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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Saturday Night

Tonight started off fairly slow but from 11:00pm to 4:00am I was very busy. The following is a random recollection of my night.

I picked up this Italian Gangster type guy from a gambling hall. I went into the hall to get some desperately needed change and the barmaid said she was happy he was finally leaving and wished me luck.

He was wearing a nice black hat with a feather in it. He had tattoos and he fit the profile of an Italian Gangster. Chances are that he probably was not a gangster. I asked him where he was going and he said "down the street". I asked where down the street. In his thick accent he again says "down the street". So I drive him down the street and he says "do you know who I am" in a tone that I and everybody else should know who he is. I have never seen him before and said exactly that.

We arrive at his apartment and he says he needs to run in. In his front window was a large Italian Flag prominently displayed. I was looking around while we were at his place and he actually lived across the street from the Italian Hall. He comes back in and tells me to drive. No address, no directions, just drive. He had a wad of bills so who was I to complain about not having an address. He finally says where he wants to go and he changed his mind right away. He asked me to pull over so I did. He got mad that I pulled over too soon. So I went forward and around the side of the building and some how was directed into the alley behind the Coalbanks. I do not like going into the alley behind the coalbanks during the day, never mind at night with some Italian Gangster wannabe. I should not say wannabe because he did fit the profile that I have gathered from Films about what a mobster should look and act like.

So we drove down the alley twice and he directs me back to the place where I picked him up from. After all that his fare was only $6.40. He gave me $40 and asked for $5 back. I gave him $5 and he went back to the place where I picked him up. I bet that bartender was pissed right off that he was back. She was so happy to get rid of him the first time. This guy had me a little worried during the trip and he ended up leaving me with a $28.60 tip, whether he knew it or not.


I flagged a trip from a bar tonight and they were not going far. The fare was $5.20 when we got to a late night diner. The man in the front seat was planning on paying for it and got out of the car to look through his pants. In the meantime a woman in the back seat gives me $7 and tells me to keep the change. I thank her and she and her friend got out. The guy then picks up $20 he dropped on the ground. He threw the $20 in the cab and closed the door. Well THANK YOU VERY MUCH. $21.80 tip on a $5.20 fare. Sometimes I just love drunk people.


I was informed tonight that the police were looking for an injured person around such and such address. Of course I am curious and had a little time to head over there. It turned out it was a major collision and a possible rollover. Two moving vehicles were involved and no doubt a couple of parked cars. When I pulled close to the scene the police were driving through an empty field looking for one of the drivers that took off from the scene. Likely the driver that fled was drunk.

Speaking of drunk drivers I picked up two people tonight that had gotten 24 hour suspensions. The first lady was a mother of two and was completely pissed off. The other guy said he blew a 1.07 and because he was friendly and made the officers laugh they had let him off with a 24 hour suspension rather than a DUI. This guy was very happy the cops had not busted him with DUI, even thought he blew over. I picked him up from the Police Station.

I have to ask myself this question... is the allowable blood alcohol content in a person operating a motor vehicle .08 or is it 1.08. I can not believe this guy got off. He told me he blew over three times and they let him go home with a 24 hour! I wonder if the person who had caused the major accident I mentioned earlier had blew a 1.07 if he would have gotten off. Probably not. I was happy to see a couple check stops out tonight. It definitely brings in more business. I think the police should have more random check stops than they do.


I had a call to a tattoo parlour tonight that I passed on because the last couple times I picked up there the lady was seeing people who were not there. No thanks! Next trip please.

I noticed tonight that there were lots of new students in town. I am attending XXXXXX as well and I am definitely looking forward to someone puking in my car or doing something completely stupid and me sitting beside them in class and saying "remember me" and "what the fuck were you thinking", etc. LOL. I hope somehow I get a kick out of this gig.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Crack Whores Bastard Children in Action

Maybe the title of this post is a little off.

So I pick up this XXXXXX guy from the XXXXXX bar. That's right, the dreaded XXXXXX bar. He informs me he is going to a certain address that I am familiar with and have taken the owner (renter) there on multiple occasions. The guy that lives in this place is a SEVERE alcoholic and the guy I was driving seemed sober. I have never had problems there and if this guy was his friend I trusted the fare would be paid. I hate asking for money upfront because it makes the situation tense and the ride uncomfortable.

By asking for money upfront you are pretty much saying that you do not trust the person at all.
I will post more about asking for money up front some other time. I do hate getting ripped off.

