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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Elderly Lady Robbed Downtown

I was driving my own vehicle downtown about a week ago when this old lady flagged me down in front of the XXXXXX bank on 5th street S.

She told me someone stole her purse and her car keys. I didn't have my phone on me (stupid me) and could not really help her. I asked what they looked like and she gave me a common description and the direction they went. I told her she could phone the police at the payphone across the street.

The direction the guy ran in was towards the alley behind the XXXXXX. I drove down the alley and there was a gang of XXXXXX outside the back door. I drove by slow and did not see a purse. I was not about to question them about it either. I probably would have been robbed and they would have stole my car.

The following is the itinerary for a XXXXXX criminal living in Lethbridge Alberta. Please note that this is not an itinerary for XXXXXX people, but XXXXXX criminals.

7:00am - Four day peyote trip wears off
7:01am - Sleep
7:02am - Wake up to police asking why I am sleeping in the park downtown and have pissed and shat myself
7:30am - Arive at the police station in the patty wagon with all my other buddies
10:00am - Given a hot breakfast and fresh clothes
12:00am - Released because of over crowding. (Welfare checks were issued the previous day and many are completely wasted drunk and rounded up and they need the room)
12:30am - Cash my welfare check
12:45am - Hit the XXXXXX Liquor store on 6th ave and 5th street, buy a Big Bear beer,
12:46am - Drink the Big Bear beer
12:47am - Back to Lethbridge Liquor for another Big Bear beer
1:00pm - Hit the XXXXXX to find some crack and maybe a hooker or two
1:01pm - Fuck a hooker while she hits the crack pipe (think: damn your good)
1:20pm - Back to the XXXXXX and get in a fight with four horns donky lover wolfchild
1:30pm - Buy another Big Bear beer at XXXXXX Liquor
2:00pm - Get weed from the drug dealer living at the XXXXXX
3:00pm - Steal something from a pawn shop
3:10pm - Pawn stolen goods at another pawn shop
3:15pm - Get transportation from the nearest Elementary School before class ends and steal some little kids bike
4:00pm - Cruise downtown and try to make a couple drug deals
4:01pm -Get a Big Bear beer from XXXXXX Liquor before drug deals
5:00pm - Pass out drunk behind XXXXXX Liquor store, or wherever is close by
10:00pm - Wake up
10:05pm - Get Big Bear beer from XXXXXX Liquor and head downtown
10:15pm - Notice someone riding the bike you stole fair and square from the elementary school and give chase
10:20pm - Give up on chase and puke out guts, (think: if I were at the police station or in jail I would get something to eat.)
10:30pm - Rob some poor old lady in her car in front of the bank
10:35pm - Empty contents of purse and discard anything not of value
10:40pm - Blend in at the XXXXXX as to not get caught as easily
1:30am - Get thrown out onto the street before closing time because I pissed my pants and smashed a Big Bear beer bottle on the floor
2:00am - Buy a lot more crack (think: when is the next welfare check coming)
3:00am - Cruise the neighborhood looking for easy scores
3:30am - Get stabbed behind the XXXXXX for asking and elder to suck my dick
7:00am - Wake up and think: all in a days work, I wonder what good deeds I shall do today.

I guess I got off topic about the old lady getting robbed. The police arived shortly after and I think the Lethbridge Herald said she was 83 years old. I felt bad but she should have had more common sence to know not to withdrawal money downtown at 11:00pm alone.

Taxi Spy Cam

So I have been doing a little investigating into whether or not I am legally allowed to put a video surveillance system (with audio) in a taxi to record events that transpire throughout the night. I have spoken with the Staff Sergeant on duty (through a third party) of the Lethbridge Police Service and was told that unless the company installs the camera I would be violating the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIP).

What does the company installing the camera have anything to do with it being legal or illegal? I am a contract driver and receive no paycheck or compensation from the taxi company. I pay the company to operate a vehicle. I have my own business licence and can claim expenses so why can I not choose for myself whether or not a recorded video surveillance system is appropriate?

I briefly spoke to three lawyers today and none of them would really provide me with a definite answer. They pretty much said they did not think it was a problem unless I distributed the content of the video (which I disclosed I was intending on doing). A certain lawyer referred me to the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Alberta where I was able to find more information on the FOIP act and more specifically the "Guidelines for Overt Video Surveillance in the Private Sector".

"Private sector privacy laws require that organizations’ need to conduct video surveillance must be balanced with the individuals’ right to privacy, which includes the right lead their lives free from scrutiny. Given its inherent intrusiveness, organizations should consider all less privacy-invasive means of achieving the same end before resorting to video surveillance. "

Commenting on the above it would be hard to lead a life free from scrutiny if someone at your office found a video of you picking up drugs and hookers in a taxi.

