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Sunday, March 29, 2015

I Guess He Was Sexy

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To the woman in sunridge Jesus Fucking Christ he was completely incapacitated to the point neither of us could understand his jibberish. Kimda kept saying "save me from "forcalfcoty"", over and over. The plan that I think he had well who the fuck knows was to make out with her. This guy was sexy not gonna lie a nice buff young man she fucking assaulted his ass that night I bet. He couldn't even speak clearly with me, I hope she gave him a rim job because it seemed clear to me she was after his body and not his mind. I believe they met that night.

What Would You Have Done? (Published Edit not with iPad)

I have been thinking about my actions on this one and I have been contemplating whether what I did was right or wrong.

This clearly distraught young woman got in my car at Hudsons Canadian Taphouse and her makeup was running from her crying eyes and she asked me to take her to the Lethbridge Lodge and as I started to pull away she said she could only pay me with her identification. I stopped not far from the bar to enquire and it became clear that she had lost her debit card and would be unable to pay me at least that night for the service.

Well this guy came up to my window and asked if I was free and I said "yes this woman doesn't have any money to pay me". So he goes around and opens the passenger door and says "sorry honey money talks." I asked her politely to find another way. Well no one ended up getting in because buddies girlfriend was consoling this woman so I drove off to Boss Hoggs and immediately found a paying fare.

Without going into detail about how I operate exactly my question is should I have just driven this woman that was clearly having a rough time a few blocks to her hotel? It really would have been little trouble for me to help her out.

On the other hand do I make other people's problems my own? She was honest with me from the get go and seemed like under sober conditions would have been a normal person I would have been happy to have driven anywhere.

I feel like I kinda fucked up I wish I had helped her but then again I do this to make money. She could have walked no?

Wouldn't mind hearing an opinion on that email or comment. I would say that had I known her or a previous customer or even a local I might have thought nothing of it but staying at a hotel I'll never see her again not my problem, fuck I don't know I have been thinking about it way more than the brief time she was actually in my car.

Cocaine Wannabe Cowboy

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Holy fuck what a fucking retard.

This random guy walks up and asks if I am available and I said yes. Well this guy didn't need a ride and summoned over his fucked up friend. I dislike this tactic often employed by sober friends or bar staff to get their super drunk friend or hammered patron in my car for me to deal with their bullshit. I have learned when staff or a bouncer will ask if I am available it is not worth the hassle but if you are looking for that "taxi driver experience" you should say you are free and to send them over or carry them on out.

Anyway kind of a rant there this guys buddy was standing and seemed to be on his own accord and I let him in and he said North something (I remember the exact address but gonna respect some privacy not sure if I even have to this guy scared the fuck out of me to the point where I was planning on attacking him in some manner to fend him off).

So right from the get go I notice his pupils were extremely dialated and he was drueling from the mouth (next time I see that shit get the fuck out of my taxi and find another ride).

I started driving to the address and apparantly I was being an ass because I was going the wrong way, he said Burger King I wanted a chicken sandwich you idiot. Well thanks for letting me know you wanted to go to Burger King you cocksucker mother fucker. So we get to Bk and he orders a chicken sandwich meal and with no one in front of us by the time he ordered to the time we arrived at the drive thru window he had passed out hard.

The guy at the window wanted money and I had to shake the guy hard to awaken him. He did come to paid we were talking about I don't remember. He gets his shitty chicken sandwich from nasty diarrhea inducing Burger King and eats all his shit disturbing fries real quick.

As we were driving he was trying to throw the chicken sandwich wrapper out of the closed window and he could not figure out why the garbage was not going outside and I opened the window and it ended up falling on the floor.

He was talking a bunch of jiberish and I really did not understand much if any of what the fuck he was talking about, I do remember him saying something like "you think i am a retard" numerous times.

We finally get to his place at 29 St James Place (fuck it worst experience in a long time) and just the way he was looking at me I was truly scared of this guy he was ready and on edge and seemed capable of something violent which I truly thought may have occurred at that moment.

