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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Punched in the Face

I picked up a younger couple from a South side apartment on news years day at 5:00AM. I began driving down Scenic Drive to the West side of Lethbridge. The male was pretty much passed out in the back seat when he came to and punched me in the side of the face. I stopped the car immediately and told him to get the fuck out.

All he said was "cuz ur XXXXXX" and stumbled across the street and into someones back yard. His girlfriend was crying and asked me to call the police. I was not hurt and it was more shocking than anything. I did absolutely nothing to provoke the attack.

What troubles me the most is that he could have knocked me out and I could have crashed into a pole and his girlfriend could have gone through the windshield and died.

I also made the mistake of pulling over into the turning lane to kick him out. He could have easily been hit by a car and killed while stumbling out of the car and across the road.

I gathered from his girlfriend that he was XXXXXX, 21.

I never did file a complaint although I think I will eventually.

After reviewing the message I recorded during the altercation I believe now that his name was XXXXXX.

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