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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Miss AAA - Lethbridge

I use the name AAA because I believe there are three A's in your first name.

I wanted to say that I really enjoyed being a part of your adventure to the West side to find the two naked guys who were walking up Whoop-Up Drive on Saturday night. You were great conversation as well as stunningly beautiful.

I posted the following March 22/2009.

If you ever read this I just wanted to mention that I wrote about you as part of a journaling exercise for my University writing course.

3. Describe a person

Miss A. is a waitress at a bar and she is also a full time student. She has silky smooth naturally blond hair. I am sure that her light colored skin would be soft to the touch. Her supple wet lips are aching to be kissed and her nipples stand strong at the tips of her perky breasts, seemingly always aroused and waiting to be caressed. After a hard night of working the bar the scent of her perfume and sweat wafts its way into the air creating an exotic, pleasurable smell. Her confident demeanor and outgoing personality always make for a pleasurable encounter."

I am sure you will never read this so I do not mind being honest about it.

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