So things kinda calmed down with his nonverbal very threatening bodily communication and he was ready to pay for the ride. Had some relief there but he was completely fucked as I am sure has been stated before so he pulls out a jack of spades playing card and wants to pay with that as if it were his debit card.

I said that's not going to work and pointed to the wallet in his pocket closest to me that was visible to me and he just didn't hear anything I had to say and started checking all of his other pockets before finding the wallet in the pocket I told him it was in

So he starts fumbling around with his cards I think he handed me a save on foods card and I said no and pointed him to the debit card I saw in his wallet that he had used at Burger rape my mouth King and he kept saying "you think I am a retard?"

Like I said it wasn't what he was saying but his non verbal actions that had me on edge I was ready for shit to go down or for him to just leave peacefully no questions asked.

Reverse Cash Cab

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Definitely one of my most odd trips driving people home from the bar...

These 2 or 3 guys and a gal got into the taxi and pronounced that they were going to play some kind of cash cab game on me and I agreed.

So these awesome folks proceeded to ask me random questions and for every one I got right it was worth around 20 dollars.

I agreed and they started off with an NFL football question "whom was the last team to win an NFL Championship"? Anyway they asked maybe four or so questions and I got maybe 3 right and they were true to there word and handed me the extra cash. Probably one of the strangest things I have experienced.

I wish I remembered more about the questions one was what team won the world junior hockey championship I got that one right and then there was one wired one something like during a fetus growth is does the fetus start as a male or female I answered female apparantly that was correct, they had another easy one name 4 or 5 of the largest land mass countries in the world, this happened a couple of years ago but I don't think I mentioned it, very memorable trip for me.

Friday, March 27, 2015

The Damage From Pulse (recently)

Picked up a couple of young men from Boss Hogs and was driving down 2nd Avenue South when some guy comes into the road looking for a ride and I wasn't about to stop, well he punched my car and broke a window so I turned around and followed him to 2 Guys and a Pizza Place where he was waiting for me to be arrested for not picking him and his girlfriend up.

Police were called and he waited for me to be arrested. Police were not long and arrested the guy on sight. The guy was a university student and really not a bad guy other than that incident, he apologized after the fact and paid me for the damaged window.

I avoid Pulse Nightclub pretty much at any cost after driving by there to pick up a call at Sound Garden and some guy punched my car and broke my mirror. I barely stopped I had no idea who had done it. I hope he broke his hand.

In all honestly I would just rather avoid the largely over served (alcohol) and somewhat likely drugged up clientele. I avoid Pulse with a passion it is not worth the hassle for me whatsoever from multiple and statistically unpreportionally bad experiences compared to other bars in the area. I suppose these young partyers eventually graduate from experience and end up at other bars but glad by that point they have tolerance of what they are ingesting.

I am censored from saying over.    Tat  served tttt.   Alcohol.    Tttttt at Pulse Nightclub. Ttttt

Loonies in the Toilet

This one guy was all obsessed with the fact that he was leaving loonies in the urinals at Boss Hoggs and people were picking them up after he and whomever else had peed on them. I wonder where those loonies end up. In my pocket or on some strippers pussy maybe? Kinda gross.

The Blow Job

Had a fare from Hudsons last week and on the way to the Westside I was hearing some strange noises coming from the couple in the back seat. At first I assumed it was the sound from his phone from receiving a text or something as he was looking down from my view from the rear view mirror. After a couple minutes of me trying to determine what was making that noise it became quite apparent that the woman was giving the guy a blowjob.

I didn't see anything but the sound of her sucking him off was pretty well obvious. I honestly didn't care what so ever but kind of wish I had said something about it. Maybe they knew that I knew either way I don't give a shit about what people do in my car so long as no mess is left for me, I heard him say quietly "that is twice". Seriously you came twice within a five minute ride?  I did look in the backseat to see if any mess was made, there was no mess.

Strangely a lot of people think that this sort of thing happens all the time but the reality is it doesn't. Closest thing to that driving a taxi for 8 years I picked up a guy from the Slice and he asked if he could have sex with his girlfriend on the way to Coaldale and I agreed but it never happened because she wanted no part of it.

Kinda wish this sort of thing did happen more often, I am all for it just don't leave a mess please.


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