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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Guy Climbs out the Window to Ride Roof on the Highway

So a while back I picked up a couple guys from the Casino. The seemed to be having a good time.

Conversation ended up sounding like this:

Guy in back: Hey can you run this red light?
Me: No.
Guy: Do you know where we can get some coke?
Me: No.
Guy: Can we still get liquor?
Me: No off sale is closed.

So by now I am driving back to town and on the highway going roughly 90 kilometers an hour, my answer to their questions seemed to be no, no and no.

Guy in the back: Hey can I ride on your roof?
Me: Sure why not (not thinking he was actually serious).

Sure enough he opens the window and climbs onto the roof of my taxi at 90 kilometers an hour. He must have been hanging onto the top sign because I could see his face through the front windshield. What an idiot. I let off the gas and started to slow down (didn't want to hit the brakes and watch him go flying).

He got back in and let out a "whooooohooooo".


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