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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Drunk Driver Rolls Truck - Almost Kills Girlfriend

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This single motor vehicle accident happened on January 18, 2009 at approximately 11:00pm. Apparently the male driver had been drinking at LA Lounge before deciding to take his girlfriend home. He made it approximately three blocks South of the bar before striking the center median at the intersection of 2nd ave a and 13th st N. After contact with the median the truck flipped over, spun around, and came to a stop before entering the intersection.

I had a fare not long after the accident and she claimed to be an eye witness to the rollover and was first on the scene. She said that the male driver fled the accident and the female was screaming for her life. When the witness approached the vehicle she said the passenger was bleeding from her neck and was spitting out glass. The witness then tried to brace her neck and calm her down. It sounded as though everyone lived but the woman sustained serious injuries.

The witness was obviously in shock as the told me the story. I did not witness the accident and relied solely on witness information to form my story above. To my knowledge there was no article in the Lethbridge Herald.

The following was added March 10, 2009: So while I was giving my statement to police about the dead body that I had found downtown I asked the police officer what had happened at the rollover described above. I told him what I thought I knew and referenced the woman who told me the story. She could not have been more inaccurate with her description of what had happened. Apparently there were three occupants in the vehicle. No one was drunk and no one fled the scene. The police officer said something to the effect that she was a little loopy.

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