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Friday, August 29, 2008

Crack Whores Bastard Children in Action

Maybe the title of this post is a little off.

So I pick up this XXXXXX guy from the XXXXXX bar. That's right, the dreaded XXXXXX bar. He informs me he is going to a certain address that I am familiar with and have taken the owner (renter) there on multiple occasions. The guy that lives in this place is a SEVERE alcoholic and the guy I was driving seemed sober. I have never had problems there and if this guy was his friend I trusted the fare would be paid. I hate asking for money upfront because it makes the situation tense and the ride uncomfortable.

By asking for money upfront you are pretty much saying that you do not trust the person at all.
I will post more about asking for money up front some other time. I do hate getting ripped off.

He was limping when I picked him up and I asked him why eventually, when he said he was walking down 13th st N, around 23 ave N, when someone pushed him to the ground from behind and he was beaten by several people. "Wow" I thought, and asked "Do you know who attacked you?" He proceeded to tell me how he was defending himself and trying to protect his face when a knife was pulled. He said he tried to kick the knife out of the persons hand as he lay on the ground but before he knew it he was stabbed in the leg.

He said the next thing he knew was that he was in the hospital. He later mentioned that it was the 504 gang that had attacked him. I have never heard of any sort of gangs here, never mind one called the 504. He said they were a group of XXXXXX teenagers, hence my quick judgement in the title.

He informed me the doctor said that he was lucky to be alive and that the knife could have easily cut through the main artery in his leg.

So anyway I should have asked for money upfront from this guy because he never paid me. We went to an ATM machine which said his card was invalid. GREAT. I am now the proud owner of this guys wallet and contents, which of course are completely worthless to me.

I have recently bought a digital camera and have no problem posting his face in shame on my little blog if I do not receive payment.

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