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Friday, April 25, 2008

Crack Head

I picked this woman up from a local grocery story and loaded groceries. She instructed me to an intersection. Upon arival she did not know where she lived, and had no address for me. I called over the radio and asked what address she went to the grocery store from.

Another driver advised me of the address. I drove by slowly within a couple houses where she lived and she could not differentiate which house she lived in. I said we were here, right in front of her house, and she said "If I didn't smoke so much crack I might remember where I live". It was priceless.

I have since seen her in the rougher part of downtown. Where people are able to buy crack and hire hookers. Perhaps she was pulling tricks to make money.

Dominating Lesbian

Tonight I had an interesting flag at a popular bar in town. I was waiting in front of the bar when a young women, whom I had taken to the bar earlier, approched the cab. She got in and hired me. She was trying to gather her friends from inside the taxi.

She was yelling at her friends, in front of a lot of people, "get in the fucking cab, get the fuck in," "we are leaving now bitches, " etc. I pulled over into a parking spot as requested and saw one of the biggest and butchiest women grabbing this girl by the arm and pulled her towards an unknown destination. Her friend in the cab was freaking out and called her friend a lesbian for going with the butch woman (who was forcing the girl to come with her). I bet that big butch chick took her home and they munched on each other all night.

A women left the bar in such a small skirt that without even lifting her arm her skirt rose to about 1/2 ass view, as she was standing in the middle of the street, trying to pull her skirt down. Sexy and hilarious.

The woman in the car finally summoned a friend that she had arrived with and the friend reluctantly came allong to call it a night. The supposed drunk lesbian friend was taken off with a fight, but finally escaped with her new found lesbian lover. I drove the woman that hired me home, along with her friend.


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