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Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I was told my services were no longer required when I showed up for work earlier this evening. Apparently they were not happy with one of my videos. Of course I am a little upset but I have no hard feelings toward my former employers. As a matter of fact in the three years I had worked there not once did I actually meet the owners (I may have seen them in passing) and I don't even think they knew my name.

I have re-applied for a position with a different company and it looks promising. I mentioned what had happened at my previous place of employment and told the prospective new employer about this blog.

I wanted to be upfront about it and explained that if it comes down to the blog or the job, I would choose the job (this turned out to be a terrible idea).

I would have chosen the job over the blog at the place I was just fired from, had they given me the option.

As far as I know this could be my last post. If I am required to either stop posting stories or privatize the blog I would certainly do so in order to secure employment.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Pensioner Importing Massive Quantities of Marijuana from British Columbia

I am not posting this to mention any particular person but from my observations, the senior citizens of Lethbridge have a strong foothold on certain drug trades.

Remember all of those senior citizens busted for soliciting prostitutes? Well they are certainly capable of dealing drugs, after so many years I guess the elderly have become the most successful drug dealers of all.

Money Talks - $147 Tip

I flagged a few guys Friday night from the concert at the Exhibition grounds featuring Three Six Mafia and Swollen Members, among other groups. They were going to XXXXXX Nightclub and during the trip one guy offered me $100 to pick him and his friends up at exactly 2:20 AM outside of XXXXXX.

I agreed not thinking they were actually serious. So we arrive at XXXXXX and they pay the fare and the guy throws me a $100 bill on top and says to the effect "see you at 2:20", which was about 1 hour away, I agreed and left for my next trip.

So the guy threw me an extra hundred bucks without knowing me whatsoever and trusted that I would actually come back for him and not just fuck off with his money, which I easily could have done.

I am an honest guy and I arrived at XXXXXX a couple minutes early. I probably had 20 some people try to get in the car while I was waiting for this "player", maybe not the best term. People were literally trying to open my doors while I was still driving/moving. I was telling people I was sorry and that I was already hired. I am sure I was called an "Asshole, Cocksucker, Fucking Bitch, etc", people were literally pissed right off that I would not pick them up (which is not unusual after arriving at a busy place after last call).

I called the guy and no answer, I waited at the very front on the nightclub for a couple of minutes. I knew I was early and was stopped right outside the front door of the club, in gear (so the doors were still locked), when right on cue out walks "buddy" with his friends and I let them in. They were happy I kept my word that I would pick them up at exactly that time, and they were right on cue.

So I drove them all home and the meter was at $23.00. I said they were all good and paid for when the guy decided to throw me another $70 basically just for keeping my word.

The title speaks for itself at this point.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Lethbridge Sex Trade

It amazes me how prominent this industry is within such a small(er) city. I guess you really can pay for anything.

Instead of up-sizing your fast food meal you can upgrade your sexual experience to include Anal Sex for and additional "$80". WTF?

I would like to explain when I have the time (likely Sunday or Monday). "Legal" business entities offer many sexual services in Lethbridge, of course at a premium to the downtown hookers.

My full analysis will be posted within the next week or two, I have considered it a personal project of mine.

Update to XXXXXX Hit and Run

Ashley Scout has been charged with aggravated assault with a weapon (the vehicle), aggravated assault, dangerous driving, and failing to remain at the scene of an accident after purposely (allegedly) hitting a 25 year old man and a 26 year old woman outside of XXXXXX early Sunday morning before fleeing the scene.

I believe had she stayed at the scene she would have likely been charged with impaired driving.

I have learned that the victims have been treated for non life threatening injuries.

Clearly some people should not have children. I hope she goes to jail and her kids end up in a foster home (or better care), where they belong. Who is taking care of your kids while you are out getting "black out" drunk all the time?


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Hooker That Wouldn't Put Out.

Short Take.

I picked up this guy (around 50) that was looking for a hooker and he easily found one downtown at the XXXXXX. I had never seen her before but it was obvious she was a hooker. The guy asked her to get in and she said she was from Calgary and had a car across the street.

So the trip ended there and he went off with her.

About three hours later at 2:30AM I get a call to an address. I arrive and it is the same guy from before. He starts telling me how he gave her a hundred dollars to fuck and spent two hundred dollars on blow. He said the hooker wouldn't even let him see her tits, never mind blow and fuck him. He was surprisingly not really that pissed off and said he was a nice guy.

So he goes looking for another hooker because the first one was some kind of scam artist or something. He easily finds another butch hooker, I asked him if he really wanted to talk to her and he said it doesn't matter what she looks like, it's just her mouth that counts. So he picked her up and I took them back to his MOTHERS house so he could have his fun.