He was limping when I picked him up and I asked him why eventually, when he said he was walking down 13th st N, around 23 ave N, when someone pushed him to the ground from behind and he was beaten by several people. "Wow" I thought, and asked "Do you know who attacked you?" He proceeded to tell me how he was defending himself and trying to protect his face when a knife was pulled. He said he tried to kick the knife out of the persons hand as he lay on the ground but before he knew it he was stabbed in the leg.

He said the next thing he knew was that he was in the hospital. He later mentioned that it was the 504 gang that had attacked him. I have never heard of any sort of gangs here, never mind one called the 504. He said they were a group of XXXXXX teenagers, hence my quick judgement in the title.

He informed me the doctor said that he was lucky to be alive and that the knife could have easily cut through the main artery in his leg.

So anyway I should have asked for money upfront from this guy because he never paid me. We went to an ATM machine which said his card was invalid. GREAT. I am now the proud owner of this guys wallet and contents, which of course are completely worthless to me.

I have recently bought a digital camera and have no problem posting his face in shame on my little blog if I do not receive payment.

Monday, August 25, 2008

I Can Run Faster Than You

I picked up 5 teenage XXXXXX girls from the movie theater. We stopped at a liquor store and only one of them was 18 so she bought the liquor. We proceed to a ghetto part of town and they never really told me the address. I figured there were five of them and someone was going to pay me.

We arrive in front of a bunch of four and six-plexes and as they are getting out of the car one of the girls says "my mom is going to pay for the ride". Then all five girls take off running. Without hesitation I pursued and chased them around a few buildings and caught up to one of the girls.

I grabbed her arm and then wrapped her purse around my wrist. I told her to stop running and she complied. Dispatch phoned me on my cell and asked what was going on. I requested the police to come. I was a little lucky and caught the only one that was actually 18 and could be charged. I led her back to the cab, put her purse in the trunk, and told her to sit in the back of the cab. I sat in the front and waited for the police to arrive.

While waiting for police she gave me a sob story about how she didn't know her friends were going to do that and she was sorry. She was crying when the police officer arrived. I did feel bad for her because I felt she was telling the truth. With the cab company I work for I have to pay for 52 percent of the fare on the meter whether I actually get paid or not. So it is a huge loss not to receive payment.

I told the officer my story and showed him the price on my meter. He asked her a couple questions and proceeded to take her to every door at the six-plex in an attempt to collect my money. He eventually came back from the side of the building and told me a good Samaritan had decided to lend her the money for the cab fare.

I thought about it later that it was after 12:15am and maybe it was the police officer who lent her the money because I doubt that anyone in those apartments would have. I am pretty sure that the girls did not even live at that building.

Some friends you have/had.

Trailer Park Trash

I picked up a man and woman from a trailer park and the guy was bragging to me about how nice his 1980 something jaguar was. I thought it was a piece of shit but never said it. He informed me they were going down to the XXXXXX. The XXXXXX happens to be, in my opinion, the worst scum bar hotel in town.

During the ride the guy is complaining about how expensive the ride is and asks his girlfriend/wife "how many tricks ya gotta pull to pay for this". I really could not tell if he was joking or was serious.

While on a stop for him to get a pack of cigarettes the woman tells me "you know that he goes around the park and pisses on other peoples lawns to mark his territory". I have heard a lot of wierd things but that one is up there. He pisses of other peoples lawns to mark his territory? Wow. She was so serious when she said it that I have no doubt there was some truth to the story.

When we get to the shady bar he throws a $20 at me and barks about how expensive the ride was. At least he didn't mark his territory in or on the cab.

Cab driver takes a rider to the police station after rider refuses to pay fare. Funny!

Having been ripped off by customers myself I just love this story.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Manipulating Crack Whore Bitch Part 2

I got a call to a hotel and guess who happens to be the fare. This same lady got in and started giving me the same sob story that had once convinced me to help her out.

I explained that I was not impressed about the last time and said if she didn't have any money she was not going anywhere with me.

It was 4:00 in the morning. What the hell are you doing trying to find a way home/somewhere else at that time of night. She said she had no money but wanted me to pull around the side of the building. I said I didn't think so and she got out. So what if I had pulled around the building, out of view of the lobby attendant? Maybe she would have said I had sexually assaulted her or what not... No thanks. No money=no ride.

