they find that Frank was a homeless man and concluded the case closed because Frank was a homeless older Native individual?

In my non expert opinion I believe that Frank Fair Chief Calf was the victim of a senseless homicide. Most likely the result of having too much cash and being in the wrong place at the wrong time, that place and time being in the presence of his piece of shit XXXXXX alcoholic friends from the shelter. My personal opinion is that those XXXXXX piece of shit's murdered frank for his money and went to the XXXXXX Liquor store near by to get more booze.


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I like the additional disclaimer!

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It has no legal consequense, as far as I know. It is more of a warning of the content I suppose.


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