From my understanding of the guidelines it would be legal to install video surveillance in a taxi but the video must not record audio and must be properly destroyed soon after. Also people need to be informed that they are on camera.

This is all fine and dandy for security purposes but not for the purpose of distributing the content of the video (such as on this blog).

I think the only way I would be able to post videos of taxi rides would be to have oral or written consent from the passengers at the time of the recording. The Personal Information Protection Act states: 8(1) An individual may give his or her consent in writing or orally to the collection, use or disclosure of personal information about the individual.

I think it would be difficult to convince someone who has probably done something illegal or completely stupid to consent to the distribution of the recorded video. I would be scared to ask.

Consequences: From the Privacy Protection Act

"In addition, the act allows for fines of up to $10,000 for individuals who:
• willfully collect, use or disclose personal information in violation of the privacy protection part of the act,
• make a false statement to, or mislead the Commissioner, or his officers or any other person under the act,
• fail to comply with a commissioner's order, or"

In conclusion: Some laws are meant to be broken, maybe not this one.


CALLAGHAN GARRETT ROBERT CALLAGHAN, beloved companion of Mackenzie Becker, of Lethbridge, passed away suddenly on Friday, October 10, 2008 at the age of 21 years. A Celebration of Garrett's Life will be held at CORNERSTONE FUNERAL HOME, 2800 Mayor Magrath Drive South, Lethbridge, on Wednesday, October 15, 2008 at 11:00 A.M. Cremation.

This must have been the guy that was killed in the head on collision on highway #3. Apparently from rumours I have heard he was not intoxicated but somehow was driving on the wrong side of the highway when an oncoming vehicle struck his van. I believe he was the only one involved in the collision who died. Apparently two other people were airlifted to Calgary but survived. I also heard that children were involved but their child seats prevented them from injury.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Head on Collision

Apparently a 21 year old male was killed in a head on collision on the number 3 highway within city limits at approximately 11:30 Friday October 10th. Of course the Lethbridge Herald doesn't even run an article on it because they are run by Mormons and anything bad that happens in Lethbridge is not newsworthy.

$40 Blow Job

I picked up this guy from the XXXXXX Pub and he was intoxicated. He wanted to get a hooker. I asked over the air if any drivers had seen any girls working and where they might be. I was told by another driver to head downtown. So we get downtown and onto 5th street and stroll by the XXXXXX and the XXXXXX. You are pretty much guaranteed to find a hooker around there. I could not see any girls and asked over the air where the other driver was talking about seeing them. I could see him parked in front of the XXXXXX Bank and he told me to pull in behind him.

I pulled in behind him and out jumps this blond native women and she strolls over to talk to my customer. In the meantime three other girls are walking by and the one caught my customers attention. The conversation went pretty much like this.

Customer: Want to make some money?

Hooker: How much you got, eh?

Customer: I have $40.

Hooker: What do you want for $40?

Customer: I want the whole thing baby.

Hooker: You are not getting that for $40.

Customer: How about a blow job then?

Hooker: Sure (and she got in the cab).

In the meantime the first hooker starts bitching that he was her customer and that the other hooker stole him from her and she started freaking out about how the other cab driver told her to come talk to my customer and make some money and that she wasted her time. I am really wondering what the hooker was doing with the other cab driver downtown at 2:00am. The other cab driver claims to know what all the hookers nipples look like and comments on them often.

So I start driving and they want to do it in the back seat. That's the last thing I need is a cum shot on the back of my neck from some drunken idiot. I said no and took him to where he was staying. There was absolutely no conversation between the hooker and him and it was strictly business as usual I am sure.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Piece of Shit Ernie




Long story short I ended up lending this guy money out of my own pocket expecting to receive interest on the loan. I knew this guy for about three weeks and knew where his parents lived and I figured he was good for it. I was wrong.

I do not know for sure if he is a crack dealer and he probably is not a pedophile. He is no longer staying at the XXXXXX Inn. I needed some closure on the issue and was/am very pissed off. I went around town and posted about 40 of these posters around the XXXXXX Inn and at various major intersections around town. Not surprisingly, about 75 percent of the posters were removed within 48 hours, most notably around the XXXXXX Inn. I posted one on his parents garage as well.

The formatting and layout could not be reproduced on blogger - due to text boxes (I assume) so what you see is not quite how it looked.

Can you tell I was pissed off? It took me around 2 hours to find the right spots and put up my message. I finally have some closure.

In addition he actually only owes me $60, but that is besides the point. It is the principal of the matter.


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