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Friday, March 27, 2015

The Damage From Pulse (recently)

Picked up a couple of young men from Boss Hogs and was driving down 2nd Avenue South when some guy comes into the road looking for a ride and I wasn't about to stop, well he punched my car and broke a window so I turned around and followed him to 2 Guys and a Pizza Place where he was waiting for me to be arrested for not picking him and his girlfriend up.

Police were called and he waited for me to be arrested. Police were not long and arrested the guy on sight. The guy was a university student and really not a bad guy other than that incident, he apologized after the fact and paid me for the damaged window.

I avoid Pulse Nightclub pretty much at any cost after driving by there to pick up a call at Sound Garden and some guy punched my car and broke my mirror. I barely stopped I had no idea who had done it. I hope he broke his hand.

In all honestly I would just rather avoid the largely over served (alcohol) and somewhat likely drugged up clientele. I avoid Pulse with a passion it is not worth the hassle for me whatsoever from multiple and statistically unpreportionally bad experiences compared to other bars in the area. I suppose these young partyers eventually graduate from experience and end up at other bars but glad by that point they have tolerance of what they are ingesting.

I am censored from saying over.    Tat  served tttt.   Alcohol.    Tttttt at Pulse Nightclub. Ttttt

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