I must say that I am a little pissed off because I know these Crack whores are fucking and sucking cock for money and they do not want to pay because they need the money for more crack. Go FUCK YOURSELVES.

As a side note I am apprehensive about asking for money up front. For the most part it makes the trip uncomfortable for both the passenger and I. I sometimes ask for money upfront when; I have been ripped off from the house/apartment where I am picking up from, when I pick up a lone person from a business such as a gas station and they do not know the exact address and it is a far trip, the fare is very fucked up and does not really know what is happening, or in general a bad area of town. It is at my discretion to assume that I may not get paid, so I must have be alert to possible fraudulent customers.

If you are not aware I must pay for all of my trips whether they pay me of not so it is in my best interest to identify a problem fare. It really is a tough call sometimes whether I should ask for money upfront.

Here is the original post about this crack whore who has no money...

Friday, August 22, 2008

Call From The Cops

I had a call from constable blah blah blah tonight and he told me I was a very hard guy to get ahold of. When I answered my phone I thought it was someone else on the other line. Perhaps that is why he got a hold of me.

Mr. Officer, I do have voicemail and any random person, including you, are welcome to leave a message and I will try to get back to you.

This kind police officer was telling me that they had caught the guy that had been drinking and driving from the XXXXXX Pub. I had called the police and informed them of the situation and almost twenty days later he gets ahold of me and tells me that he needs my statement. I agreed tonight to come down to the police station tomorrow and give a statement.

I was happy to hear that the Police had caught the guy and are charging him with a DUI.

Here was my original post.....

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

"Don't call the Feds"
Last night I picked up this guy from a local pub. He asks me "how much to such and such out of town. I tell him approximately and he doesn't want to do it. He puts $20 in my hand and tells me to back around the corner of the building. I am a little weary at this point because I am not sure what the fuck is going to happen. I decide to back around the side of the building. I ended up giving him $10 dollars back as he had requested. I had no problem with that. I drove 3 meters from where I picked him up for $10 bucks. Hell ya. At some point I realize that I am just a ploy for him to get picked up in a cab and drive him to the side of the building so he can get in his own car and drive home. This man was clearly intoxicated and told me "don't call the feds ok" as he started his engine and proceeded to leave. I ended up phoning 911 and gave them his liscence plate number, description, and where he told me he was going. Can you be more fucking stupid?

I have enought hazards to worry about besides drunk drivers and you think I am going to watch you drive off completely wasted and kill one of my coleagues or an innocent driver/family?NO!..

I hope they caught your ass you retard. The thing that troubles me most is that you had the money for the cab ride, you were in the cab, and you still decided to drive yourself.

In addition........

(...................I hope that my statement today provides some insight into what occured that night. In Alberta I believe that once you are convicted of a DUI you are prohibited from driving for one year and after that year you must install a mechanism that you blow into to allow your car to start and you must blow on a regular basis for your car to keep going........................).

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Attempted Suicide

I was saddened to hear today that one of our regular customers had put a knife to his own neck in an unsuccessful attempt to kill himself.

He seemed like such a decent guy and I can only wonder why he decided he would do that. He is currently in the Psych Ward for 30 days.

Shopping Carts

At around 6:30 pm I passed a guy on the road who was pulling 5 shopping carts with a rope. All of the shopping carts were tied together and full of junk. I do not know where he was going but pulling 5 full shopping carts with a rope. That must have been a challenge.

I wish I had a picture.

I remember on another occasion a XXXXXX man was leaning on an empty shopping cart. Normally that would not be so unusual if he was actually going shopping. Being no where near any mall and the way he was struggling to walk it was quite clear this man was using the shopping cart as a walker to keep him upright. Kind of sad if he actually needs a walker but I just assumed he was completely wasted drunk and needed the cart to stumble around with.

On another occasion I remember a XXXXXX guy pushing a shopping cart far from any mall. He had been shopping and had two small bags in the cart. For fuck sakes man, stop being so fucking lazy and carry your two grocery bags home.

Young and Old XXXXXX Female Smokers

I picked up these two kids earlier today and on the way to the car the one girl picks up a cigarette butt and puts it in her pocket. I thought that was very strange considering she was maybe 9 or 10.

Later in the night...

