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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hooker Video Action

I am still trying to post this segment of the blog. It takes a long time to upload the videos because they are in HD.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Local Musician Video - Lethbridge Anthem

Update January 31, 2011; I was very happy to have this video on this site but I guess there have been some problems not involving me so Dan has removed the video... at least for the time being.

I was asked to post this. Great music video. It is a little choppy but a great reflection of Lethbridge.

Courtesy of Dan R. Mohammed


One of the Drivers I work with is apparently in an ongoing dispute about the cleanliness of the car. 

Well I guess XXXXXX (former vacuum salesman/douche bag) decided to take a PISS on the drivers seat of the car as an act of revenge against a driver that did not vacuum the car.

I am surprised you still have a job.

I remember and still know this douche bag driver.  When I first started two and a half years ago this fucker accused me of not leaving the vehicle clean and he continues to harrass new drivers about the cleanliness of the vehicles.

XXXXXX you pissed on a coworkers seat for lack of cleanliness? What the fuck were you thinking?

Monday, April 19, 2010

Hooker Video Bonanza Coming Soon...

Multiple videos and conversations with Lethbridge prostitutes.

I will have the time when my final exams are completed.

There are so many prostitutes in Lethbridge. I have tried my best to identify most of them but it is nearly impossible because new girls arrive on the scene all the time.

I do not know why I am so obsessed with hookers lately but it was super quiet tonight and I really have nothing better to do when it is slow.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Conversation with a "part time" hooker


Video removed from site.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Hooker Trip Again

to be edited....

Picked up this guy from around XXXXXX . This woman comes out and says "he will just be a minute, he needs to lock his truck"

So this guy gets in the car and tells me he is looking for hookers. I asked him what was wrong with the girl that had greeted me. He mentioned it was his brother in laws wife (so his sister?)

Anyway I get the point, it seems like every weekend I get some guy looking for a prostitute. I wonder how many tricks are served on any given weekend because I am not the only cab driver out there. From my estimations prostitutes in Lethbridge have around 50+ customers (at least) on any given busy night.

So I drive this guy downtown and we immediately find a prostitute outside of the XXXXXX Hotel. She came up to my window and said "oh sorry I was looking for someone else", I knew she was looking for either XXXXXX or XXXXXX, although they are both married they interact with the prostitutes on a regular basis (I have proof).

So anyway I tell this guy that his approach is all wrong, because he never said anything to this girl, I am no intermediary/pimp, we pulled along side her again and he asked her "are you getting in?"  she got in.

She was trying to whisper the details to this guy, I could hear everything, It sounded like "Hey, I need to get some crack, how much you got?" Him "oh I have enough, whats in it for me" her "well we can get $40, $80, or $120 and you will get laid"....

This was the same whore I picked up last weekend and she took off on my customer with his cash,  supposedly.

This guy says he will come with her and that he will not give her money upfront and they will buy the crack together. Good call on that one buddy, you have done this before I assume.

Long story short they get the crack from a house at around XXXXXX 6th Avenue South and proceed to the XXXXXX Residence (XXXXXX Hotel) so this chick will fuck this guy, as per their whispered agreement.


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