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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Guy Climbs out the Window to Ride Roof on the Highway

So a while back I picked up a couple guys from the Casino. The seemed to be having a good time.

Conversation ended up sounding like this:

Guy in back: Hey can you run this red light?
Me: No.
Guy: Do you know where we can get some coke?
Me: No.
Guy: Can we still get liquor?
Me: No off sale is closed.

So by now I am driving back to town and on the highway going roughly 90 kilometers an hour, my answer to their questions seemed to be no, no and no.

Guy in the back: Hey can I ride on your roof?
Me: Sure why not (not thinking he was actually serious).

Sure enough he opens the window and climbs onto the roof of my taxi at 90 kilometers an hour. He must have been hanging onto the top sign because I could see his face through the front windshield. What an idiot. I let off the gas and started to slow down (didn't want to hit the brakes and watch him go flying).

He got back in and let out a "whooooohooooo".


16 Year Old Girl Wants Her Anus Licked

Maybe not the best title I picked these guys up from Boss Hogs earlier tonight and they were asking me to pull over so they could talk to any woman that were wondering around the bars. The first couple woman we saw were walking away from the bars so I pulled over and they were hollering at them and these women did not respond so I start driving to Mcdicks in your mouth when they spotted a woman laying on the grass, again I pulled over and once I did this other woman had her back against the Alpenland building and was freely uninated while crouched on the ground with her back against the wall, her legs were spread and she yelled "keep moving" so I did.

We arrived at Mcdicks in your mouth and they spotted more females getting into a car and they asked me to pull up beside them, after about 30 seconds these woman had introduced themselves to us and gave their address of where they were going to party and wanted us all to come join them.

They were young but still out and about at 2:30 in the morning so I followed them to the destination. When we arrived at the residence the one guy got out to talk to the girls in the car and the other guy got out and was mumbling random comments while leaning against the car intoxicated.

This one woman whom appeared to be approximately 16 years old kept comming up to me and asking me if I was a real cab driver and such and such, I observed the one guy talking to these girls from my taxi and it didn't seem to be going all that well and there were other individuals at the house observing the commotion outside.

Long story short the guys get back in and I pull up beside these young women as they were parked on the street. I overheard that the woman that was speaking to me was really shy but that her pussy was probably "soaking wet" and that she wanted someone to "lick her ass".

I thought it was cool but these guys were not getting anywhere with these young woman and he gave me a warning to take off soon as he said to the driver "do you come with a bag so after I fuck you I can burry you in a ditch?" not an exact quote but from what I remember. I drove away after he said that and these two guys wanted to go back to moon them.

Sure why the fuck not I said I would and they started unbuckling there pants and I pulled around the block and stopped right in front on the girls car and they had their asses hanging out the window and the one guy was spreading his cheecks good and wide.

We left after that and I took them back to Mcdicks in your mouth because apparantly the one dude had a really fat booty call on the way and he was going to be an asshole and leave cheeseburgers from the door to his room for her to eat on the way.

I kinda liked these guys it was fun tipped  me 25 dollars on a 40 dollar ride.

To be edited for grammatical errors.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Northside Lethbridge Fire at 112 17 Street North

Earlier this morning. I do not know many details. Apparently a woman was found dead inside the home. Pictures taken without flash.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Weekend Randoms

Sitting outside of Studio 54 observing two young women helping their guy friend get into my cab. They got him in the front seat and were asking him "do you have money to pay for this" and "where do you live", the guy looked just fucked but was in a good state of mind of just being fucked up and having a good time for all I could tell. He could not remember where he lived and I was more than willing to get this guy home if I was given an exact address to go on.

While these girls were going through this guys pockets to help him out and help me out at least find where he lives a local street vendor approached my car and said to me not to take this guy anywhere and that an ambulance was on the way for him. Ok whatever. Less than a minute later the ambulance pulled up beside my cab and the EMT's came to the guys door. He could not stand on his own and he had to be carried, with the help of his two girlfriends, by the EMT's into the back of the ambulance, with a stop on the bumper to check his vitals.