I picked up this man and woman and they wanted to go to a trailer park outside of town. The male had probably $1300 cash in $100 bills. They wanted to stop and get cigarettes. While the male went into the store for the smokes the female proceeded to look through the ashtrays on top of the garbage cans at the XXXXXX convenience store to see if there were any good butts worth taking. It looked like she found a couple.

They also wanted to stop at a liquor store and there was only one off sale place open. They walked in and came back out quickly. I asked them what happened and they said they were banned from there. They insisted on going to the liquor stores that I had told them were closed, which they were. I took the drunk trailer park trash home and was happy to get on with the night.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

$61 Cab Fare

My last call of the night was to the College. I arrive and the people are waiting and get in the car. The time is approximately 4:45AM

The deaf/hard of hearing woman, who was fairly attractive, informed me that they were going West and gave me the address. We get to the address and the lady goes inside and a couple minutes later comes outside and walks around the side of the house. Almost immediately after leaving the house a parent type figure appeared on the doorstep for about three seconds, looked around, then went back inside. I am not sure what happened there.

The young woman comes back from wherever she was and tells me they need to go downtown. On our way downtown her friend in the back seat was telling me jokes and I felt relaxed about the trip. The friends boyfriend in the back seat was chilling and the ride seemed OK.

We arive downtown and the hard of hearing woman pulls out around $300 from the bank machine. The meter was at around $45 at this point. She gave me $60 and the woman in the back seat asked if she could use my phone. I agreed and the women tells whoever she was talking to on the phone that she had lots of money and it was in his/her best interest to meet with them.

They decide on a meeting place and I drove there. During the ride to meet this person and probably long before I knew this was some kind of a drug deal. I mean it is 5 in the morning and these people are going all over the place. The deal takes place and they make another stop to buy smokes. I somehow asked what it was they were purchasing. The deal maker in the back seat answered sarcastically "some blue, some green, some yellow". I remember her eventually mentioning crack.

Other than the deal maker they really did not seem like the classic crackheads so I am not really sure what they bought. I am sure that whatever they bought cost them $200.

I cut the meter a little early because it was my longest trip of the night and I was having fun with them. I took them back to the College and they left me with $70 as well as a condom and some lube.

Just another one of those strange trips. I felt kinda bad for the hard of hearing woman only because I believe that the other two were taking advantage of her cash situation in buying the drugs and paying for the ride. I would honestly like to meet this deaf person sometime. I wonder if she would remember me? What does she do and why was she with these two other people? Most likely these questions will never be answered.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Full Moon, Flashbacks, or What?

I picked up this older hippy woman from a tattoo parlor in the early morning hours and she did not know where she wanted to go. She kept asking me where I thought she should go. I recommended a couple of places and she declined and told me to head North.

I start driving and this woman starts telling me to watch out for the people lying on the road. I was aware of my surroundings and there were no people around. She says "You almost ran over his head". At this point I realize this women is not well in the head. At one point during the ride there was a noise in the trunk, which happened to be my six pack of beer bouncing around. She was freaking out that there was someone in the trunk and mentioned the movie "I know what you did last Summer".

Later in the trip I was passing these pedestrians in a parking lot going approximately 5km/hr when she screamed and said that I had almost killed them.

I could not put my finger on why she was freaking out but it was genuinely entertaining. When we got to the bar she settled on she looked at me and brushed back her hair and pushed out her chest, smiled, and so on. It was obvious she was flirting with me and maybe that sort of thing works on the older drivers but I was no where near this ladies age, being only XXXXXX and the youngest cab driver working for our company I was not interested.

Soft Core Porn Shoot?

I pulled up the XXXXXX Pizza Downtown tonight at around 2:30am. There was a nice red RX-8 and a pimped out SUV in the parking lot. I am looking for my fare when I notice flashes. I look over and this woman has her skirt pulled up with her legs spread open and she was pulling at her panties and posing in a revealing way. The flashes were from the other girl taking multiple pictures.

I really do not know what exactly was happening and there was a cop right there watching as well. There was no nudity that I saw.

This was one time I was a little pissed off my fare had entered the car and wanted to leave. All I wanted to do was stay and watch the show.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Another Crack Whore

I arrive at a house in town and this crack whore stumbles out and into the cab. She was wearing men's clothing and had huge Micheal Jordan basketball sneakers on. She stutters out the address where she wants to go. I know the address is a crack house and asked if she had money to pay for the ride.

