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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Customer Service - Above and Beyond

I flagged a woman from the XXXXXX Bus Depot tonight. While unloading her luggage she could not find the key she thought she had hidden outside of the door. I brought her luggage to the side of the house where she was and we could not find the key anywhere.

There was no key and somehow I volunteered to try to break into her house. I tried removing the glass from a window pane and failed. I tried prying open the kitchen window with a quarter and failed. The kitchen window idea may have worked if I had a screwdriver or other "break-in" tools. I do not have such tools.

She said she was living in the basement suite when she found an open window to the main floor suite. After some questioning from me about what was in the top floor it became apparent it was empty.

I found a chair and managed to climb up the side of the house and through a small window into a bathroom on the main floor. I made my way to the closest door and let her in.

I thought about it later that my footprints were now on the bathroom counter top and floors throughout the house and my fingerprints were all around the window and door seal. I had a good reason and if her landlord even notices I am sure I have a decent cause/defense. (Nothing taken/nothing broken).

As least she got home safely.

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