While this is happeneing this random dude comes up to my cab and starts telling me how Studio 54 is the devil and it needs to burn. I didn't immediately understand his motivation and I handed him my lighter and said something to the effect of "make it happen". He declined the lighter and kept going on about the devil and Studio's customers basically, he took a picture of me. Fuck that I was suprised I almost busted out my camera and said "you like being filmed you fuck?" I didn't. At first I thought he was just a street bum I hadn't seen before because he had a small bag of what appeared to be empty cans although I can not be certain. He then mentioned he was out on a mission and I think he was morman or hutterite or something/

What possesses someone to go on a mission at two am and start preaching to people about gods values or whatever outside of Studio 54. Maybe a good place to start I guess. Just seemed odd.


Flagged a guy at Boss Hoggs and another cab driver sent me a text saying "that guy is a puker for sure", I saw his buddy help him in the cab and I asked if they were alright, the drunkest of the two said "I am not going to puke I am cool" or whatever the fuck he said, I start driving on the highway out to Coaldale where they wanted to go and all of a sudden without any warning I hear "whoooaaaaa arhh whoaaaa".  I knew he was fucking puking back there and I didn't say anything because I was on the highway, I got all the way to 30th street before I could safely pull over and this guy started puking out the door.

The damage was done he leaned over his friend and puked on his friends shoes and all over my floor mats and back seat you fucking prick. Hey shit happens I was pissed but I am reasonable and we worked it out and I wasn't a prick about it but I should have been because the taxi company has been giving me the same car now for a week and it smells like puke even after a serious cleaning. It was mostly liquid so harder to clean maybe, just glad pukers are rare (at least puking without saying pull over or stop) the fucking prick just let his stomach loose, glad it wasnt in my own car lol.


Flagged two guys and two gals from I can't even remember and it was just awesome from the get go I like these random trips. The guy in the front said to the effect "lets just cruise around, maybe drink some beverages and try to find some hookers", not sure if that is what he said exactly but that is what they wanted. All four of them were cool with it. Knowing full well no hooker would get into a cab full of people I took them to their hotel first so they could get some beverages to drink while we cruised around.

So we get the beverages from the hotel and they offer me one and I say sure why the fuck not, so I am sipping on my beverage while driving these folks from Ontario around looking for prostitutes basically, we encountered three that night, all were pretty pissed with 21 year old buddy in the front seat, we were cruising around and I took them down by the river for a piss fest or what not. A truck pulled in beside us and they got out and started chatting with them. I got out also and the guy in the truck was worried I was going to phone the police on him so I produced a beverage and a smoke and it was all good.

So my taxi full of white people is now interacting with a truck full of natives and to make a long story short everyone was getting along until one of the girls in the truck called a girl with me a white trashy whore or what not and it was starting to escalate so we just went our seperate ways. I knew the one girl in the truck. R like the bird, lol.

Ended up saying that the ride was over eventually and that I was taking them back to the hotel because the guy in the front was starting to fade a bit. He wanted to go to Tim Hortons on Scenic so I took them all there and he ordered a bagal, nothing more, got out of the cab (this is when I noticed he had pissed himself and on my seat but not too bad. He left his beverage on my dash and I asked him to grab it as we left Tim Hortons to go to the Super 8, he was passing out quick and I grabbed the beverage out of his hand and he kinda woke up and I said your beverage is done I am taking you home.

We get back to the hotel after fucking with three hookers that he encountered (I feel bad I want my customers to be able to find hookers and this guy was actually no different than another hooker trip but he didn't actually want to fuck them and his friends were in the back seat.

Whatever he paid me $125 for the stint.

And the same guy flagged me down to do the exact same thing the following week, another $125 fare. This time one street person we encountered was walking downtown after 3am, I pulled up to her and didn't think she was a hooker because she relied on a cane to walk and was no spring chicken..

