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Sunday, March 29, 2015

What Would You Have Done? (Published Edit not with iPad)

I have been thinking about my actions on this one and I have been contemplating whether what I did was right or wrong.

This clearly distraught young woman got in my car at Hudsons Canadian Taphouse and her makeup was running from her crying eyes and she asked me to take her to the Lethbridge Lodge and as I started to pull away she said she could only pay me with her identification. I stopped not far from the bar to enquire and it became clear that she had lost her debit card and would be unable to pay me at least that night for the service.

Well this guy came up to my window and asked if I was free and I said "yes this woman doesn't have any money to pay me". So he goes around and opens the passenger door and says "sorry honey money talks." I asked her politely to find another way. Well no one ended up getting in because buddies girlfriend was consoling this woman so I drove off to Boss Hoggs and immediately found a paying fare.

Without going into detail about how I operate exactly my question is should I have just driven this woman that was clearly having a rough time a few blocks to her hotel? It really would have been little trouble for me to help her out.

On the other hand do I make other people's problems my own? She was honest with me from the get go and seemed like under sober conditions would have been a normal person I would have been happy to have driven anywhere.

I feel like I kinda fucked up I wish I had helped her but then again I do this to make money. She could have walked no?

Wouldn't mind hearing an opinion on that email or comment. I would say that had I known her or a previous customer or even a local I might have thought nothing of it but staying at a hotel I'll never see her again not my problem, fuck I don't know I have been thinking about it way more than the brief time she was actually in my car.

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