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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

No Hookers for you Fucker

I picked up guy yesterday and he seemed a little fucked up. My initial instincts were that he was a crackhead. Little did I know that he was a fucked up loser that ripped me off $24.00! Did I just say "fucked up loser", well I guess I summed that up when I said "crack head".

So we were on our way to the West side from the South side and he says he wants to go downtown to check out the street. I know instantly that he is looking for a hooker and tell him there are lots of girls working tonight (There are lots of girls working every night).

I stop on the middle of the street while he tries to solicit a known prostitute. He says to this crack whore in his fucked up voice "hey baby, want to come back to my parents place and party, we can drink and get fucked up, but I can not pay you until tomorrow, " blah blah blah. As soon as the crack whore realizes he has no money she walks away. My first instinct was to ask him if he could pay for his ride because he had no money for the crack whore. He said he had a credit card and blah blah blah so I proceeded to take this 43 year old man to his parents house.

So we get to the place, I park a few houses away because he did not want to alert his parents. I process his credit card... DECLINED. I process another credit card.... DECLINED.

I am now the proud owner of this losers credit card and his ID. I will give this crack head two days to come up with my money or either I will go to the police or go to his parents house and ask that they pay for their crack whore soliciting crack addict son's cab fare. Now that I think of it two days if too long. He lied to me and I am going there before I go to work today. It should be interesting. I honestly can not wait to see the people that raised this crack head loser. I hope they are home.

You fucking asshole. It is now my obligation to completely try to embarrass you and collect my money. I will be posting his complete name and address if I do not receive payment within an acceptable amount of time, which is now eight hours too late.


UPDATE: I did go back to his parents place and informed his father that his son owed me for a cab fare which he paid no problem. I never mentioned anything about the ride, except he did not pay. However fucked up he was, his father seemed completely normal.

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