So the guy started talking to this person and asks about the cane, she says that it is a musical instrument and that it isn't really a cane, he asks her to play the cane and she put the bottom of her cane up to her mouth and proceeded to attempt to play it like a flute, it wasn't working and then she said she uses the cane as a pipe to smoke crack, really odd conversation.


The gamblaholic crack head fuck..................I feel bad for this one........... Got a call from dispatch to pick up a fare at a local bar so I arrive and I walk inside and a woman was sitting there and I knew her from years prior. I take her home and she is all friently friendly and so was I, I liked her.

So we get to her house and I see a complete change of additude she gets what she needs to get and now she wants to go somewhere else and does't know where but that I should decide. Jesus just fucking tell me where YOU want to go, was either the Casino Lethbridge or Bully's, I convince her somewhat to go to the Flamingo.

We arrive and she asks me to come in with her and that she was going to pay me when we got inside.

I was ok with it and walked in with her. She went to the ATM machine and took out cash. She gave me the twenty for the fifteen dollar fare and asked me to buy her a Canadian. I did and ordered myself a Coke.

I walked back over and gave her the Canadian and she was already fast at pace gambling. I asked her to step away from the machine to talk to me right after that. She would not leave her machine and needed to play her VLT keno and she was just sure she was going to win, she had her system and to her it was foolproof, It was not foolproof. She did win some but just kept putting 20 after 20 in different machines thinking she was playinjg the system and beating it. She was playing multiple machines at once, putting her reserved sign on one machine and finding another and another to put money in.

She did win some money and I was cashing in her tickets for her and giving her the money for her supposed winnings, one thing I dont think she understood was how much money she was actually putting in the machine.

I have never ever seen such a person facing what she is facing just spending money like she was. She gave a random person playing a VLT machine 20 dollar bills and stopped someone from paying their interact tab and she paid for their entire tab, literally just throwing money around.Whatever she can do what she wants.

I finally convinced her to stop gambling and for me to take her home, well I guess her next stop was to a crack house so she could get some rock and get high, I let her use my phone to call the dealer.

So I dropped her off at her crack dealer's house. I had to ask her for the cab fare and she thought she had already paid me for the second trip (around ten bucks). I was pretty glad to have gotten rid of her and felt pretty bad for her because she thought she was up like $500 dollars from her vlt winnings but in reality she probably lost $300.

She called me later the same night because her crack dealer had my cell number to ask me to lend her money. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I did not lend her any money because apparantly she reached her limit for the day.

I have never observed someone with such a passion for gambling it was like pure extasy for her to hit any of her keno numbers. I feel bad for her good luck getting custody of your child back.


Got sent for a couple downtown and it was raining. I pull up and a young man and woman get in the cab, I later learned that the girl was 14 and the guy probably around the same age. So this 14 year old girl started telling me how she got in her first fight in her life and that it started a couple years ago with this other girl thinking the girl in my cab was a whore and what not.

So I guess they were at a house and the other girl wanted to fight the girl in my cab and was calling her a whore and the girl in my cab said she had enough and started fighting with this other girl. She said she punched her 3 times in the face and broke the other girls nose and got kicked out of her residence because of the fight and has to attend court on assault charges. She told me how she was going to hit up a wicked party the next day and smoke week and get drunk and that she has had two lesbian girlfriends.

I thought it was a pretty cool trip just wierd hearing all that shit out of 14 years old girls mouth.


Sunday, April 21, 2013

Collision Involving a Taxi

This incident occurred around 3:00am. I claim to have zero factual information about this accident.

I do know that it occurred at approximately 3rd Avenue South and 12 Street South.

If I had to guess this taxi was travelling West bound on 3rd Avenue and I speculate a vehicle driving Southbound on 12 Street failed to yield a stop sign coming from "bar alley" and collided with the taxi.

