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Friday, August 15, 2008

24 Hour Liquor Store

I went to a call tonight at an intersection near a couple of bars. I pick up a XXXXXX guy and a XXXXXX guy. The XXXXXX guy tells me to go to a certain liquor store and that they were going somewhere else after.

I informed them the liquor store was closed and that they could not get liquor anywhere tonight. The XXXXXX guy informs me that he is the owner of the liquor store and it was no problem. I was quite surprised to hear that.

Upon arriving at the liquor store he promptly pulled out his key and opened the store. Within ten seconds he was back in the cab with a 26 of rye.

We ended up making another stop so the XXXXXX guy could buy the XXXXXX guy cigarettes. I thought the pair were an unlikely match and asked the XXXXXX guy how they knew each other. He responded by saying he was behind a local bar "looking for roaches" when they met. He said it was one of the luckiest days of his life and that he had to do anything he could to become friends with the XXXXXX guy. He said that he had hit the jackpot.

I wonder what intentions the XXXXXX guy had with the XXXXXX guy. Most likely a drinking buddy, perhaps a gay sex slave. I will never know. They ended up going to the XXXXXX guys place. Probably got wasted off the rye and who knows....

UPDATE: August 29/08

I picked up this guy from the industrial area of town and he wants to go to his liquor store. That liquor store just happens to be the same liquor store the young white man had told me was his store. It turns out that the guy who said he owned the store the first time was the actually owners son.

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