Sunday, September 12, 2010


What happened at XXXXXX last night? I pulled up on the scene after whatever happened but before the Police, Ambulance, and Fire Trucks arrived.

From all of the stories I have heard tonight about the situation I believe that either a van was parked out front of XXXXXX and that person backed up hard and ran over a bunch of people and fled the scene, or a vehicle heading Southbound on 5th street struck a few pedestrians and fled the scene.

From what I witnessed there were two seriously injured people outside of XXXXXX. One person was trying to move and the other was clearly unresponsive and I have heard that he will not survive the night and may in fact already be deceased.

Just sad.

XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Video and pictures removed from site.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Paralyzed but Lucky to be Alive?

A little hesitant to post this...

Apparently a few weeks ago a person was riding his/her bicycle Westbound on Whoop-Up Drive into Eastbound traffic when an oncoming Eastbound XXXXXX Taxi struck the cyclist and sent him/her to the Chinook Regional Hospital where he/she was soon airlifted to Calgary in critical condition.

I have heard that this person "lost both of their legs". Exactly what that means I am unsure but it can not be good.

There is a paved walking path directly adjacent to the main thoroughfare and to decide to ride your bike into oncoming 90km per hour traffic is just crazy. Perhaps signage is lacking to direct pedestrian traffic to the path but who knows, it is not for me to speculate.

I see people on this crossing all the time, either walking, skateboarding, or cycling down this huge hill, I suppose it was just a matter of time until someone was seriously injured. I guess he/she should be happy to be alive but still a tragic, life altering experience.


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Miss Toronto

I have to say that not only are you absolutely gorgeous but you were very pleasant to speak with, I only wish our trip together was longer. In fact I answered a lot of personal questions that I do not normally answer.

The only thing I regret not asking you is why would you say something to the effect of  "I am from Toronto and I will never come back here again" moments after arriving in our beautiful city.

Were your first 10 minutes here really that bad? I am sorry there is not that much for you to do on a Tuesday night but there is so much more to explore, please enlighten me of why you would say that and what you would be doing on a Tuesday night in Toronto that is so exciting, there must be something.

Perhaps Wedding Gown sales are not in such high demand here? Maybe the Lawyer I picked up later was handling a few divorce cases.

I wish you good luck in school and perhaps you will come back some day and see the true beauty of this great city, other than the airport and your hotel.

The Silent Trips

I do not always try to strike up any sort of conversation just for the sake of chatting and have learned that sometimes saying nothing is better than hearing everything.

Last night for example; I am sure I picked up a lawyer from the Lethbridge Airport on his way to the XXXXXX (I assumed he was a lawyer based on his oversized briefcase type thing lawyers carry).

After finding out where he was going not one word was spoken between us throughout the entire trip. Perhaps that is how we both wanted it. He was probably travelling all day and was tired and I just wanted to get paid. Had either of us said anything I am sure the other would have responded, but that never happened.


From the Hospital last night in the early hours of the morning. The woman got in the car and sat directly behind me (which rarely happens with only one passenger) as if to hide herself from me, she seemed a little upset and I said nothing the entire trip. I have learned it is best not to ask how a persons night is going when you pick them up from the hospital. Either they break down on you crying about a loved one or they tell you about every disease and broken bone they have ever had in their entire life.

Don't get me wrong if someone wants to spew their thoughts on me I am usually interested and willing to listen, but at times I try not to encourage them.

Again from the hospital last night... I picked up this guy that stunk like ass and had bandages around his head and was limping bad. I drove him all the way home without a word being spoken, it really is wierd because most of the time people will not shut up. All I said to this guy at the end of the trip was "good luck man".

What else is there to say? Hey sorry you got your ass kicked and you are lucky to be alive but have you been to this new club?

Every trip is different and sometimes saying nothing is best. I know exactly what to say to open up some sort of conversation in different situations but sometimes I wait for the other person (or passengers) to say the first line. It almost feels like cat and mouse at times.


A different side to a Hospital trip....  I see this guy walking towards me with from the ER and there is blood all over his pants, upon closer inspection he has stiches on his nose. After finding out where he was going (it happened to be the Lethbridge Shelter) the first thing I said was "What the fuck happened to you man?", sometimes you just can't help but to ask.

He was cool and said he was waiting at the XXXXXX Bus Depot minding his own business when three guys jumped him in the alley, beat him up a bit and took his money. He mentioned he was on his was back to Brocket after attending a detox/addictions program and was looking forward to becomming reaquainted with his young family when he was assaulted. (When I think of Brocket I think of a XXXXXX person/stereotype, but that was not the case).

I actually felt kinda bad for the guy, here he is trying to get his life in order, trying to do good for himself and his family and he was brutally assaulted at the bus depot in the middle of the afternoon, lost his money and was sent to the hospital and had no way of getting home after and ended up spending the night in the shelter, not fun I am sure.