It appears as though the taxi suffered heavy damage to the front passenger side of the vehicle as well as minor rear passenger side damage.

No other damaged vehicle was present on the scene which leads me to presume that this may have been a hit and run.

The taxi driver seemed to be ok, if that was him I witnessed helping the police and tow truck operator.

Thursday, March 28, 2013


I witnessed a taxi picking up a fare the other day and the taxi just said "creepy" on the side of the vehicle in pink lettering. The vehicle also has a slogan that reads... "The worst service for the same price"

Kind of wondering what their motivation is and what sort of objective they may have.

Has anyone reading this ridden in or seen this taxi?


It has been ages since I have kicked someone out of my cab for any reason what so ever but this bitch got under my skin real good and I was ever so nice about it. I need to grow some balls and start burying these bitches in random ditches, just kidding of course but I am still irate and cant stop thinking about her attitude for the last three days, so here goes I hope this helps me forget about this fat ass cunt. 

I have developed a very high level of tolerance for drunken behavior and I let a lot of things slide so long as when I am upset with something that a passenger has done and I clearly let them know I am upset and they continue to disregard my request or statement or otherwise, that's when I get pissed off and things start to escalate.
Picked up this woman, I mean this fucking cunt whore bitch slob, and her friend at Sound Garden late on a Saturday night, Like 2:15am probably the hardest time to get a cab at the bars during bar rush. She says to her friend "I know this guy and I never even fucked him".
Although I had never driven her anywhere before we did know each other because she is a waitress at a local pizza place.
I was informed that the fat ass cunt whore slob was heading West after we dropped her friend off on the North side with a stop at Mcdicks in your mouth. So I start driving to Mcdicks and this woman fucking just started telling me off and arguing with me and I could hardly get a word in, whatever... as I said earlier I have I high level of tolerance and she was clearly intoxicated.
I arrive with this fucking cunt whore that probably likes ten cocks in her ass at once and her decent friend at the North Mcdicks in your mouth and they ordered 2 big mac meals up sized, one with coke one with root beer. We were the only people in the drive thru.
So while the courteous staff at this fine Mcdicks in your mouth were preparing the gaping prolapsed cunt whores likely 14th sandwich of the day it was just taking way to long for them and the slob in the front said it was wrong for me to allow the meter to climb while waiting for their food.
She demanded I reset the meter to zero and basically not be paid for driving there and waiting for their shit. So they get their food in a reasonable amount of time while bitching the whole time about the wait.
I drive to the north address and the woman in the back that was relatively quiet and respectable gave the fat ass whore in the front seat ten bucks for her share and the meter was at 19.95. 

The gaping fat ass whore in the front seat that looked like she was ready to birth quadruplets decided that I needed to reset the meter and that I needed to take her to the West side for free because her friend gave her ten dollars. Oh my fucking shit fuck. I said she still owed me ten dollars thus far and it would likely be another 15 dollars or more to go to the west side.
This cunt was all upset with me the entire time saying "wow you took the longest possible way to get here", her friend in the back piped up "this is the quickest way actually". So i am doubting I am going to get paid to go West from North, I ask for the money up front to go to the West side (the 10 still owed and 15 to go west so 25 dollars), she says the ten is good and to just get her home, I said fuck no you need to pay me now or I am not going to drive you West. She pulled out the money but would not put it in my hand for whatever reason, meanwhile saying I need to go to her friends house tomorrow to get paid that I just stopped at and was told to go fuck myself.
I asked her to get the fuck out and she would not, I started reversing to go knock on her friends door to inform her that I was about to kick her friend out of my cab. I was frustrated and stressed as fuck and backed into a parked car hard enough that a neighbor came out. There was no damage and i gave the guy my business card and whoever I hit called to ask yesterday which vehicle I hit cause she couldn't tell.
Anyways... I knock on her friends door and she comes out bitching "you woke up my whole family" (i didn't knock very hard) I said "listen I am not taking your friend home she is not going to pay me, either I leave her here or I am calling the cops" and she told me to fuck off basically, awesome friend you have you fucking fat ass cunt whore.
I asked her to get out and she would not and she demanded I take her home to the West side for free basically. I asked her pay me the 25 dollars upfront and I would drive her home. She refused and I said I would just drop her off downtown. I was actually kinda scared of this super drunk woman that had at least 250 to 300 pounds on me.
So I figure lets not cause a scene on some quiet road and started driving down Stafford, she must have thought she had gotten the better of me and was on the phone with her pimp for all I know. Instead of heading West I turned on first ave and headed towards Sound Garden (where I picked her up), she started saying how I am going the wrong way and I told her that I explained numerous times that we were done, I informed her if she had a problem I would phone the police.
My reasoning basically for taking her back to the Sound Garden to eject her was that I would not be alone with her (there would be witnesses) I would have help removing her 350 pound ass from someone that wanted a ride and just reduced liability and what not.

