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Friday, March 23, 2012

Some Random Trips

A pretty classic bar trip. I picked up three males and one female from Boss Hogs and took them to get some off sale. They got the off sale and then we made a stop at a house so the woman could let her dog out. She asked me if she could bring the dog along instead. Sure why not. So they want to go to Burger King, then off to get smokes, but while I stopped at 7-11 because I clearly heard someone ask me to stop there I guess they said they never asked me to stop. So we finally arrive at there place so they can continue with their drinking and partying when the first guy got out with the beer he dropped it onto the pavement. The case hit the ground hard and the sound of broken glass was loud. It turned out not a single beer survived. He said he had more beer in the house. Anyway.


Thanks to the lady who fixed my time on the vehicle because I clearly have no idea.


 I watched this guy staggering around Boss Hoggs for quite some time. Another guy came out of the bar and took a hard spill down the stairs, hitting his head on the ground, when the first drunk guy tried to come to the other drunk guys aid and was unable to help him get up (because they were both just fucked) so a third guy comes along and helps the guy who fell down back on his feet no problem. 

The staggering drunk guy that I had my eye on comes up to my car and gets in. I asked him where he wanted to go and he was really trying hard to think but couldn't come up with any sort of address. All he that he knew was that he had to get to "Reddins house", not having any clue who that is I couldn't take him anywhere. I let him sit in the car for a few minutes watching him struggle so hard to try to remember where he had to go. I eventually politely asked him to get out because he didn't know where he was going, and he got out.

If you are planning on getting so fucked up that you won't remember where it is you need to go, write the address down on a piece of paper before going out or you might just end up in the drunk tank. Also while I was first watching him his friend and girl were with him and they pretty much abandoned him as a lost cause I think.


I was driving these girls home the other day and they started asking me about pukers. I explained that it doesn't happen nearly as often as people think when one girl started telling me about this cab driver that picked up her friend and she puked in his cab and that he never charged her for the cleaning or something. She also mentioned that she left her debit card in the cab and that the driver returned it the next day and that the cab driver had stalked her on facebook. Well I remember that trip and explained that she hadn't actually puked in the car but in her mouth and in her hands. I denied stalking her on facebook although after I dropped them off I vaguely recalled sending her some kind of message. I wasn't sure that they actually believed that it was me that had taken her home that night. I spurted off her address and I don't think there was much doubt after that. I drove the original girl (A.A.) home like over three years ago so it seemed wierd that they would mention it to me. Not sure the of the date but I did write a story about her.


Monday, March 5, 2012

Update on Traffic Court

Relating to the burnt out brake light and crossing the center line alleged offences.

I received the crown prosecutors full disclosure which amounted to the officers hand written notes, which I am not able to talk about.

I arrived to court early and well dressed on the day they asked me to appear. I was fully prepared to defend myself. There is a security checkpoint upon entering the courthouse and they ask you to remove any metal objects you have and to empty your pockets.

I was carrying my Smith and Wesson handcuffs and plopped them in the box, as well as my notes, car keys, etc. The security officer asked me if I was in law enforcement or a security guard. I said no. They asked me if I was in the criminal justice program or if I had any qualifications to carry the hand cuffs. I again said no, I explained that I had them with me in case I was sentenced to go to jail for my $30 ticket that I would prefer to wear my own handcuffs. They made me return the handcuffs and key to my vehicle, which I did.

I went back in and they said I still had the handcuff keys on my key chain. I explained that those were fake cloverleaf handcuff keys and that I had left the real keys in the vehicle.

Anyway. So they let me in and as soon as I saw the 100 person line up I knew I was not going to trial that day. I had forgotten about this step. It was only a notice to appear and not the actual trial. So I waited and waited and finally got to the front of the line and entered a plea of not guilty on both tickets. I explained I was not happy the full disclosure was so empty and did not provide me with the name of officers partner, whom was there during the citation. I explained that I wanted to subpoena the officer as a potential defence witness. They said I would have to do the leg work on my own and that I would be responsible for paying the officer's wages at time and a half.

I likely will not do that. So my trial for the burnt out brake light and the crossing the center line alleged offences will be in a few months.

Lawn Surfing

I was driving these college girls back to their residence one night when they asked me to stop so they could go lawn surfing. I didn't really know what they meant but I stopped anyways. They all got out but one girl and went running off. I was thinking "what the fuck is going on" when they started coming back with random objects from peoples front lawns.

They asked me to stop maybe three times. Their total take from the night was...

1 mail box
1 20kg bag of sand
1 wrought iron chair
1 flower basket full of dirt
1 small blue flag
2 security signs

Why did they do this? I don't know exactly.


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