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Students are Back

So the last couple of weeks the University of Lethbridge and Lethbridge College students have been trickling into town. Last night (Monday) they made their presence known at XXXXXX. There must have been a decent line forming around 8:30pm. I was flagging trips from the University going to XXXXXX as early as 7:30pm. I received very few trips from dispatch all night and solely relied on the University and XXXXXX to make any kind of cash.

It was a decent Monday night, I must have went up and down Whoop-Up Drive 40 times going to and from XXXXXX and the University (gets boring after a while). Of all the Students that were at XXXXXX I only had two trips to the College.


Later on......

Three girls decided they were all going to flash me just for the fun of it when I asked if anyone was up for a short video clip, one female agreed on the condition of anonymity and covered her face.

Here are a couple of pictures from the video. I enjoyed the audio portion of it more than the actual nudity because it is not anything I haven't seen before, but a first for this blog.

Notice how her friend is the one to lower her top at first, lol.

"Put em back, put em back", LMFAO!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Lethbridge Scenic Drive XXXXXX Hepatitis A "Outbreak"... My Opinion

It was a serious enough of a concern that Alberta Health Officials set up a free vaccination clinic within the city. I am unsure of the details about Hepatitis A other than do not eat someones shit who has it or you will die from it in the long term. So basically Alberta Health is warning residents that over a three day period in August you may have contracted the virus by ingesting human fecal matter infected with Hepatitis A, sounds appetizing doesn't it.

Thank you XXXXXX for not only serving shitting food but shitty toppings as well. I wonder how much fecal matter people who eat at XXXXXX actually congest in any given meal, it is only brought to the publics attention when Hep A is in the equation. So had this person not had Hep A he or she would have been hapily serving human fecal matter laced XXXXXX burgers to your children.   "MMMM......XXXXXX.......Sweet an ass pube."

I am not here to report the story but in my opinion they should have conducted the Hepatitis A vaccination clinic in the parking lot of the downtown business to send a message that this is unacceptable. This XXXXXX employs many workers and clearly some person did not wash his hands after taking a rancid shit all over and then prepared food and/or served customers without washing his o her hands during a three day period.

I am sure XXXXXX has some sort of sign in the staff washroom that says "Wash Hands After Wiping Your Ass," but they should still be held liable for their neglect in training staff and I hope a class action lawsuit is launched against XXXXXX over this issue. I wonder how many employees had any sort of Food Safety Training.

This businesses should be held more accountable. Did this location ever stop serving food or close for any period of time in order to disinfect the restaurant? (That likely did not need to happen with this type of illness)

The Alberta Health Website Restaurant Inspection has not reported any problems with this location whatsoever, so what good is this service if it is not up to date? The restaurant has been inspected since then but there is no indication that there was such a serious Health risk what so ever. If you do not get your Hep A vaccine by today (Sunday September 5th) it will not be effective.{95E13B10-4C10-415F-AC30-FDECEE60558C}

I guess they had a message posted on their homepage.

So was this employee terminated or did he just start washing his hands? Why only a three day period?

Another Puker...

My  Friday night ended with a trip from the XXXXXX Trailer Court to the North Side, I picked up this middle aged guy from a trailer (mobile home) at approximately 3:30am.

Less then half a block away he asks me to stop so he can puke,  hell yeah I am going to stop for that and fast. He was apologetic and I emphasized "OUTSIDE THE CAR", he said he was alright and I started driving when a short distance later, he asked me to stop again.

I realized at this point that this was going to be a long ride if I kept stopping all the time, so with his window rolled down I asked him to just puke out the window if he needed to all the way to the North Side and said that I would stop if he wanted.

He obliged and kept apologizing the entire way, I really was not concerned in the least because he was making a good effort to puke out the window of the car, which was fine with me. I can wash the outside of a vehicle easily, cleaning puke from the inside; I don't even want to think about. In general I would estimate that I have driven a person that has needed or has puked during the ride less than .01 percent of the time. If my math is correct that is 1 out of every 1000 passengers.

I don't want to say much about this but he was "confused about the fare" and the lack of funds in his wallet. I convinced him otherwise.

Drunk Fucking Selfish Fat Ass XXXXXX Cunt..... Random Rant

Impulsive Post.... edited

So I flagged a trip last night at the XXXXXX at 1:40am. Two women and a man get in the car, all of different race.

The XXXXXX lady, if you will, decided she had to get off sale liquor because she was not "black out" drunk enough. Her friend and the guy she picked up at the bar wanted no part of it and just wanted to go home, but she insisted so off we went to get off sale at XXXXXX.

