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Monday, August 25, 2008

Trailer Park Trash

I picked up a man and woman from a trailer park and the guy was bragging to me about how nice his 1980 something jaguar was. I thought it was a piece of shit but never said it. He informed me they were going down to the XXXXXX. The XXXXXX happens to be, in my opinion, the worst scum bar hotel in town.

During the ride the guy is complaining about how expensive the ride is and asks his girlfriend/wife "how many tricks ya gotta pull to pay for this". I really could not tell if he was joking or was serious.

While on a stop for him to get a pack of cigarettes the woman tells me "you know that he goes around the park and pisses on other peoples lawns to mark his territory". I have heard a lot of wierd things but that one is up there. He pisses of other peoples lawns to mark his territory? Wow. She was so serious when she said it that I have no doubt there was some truth to the story.

When we get to the shady bar he throws a $20 at me and barks about how expensive the ride was. At least he didn't mark his territory in or on the cab.

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