She said she did and blah blah blah... I asked to see the money and she says "My brother got a bank card, he got a bank card you know". I said "I don't give a shit if your brother has a bank card and if you don't have money for the ride you can get the fuck out right now".

She did not want to get out and I was not taking this crack whore across town for free so she could go to a crack house. I got out of the car and walked around to the passenger side where she was sitting. I opened the door and said "I don't think you heard me, get the fuck out."

She got out and asked me to wait while she went inside. I was not going to wait for her pimp or john or whatever you call them to come out and cause me more trouble so I drove off. If I trusted every crack whore that somewhere has a brother with a bank card I would be broke.

All I have is a hundred...

I hate when people go three blocks and their fare is less than $5 and they ask me if I have change for $100. When I say no they either get pissed off or pull out a smaller bill.

To all you "players" out there with a $100 bill:

1. Your fare better be over $50
2. You should tell me that is all you have so you can stop and get change somewhere
3. I am not a bank
4. Go fuck yourselves unless you satisfy number 1 or make prior arrangements with me

Friday, August 15, 2008

24 Hour Liquor Store

I went to a call tonight at an intersection near a couple of bars. I pick up a XXXXXX guy and a XXXXXX guy. The XXXXXX guy tells me to go to a certain liquor store and that they were going somewhere else after.

I informed them the liquor store was closed and that they could not get liquor anywhere tonight. The XXXXXX guy informs me that he is the owner of the liquor store and it was no problem. I was quite surprised to hear that.

Upon arriving at the liquor store he promptly pulled out his key and opened the store. Within ten seconds he was back in the cab with a 26 of rye.

We ended up making another stop so the XXXXXX guy could buy the XXXXXX guy cigarettes. I thought the pair were an unlikely match and asked the XXXXXX guy how they knew each other. He responded by saying he was behind a local bar "looking for roaches" when they met. He said it was one of the luckiest days of his life and that he had to do anything he could to become friends with the XXXXXX guy. He said that he had hit the jackpot.

I wonder what intentions the XXXXXX guy had with the XXXXXX guy. Most likely a drinking buddy, perhaps a gay sex slave. I will never know. They ended up going to the XXXXXX guys place. Probably got wasted off the rye and who knows....

UPDATE: August 29/08

I picked up this guy from the industrial area of town and he wants to go to his liquor store. That liquor store just happens to be the same liquor store the young white man had told me was his store. It turns out that the guy who said he owned the store the first time was the actually owners son.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Eating Out

I was entertained today after hearing that one of our day drivers was caught by police "eating out" some woman in the cab.

I intend to find out more details.

Crack Head Wishlist : 1. Crack 2. Crack 3. Crack

Crackheads are fucked up. It has become very entertaining to watch a crackhead get into the cab and tell me where they think they want to go. Most often they are blabbling to themselves about random shit and I believe that half the time they do not even understand what is happening around them. Other than getting more crack there is not much else on their minds.

I have tried to put myself into the crackheads shoes in an attempt at understanding the fucked up nature of this scum. If I had lost a million dollars and needed to find it fast where would I go? Back to the last place I was at, that is where. In the case of a crack head the last place they were at was a crackhouse or in an alley smoking crack. Off to the crackhouse we go because in the alley all the crack has been smoked.

In my city there are far more crackhouses than the average person would believe. I have been on many crack runs and all I see outside of the residences that I go to is a huge flashing neon sign that says "buy crack here" or "please come again, enjoy the crack you just bought".

This is my opinion of how a crackwhore thinks.... Gotta suck some cock, gotta get fucked in the ass, gotta get that hit, gotta get that hit, gotta get that hit, do what it takes, suck him off, and him, and him... Got $20 buckes in my hand, gotta get to my dealer and smoke some crack, crack crack crack crack crack. I love crack.

I love crack so much my pregnant bitch ass is going to smoke the shit until either I, or the baby dies, or both.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Customer Service - Above and Beyond

I flagged a woman from the XXXXXX Bus Depot tonight. While unloading her luggage she could not find the key she thought she had hidden outside of the door. I brought her luggage to the side of the house where she was and we could not find the key anywhere.

There was no key and somehow I volunteered to try to break into her house. I tried removing the glass from a window pane and failed. I tried prying open the kitchen window with a quarter and failed. The kitchen window idea may have worked if I had a screwdriver or other "break-in" tools. I do not have such tools.

She said she was living in the basement suite when she found an open window to the main floor suite. After some questioning from me about what was in the top floor it became apparent it was empty.