I pulled up to Sound Garden in full argument with this slutty cunt fucking whore. I put it in park, got out and some guy said "are you available?". I said yes and opened the passenger door and said "this girl has to go".
She got out on her own accord. She left her "help me put on a few more rolls " Mickdicks in my mouth food in the front seat.
I tossed her diet coke which splattered in front of Sound Garden the tossed her food, meanwhile 911 emergency is calling me back, it didn't get to that point put I did threaten to call the police I didn't realize I had actually dialed so my next two fares I was on the phone with the police, my bad there but fuck you. You are now known to me the biggest drunkest cunt whore I have ever met.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Video of a Woman Puking In Taxi

About an hour ago I picked up three young women standing on the street near Pulse Nightclub. They asked if I would take them to McDonald's and I said sure. The got in and said they were going to the West side after McDonald's.

So on the way the woman in the front seat is saying how she is going to puke soon if she doesn't get her McDonald's. She didn't seem that bad and its not like I immediately pulled over expecting her to puke.

We get to Mcdicks in your mouth and they order their food and I pull up to the window and they pay for their crap and we were waiting when she started saying again how much she wanted to puke or whatever.

So I encouraged her, I said why don't you just puke and get it over with or something like that. She said she was going to try to puke out the door while in the drive thru. I told her to go for it and asked if I could film her trying, she said yes. So she opens the door and I bust out the video camera while she is leaning out the door and it was a tough angle for me but I got the shot.

She also said she might not be able to puke because it is hard for her to puke so I gave her my pen and told her to put it down her throat to help her puke.

She accepted my advice, grabbed the pen, and put it down her throat and eventually puked with my encouragement.

It was interesting and I showed them the video and they asked me to upload it so here it is.... Video of some random woman putting a pen down her throat to induce vomiting in a McDonald's drive thru.


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Real "Classy"

The owner of a taxi business allegedly decided to pay a 13 year old girl $40 for a blow job.

I wonder how many 8 years old girls and 10 year olds are under 61 year old Robert John Gerard's belt. Ever have him drive your children home? I wonder if he sexually assaulted your 6 year old daughter. I will not be sending my children home with such an unclassy taxi, unless they have been bad lately and need some real punishment.

Wear a Seatbelt

I picked up this girl and her friends from a random bar and we were well along our way when all of a sudden 4 or 5 deer ran in front of me. I hit the brakes hard to avoid an imminent collision with the herd. The woman in the front seat was drunk and not wearing a seat belt. Her body propelled forward and her face slammed hard into the dash and was forced into my gear shifter, leaving me in park after stopping.

I was surprised she didn't break her nose and or neck. All i said was "aren't you wearing your seat belt?"

Not many people wear their seat belts when I drive them home, every passenger should because you just never know what could happen, really surprised she did not suffer a more serious injury, same goes for everyone else in the car I just did not see them react in the back seat.

By getting into a taxi may not always be as safe it seems anymore in Lethbridge.


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