The bar was busy and she asked me if this was the only place to get liquor, I said no and that the Lethbridge XXXXXX store down the street was open for twenty more minutes. She said that would be better so I started driving, a block later she freaks out, "where the fuck are you going, you dumb taxi driver, I want to get some liquor", I explained to her that I was proceeding to the liquor store down the street at her request, obviously she had not remembered what had happened less then 15 seconds ago.

So we get to the Lethbridge XXXXXX store and I am surprised they sold her any sort of booze.

All her friend and the guy she picked up at the bar wanted to do was to go to XXXXXX to get a coffee on the way back her place and did not seem interested in any more liquor. Once this bitch got her booze she became the most selfish fucking blob I have ever encountered. She refused to allow her friends to stop at XXXXXX to get a coffee because she had to get home as soon as possible and told all of us to go fuck our selves and on and on, her mission was to get home and to get as drunk as possible and fuck her friends, fuck me, and fuck everyone else (not in a sexual reference).

Against this selfish fucking whores demand I stopped at the XXXXXX on 13th Street North so the guy could get a coffee, which he did, the bitch cracks up "buy me a pack of cigarettes", she also previously requested that he buy the liquor which he may have done because he went into the store with her. I spoke with her friend in the car while they were in the store and she seemed relatively sober and in good spirits and was in fact a pleasure to speak with. She was telling me about her teenage children and such (these were older folks).

So while this guy is in the XXXXXX getting his coffee these two women (well one woman and one fucking vile excuse for a human being) start bickering and yelling at each other, "you fucking bitch, you are such a whore, go fuck yourself," and on and on an on, I seriously thought they were going to scrap right then and there, inside the car. I glanced over and the woman in the front seat had her fist clenched and was just waiting for the other girl to start first. I do let a lot of things slide and just kept looking forward and did not say a word (minding my own business). They clearly had some issues.

So the XXXXXX bitch decides the nice decent XXXXXX woman is not going to come over to her place at XXXXXX Court. So the girl says fine and I start driving to her place up thirteenth. The XXXXXX cunt starts bickering at her friend again and the sensible woman in the front seat turned up the music to drown out her constant bitching, thank goodness because I was tired of this cunt in the backseat not giving any sensible respect to her friends or I.

At one point I lowered the volume on the stereo to ask where abouts the woman lived when the fat fucking whore in the back seat leans into the front and cranks the volume to deaf defying standards, I pushed her arm away and lowered the volume, I don't mind listening to good music at a decent volume level, but when I push your arm away and say "STOP" the last thing you should do, especially at your age, is to try again to blare the music at a mind numbing level.

So I was going through the 18th Ave N and 13th Street intersection on a flashing yellow when this cunt grabs my arm and shoulder area and tries to turn up the volume again. She pulled my arm off the steering wheel and SCREEEECH,  I stopped hard and yelled at her "STOP, STAY IN THE BACK, AND SHUT THE FUCK UP" (or something of that nature), she demanded to be let off, I agreed and they all got out, I demanded the $20 fare up until that point which the male was happy to pay against the blacked out drunk XXXXXX piece of shit fat ass whore's request not to pay me while yelling derogatory comments at me.

Fuck you bitch. I was more than tolerant of your behaviour until you blatantly affected my ability to drive safely, only then did I become upset and I did not even kick you out of the car, YOU asked to be let off.

I felt bad for the other two passengers and would have gladly taken them anywhere they wanted, I even would have taken them all (including the Fat Fucking XXXXXX Whore) where they wanted to go had no further issues arose.

I hope your XXXXXX friend beat the shit out of you and left you for dead while the decent guy went peacefully on his way.

Can you tell I was pissed off?

You know I sat in front of a busy nightclub waiting for a fare watching all the beautiful woman having a good time and strolling by and who decides to get in my cab? Not them, the fucking piece of shit I just picked up, that's who.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Impaired Driving?

The police definitely made their presence known around closing time last night at XXXXXX. I am unsure whether the police were called out there or they were just doing some preventative maintenance against street fighting and drunken driving. I believe that the Lethbridge Police did an excellent job last night enforcing their drinking and driving policies. The Police clearly made their presence known outside the only busy bar in town, which probably gave some people the last incentive they needed to take a taxi.

I was driving Westbound on Third Avenue South last night at approximately 3:25am and was just past Fourth Street when I noticed the police had pulled over what appeared to be a blue Ford Focus (or a similar vehicle).

Sitting on the back bumper of the downtown beat unit van was a young female, maybe eighteen or nineteen, handcuffed and sobbing.

It was clear to me that the woman had probably just been pulled over and charged with Impaired Driving.

I assume that this woman had waited an hour after the bar closed, waited for the police to leave, and proceeded to drive home drunk. Either way she was pulled over less than two blocks away from the bar.

I could have taken a picture but without any confirmed details I give people the benefit of the doubt.

Do not let this happen to you and take a taxi, any taxi.


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