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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

"Don't call the Feds"

Last night I picked up this guy from a local pub. He asks me "how much to such and such out of town. I tell him approximately and he doesn't want to do it. He puts $20 in my hand and tells me to back around the corner of the building. I am a little weary at this point because I am not sure what the fuck is going to happen.

I decide to back around the side of the building. I ended up giving him $10 dollars back as he had requested. I had no problem with that. I drove 3 meters from where I picked him up for $10 bucks. Hell ya. At some point I realize that I am just a ploy for him to get picked up in a cab and drive him to the side of the building so he can get in his own car and drive home.

This man was clearly intoxicated and told me "don't call the feds OK" as he started his engine and proceeded to leave.

I ended up phoning 911 and gave them his licence plate number, description, and where he told me he was going. Can you be more fucking stupid? I have enough hazards to worry about besides drunk drivers and you think I am going to watch to drive off completely wasted and kill one of my colleagues or an innocent driver/family?

NO!.. I hope they caught your ass you retard. The thing that troubles me most is that you had the money for the cab ride, you were in the cab, and you still decided to drive yourself.

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