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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Dead Body Downtown

At around 4:30am today I found a dead body in downtown Lethbridge. I am not going to give many details and I really do not know a whole lot myself. The strange thing was it looked like he had made a snow angel with his arms where he died. The temperature in Lethbridge dropped to a chilling -22C tonight and I am pretty sure he must have froze to death.

The police taped off the scene and brought in the CSI van. I think they were treating the death as suspicious but I am not sure.

This short clip was taken after giving my statement to police.


Video removed.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Company Policy

Some interesting conversation in the office today. I had to pay this driver $10 to repeat what he said for a short clip. Apparently this statement came directly from the owner of the company, although that can not be confirmed.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Wierd $4.00 Trip

I pulled up to this function downtown on Valentines Day and there were four absolutely gorgeous women loading there stuff into a parked vehicle. They were wearing miniskirts and other very revealing clothing. In my amateur opinion they looked like professional porn stars.

I was sent to pick up a man and he got in the cab upon arrival. I asked him how his night was and if he had just finished up with a bachelor party. I only asked because I assumed the women I had seen were strippers.

I could not have been more wrong. The guy proceeded to tell me that the function was a gay and lesbian alternative lifestyle swingers party (or something to that effect) and that he was a gay man.

I am not against what people want to do with their lives but it really got me thinking; were those absolutely gorgeous women I had seen leaving the party actually men dressed in drag? I would like to think not, but I will never know for sure. If they actually were men, which I really hope they were not, then they definitely pulled it off and it makes me feel kind of weird about the whole thing.

Anyway I mentioned that I thought it was interesting that they have that sort of thing in Lethbridge and that naked lesbians running through the party would be cool to see (apparently it happened).

I think I said to much to this gentleman because I received an invite to the next party.

Enough Said.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Homeless Lysol Mouthwash Bums

As soon as I pulled into the XXXXXX parking lot and saw my passengers I just wanted to drive away and next time I will. This is why:

Slumped over one another were three XXXXXX men and a XXXXXX woman. Against my better judgement I decided to load the passengers. I loaded the woman's wheelchair into the trunk, keeping a close eye on the guy in the front seat.

They do not really know what is going on or where they want to go. The wretched smell of lysol, mouthwash, alcohol, piss, and a little diarrhea consumed the air in the car and was absolutely unbearable. I rolled down my window and proceeded to XXXXXX on the North side so they could buy cigarettes.

We get to the store and the guy that wanted to buy the cigarettes did not understand why we were there. The woman in the back seat insisted he buy cigarettes but he would not. We start driving towards the South side when the people in the back ask me to pull over at the XXXXXX bank. One of the males asked me to "pop your hood", "pop your hood, we need the wheelchair eh".

So I pop the trunk and they get the wheelchair and are on their way. The guy sitting in the front wants to get liquor from the South side and now that the wheelchair is gone, so is my collateral (it is sad to say that the wheelchair was collateral to get paid, but that is just the way it is, I sure as hell would have kept the wheelchair if I was not paid, which I was not anyway).

The guy soon realizes that his friends took his bottle of mouthwash and he started blaming me and was holding me personally responsible for his "friends" taking his lysol or mouthwash or whatever it was. I said I did not give a shit what they took and demanded cash to continue on the with the ride (I was getting fed up at this point). To my surprise he pulled out maybe $500 in cash. I asked for a $20 deposit to continue on with the ride. He refused.

I was looking at his face and his bottom lip was protruding from his mouth around 1.75 inches and it was massively infected or something else was definitely wrong. From his lip saliva was dripping down onto his shirt where it had been collecting for some time I am sure. He was fucked up on something and I told him to get out of the car. He refused.

I turned the car off and got out. I went around the vehicle and opened the passenger side door where the drooling drunk drugged up piece of shit homeless lysol ingesting man was sitting. As much as I wanted to grab him and throw him to the curb, touching him or any of his clothing was definitely going to be a last resort.

I finally coaxed him into getting out of the car and the best part was I did not have to touch him and risk contracting some sort of virus or infectious disease.

I learned my lesson and next time I see you there is no way in hell you or your bum friends are getting into my taxi.

To the guy with the badly infected eye who thought he was taking such good care of his piss soaked wheelchair bound girlfriend. You should smell her or look at her when you are not fucked up on mouthwash and lysol and maybe then you will see what a terrible job you are doing taking care of her.

Superbowl Sunday

I picked up a man from the North side following the Superbowl. It was a good thing he was wearing his seat belt because as I made a left turn his door flung open and he could have easily been ejected from the vehicle. He reacted quickly and closed the door.

The only warning sign I had was that I could hear the wind coming into the car. I brushed it off thinking he had opened his window. That was not the case. The door had failed to close properly but the lights went off and there was no indicator on the dash that the door was ajar.

It was quite the shock for both of us when his door opened in the middle of the intersection.


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