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Thursday, January 29, 2009

$200 8-Ball

After a hard night of drinking at the XXXXXX the two oil workers decided they needed an 8-ball of cocaine. We stopped at literally 7 different banks and bank machines and they could not get the $200 for the cocaine. It looked to me that there was something wrong with the bank machines, most of the them were temporarily out of order.

Finally the XXXXXX gave him $240, we went to the place, one of them bought the cocaine, they were all fucked up, they left me a $35 tip on a $65 fare. Not a bad end to the night.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Miss AAA - Lethbridge

I use the name AAA because I believe there are three A's in your first name.

I wanted to say that I really enjoyed being a part of your adventure to the West side to find the two naked guys who were walking up Whoop-Up Drive on Saturday night. You were great conversation as well as stunningly beautiful.

I posted the following March 22/2009.

If you ever read this I just wanted to mention that I wrote about you as part of a journaling exercise for my University writing course.

3. Describe a person

Miss A. is a waitress at a bar and she is also a full time student. She has silky smooth naturally blond hair. I am sure that her light colored skin would be soft to the touch. Her supple wet lips are aching to be kissed and her nipples stand strong at the tips of her perky breasts, seemingly always aroused and waiting to be caressed. After a hard night of working the bar the scent of her perfume and sweat wafts its way into the air creating an exotic, pleasurable smell. Her confident demeanor and outgoing personality always make for a pleasurable encounter."

I am sure you will never read this so I do not mind being honest about it.

Drunk Driver Rolls Truck - Almost Kills Girlfriend

Click on photo to enlarge.

This single motor vehicle accident happened on January 18, 2009 at approximately 11:00pm. Apparently the male driver had been drinking at LA Lounge before deciding to take his girlfriend home. He made it approximately three blocks South of the bar before striking the center median at the intersection of 2nd ave a and 13th st N. After contact with the median the truck flipped over, spun around, and came to a stop before entering the intersection.

I had a fare not long after the accident and she claimed to be an eye witness to the rollover and was first on the scene. She said that the male driver fled the accident and the female was screaming for her life. When the witness approached the vehicle she said the passenger was bleeding from her neck and was spitting out glass. The witness then tried to brace her neck and calm her down. It sounded as though everyone lived but the woman sustained serious injuries.

The witness was obviously in shock as the told me the story. I did not witness the accident and relied solely on witness information to form my story above. To my knowledge there was no article in the Lethbridge Herald.

The following was added March 10, 2009: So while I was giving my statement to police about the dead body that I had found downtown I asked the police officer what had happened at the rollover described above. I told him what I thought I knew and referenced the woman who told me the story. She could not have been more inaccurate with her description of what had happened. Apparently there were three occupants in the vehicle. No one was drunk and no one fled the scene. The police officer said something to the effect that she was a little loopy.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Crack Whore in Psych Ward

I will not post her name but it is rumoured that this women has been in the phsych ward at the hospital for some time now. It does not surprise me whatsoever. The amount of crack she has probably smoked has messed up her brain.

I remember this other time she was high on crack and she flagged me down downtown. I made her pay me upfront and her pupils were very wide. As I was pulling over and was not even stopped yet she started freaking out that the door would not open and that I was trying to trap her. Once I put it in park the door unlocked and she managed to escape. That one actually frightened me quite a bit.

Here is another post about the same crack whore...

Punched in the Face

I picked up a younger couple from a South side apartment on news years day at 5:00AM. I began driving down Scenic Drive to the West side of Lethbridge. The male was pretty much passed out in the back seat when he came to and punched me in the side of the face. I stopped the car immediately and told him to get the fuck out.

All he said was "cuz ur XXXXXX" and stumbled across the street and into someones back yard. His girlfriend was crying and asked me to call the police. I was not hurt and it was more shocking than anything. I did absolutely nothing to provoke the attack.

What troubles me the most is that he could have knocked me out and I could have crashed into a pole and his girlfriend could have gone through the windshield and died.

I also made the mistake of pulling over into the turning lane to kick him out. He could have easily been hit by a car and killed while stumbling out of the car and across the road.

I gathered from his girlfriend that he was XXXXXX, 21.

I never did file a complaint although I think I will eventually.

After reviewing the message I recorded during the altercation I believe now that his name was XXXXXX.

Fare Paid

I was surprised when I walked into the office and was handed $63. I imagine the guy probably went to court and was ordered to pay me. I do not know for sure that it was from the story I linked to above but I could not remember anyone else who owed me $60, except for crack head Ernie.


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