I found a chair and managed to climb up the side of the house and through a small window into a bathroom on the main floor. I made my way to the closest door and let her in.

I thought about it later that my footprints were now on the bathroom counter top and floors throughout the house and my fingerprints were all around the window and door seal. I had a good reason and if her landlord even notices I am sure I have a decent cause/defense. (Nothing taken/nothing broken).

As least she got home safely.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


I have to laugh when I pick up crackheads at 2:30 or 3:00 in the morning and they tell me they need to go to a certain crack house and come back to where I picked them up. They do not tell me it is a crack house but I know.

The thing that cracks me up the most, no pun intended, is that these crack whores tell me things like; "I have to go and give my daughter some money", "I forgot such and such at this place", "I need to get medication for my daughter". The list goes on and on but I know for certain these crack whores are going to get crack.

The other day this bitch, I mean crack whore, actually shows me the crack that she bought and says "does this look like $40 worth to you"? Having actually never seen a baggie of crack in my life I said "I don't know and that sucks" referring to her getting ripped off, I assume.

I was quite surprised that this crack whore trusted me enough to show me the drugs that she had just bought and was complaining about how she got ripped off, she later realized that the splotch of crack was thicker than usual and made up for the smaller diameter.

I did see the drug and was amazed that people actually pay $40 for such a small amount of substance. I mean this $40 that she had probably fucked or sucked 1-4 guys for bought approximately the size of a small fingernail of crack cocaine.

"Don't call the Feds"

Last night I picked up this guy from a local pub. He asks me "how much to such and such out of town. I tell him approximately and he doesn't want to do it. He puts $20 in my hand and tells me to back around the corner of the building. I am a little weary at this point because I am not sure what the fuck is going to happen.

I decide to back around the side of the building. I ended up giving him $10 dollars back as he had requested. I had no problem with that. I drove 3 meters from where I picked him up for $10 bucks. Hell ya. At some point I realize that I am just a ploy for him to get picked up in a cab and drive him to the side of the building so he can get in his own car and drive home.

This man was clearly intoxicated and told me "don't call the feds OK" as he started his engine and proceeded to leave.

I ended up phoning 911 and gave them his licence plate number, description, and where he told me he was going. Can you be more fucking stupid? I have enough hazards to worry about besides drunk drivers and you think I am going to watch to drive off completely wasted and kill one of my colleagues or an innocent driver/family?

NO!.. I hope they caught your ass you retard. The thing that troubles me most is that you had the money for the cab ride, you were in the cab, and you still decided to drive yourself.

No Hookers for you Fucker

I picked up guy yesterday and he seemed a little fucked up. My initial instincts were that he was a crackhead. Little did I know that he was a fucked up loser that ripped me off $24.00! Did I just say "fucked up loser", well I guess I summed that up when I said "crack head".

So we were on our way to the West side from the South side and he says he wants to go downtown to check out the street. I know instantly that he is looking for a hooker and tell him there are lots of girls working tonight (There are lots of girls working every night).

I stop on the middle of the street while he tries to solicit a known prostitute. He says to this crack whore in his fucked up voice "hey baby, want to come back to my parents place and party, we can drink and get fucked up, but I can not pay you until tomorrow, " blah blah blah. As soon as the crack whore realizes he has no money she walks away. My first instinct was to ask him if he could pay for his ride because he had no money for the crack whore. He said he had a credit card and blah blah blah so I proceeded to take this 43 year old man to his parents house.

So we get to the place, I park a few houses away because he did not want to alert his parents. I process his credit card... DECLINED. I process another credit card.... DECLINED.

I am now the proud owner of this losers credit card and his ID. I will give this crack head two days to come up with my money or either I will go to the police or go to his parents house and ask that they pay for their crack whore soliciting crack addict son's cab fare. Now that I think of it two days if too long. He lied to me and I am going there before I go to work today. It should be interesting. I honestly can not wait to see the people that raised this crack head loser. I hope they are home.

You fucking asshole. It is now my obligation to completely try to embarrass you and collect my money. I will be posting his complete name and address if I do not receive payment within an acceptable amount of time, which is now eight hours too late.


UPDATE: I did go back to his parents place and informed his father that his son owed me for a cab fare which he paid no problem. I never mentioned anything about the ride, except he did not pay. However fucked up he was, his father seemed completely normal.


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