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Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I was told my services were no longer required when I showed up for work earlier this evening. Apparently they were not happy with one of my videos. Of course I am a little upset but I have no hard feelings toward my former employers. As a matter of fact in the three years I had worked there not once did I actually meet the owners (I may have seen them in passing) and I don't even think they knew my name.

I have re-applied for a position with a different company and it looks promising. I mentioned what had happened at my previous place of employment and told the prospective new employer about this blog.

I wanted to be upfront about it and explained that if it comes down to the blog or the job, I would choose the job (this turned out to be a terrible idea).

I would have chosen the job over the blog at the place I was just fired from, had they given me the option.

As far as I know this could be my last post. If I am required to either stop posting stories or privatize the blog I would certainly do so in order to secure employment.


Anonymous said...

I check for new posts daily to keep up with the side of Lethbridge few people get to see. If you're not posting information about the company or on behalf of the company, I don't see how they should hold this blog against you.

Do what you have to do, but it would be a shame to see your unique viewpoint disappear because an employer doesn't like what you have to say anonymously about your work.

Good luck on getting the new job!

Anonymous said...
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Jonny said...

Wow, bummer. I can understand the cab company trying to maintain their rep (do they even have one?) but you offered a glimpse into the Lethbridge most never see. And that's also valuable. I especially liked the tits video. I hope it works out.

taxiguy said...

The comment I removed above is here...without my name.

"I work for the same company, I liked "taxiguy" and I am sad he was fired, BUT he was warned about having recording equipment in his cab and posting certain stuff on the web. He agreed to this and broke his promise, hence he was fired. I do wish the best for you though."


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