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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Lethbridge Scenic Drive XXXXXX Hepatitis A "Outbreak"... My Opinion

It was a serious enough of a concern that Alberta Health Officials set up a free vaccination clinic within the city. I am unsure of the details about Hepatitis A other than do not eat someones shit who has it or you will die from it in the long term. So basically Alberta Health is warning residents that over a three day period in August you may have contracted the virus by ingesting human fecal matter infected with Hepatitis A, sounds appetizing doesn't it.

Thank you XXXXXX for not only serving shitting food but shitty toppings as well. I wonder how much fecal matter people who eat at XXXXXX actually congest in any given meal, it is only brought to the publics attention when Hep A is in the equation. So had this person not had Hep A he or she would have been hapily serving human fecal matter laced XXXXXX burgers to your children.   "MMMM......XXXXXX.......Sweet an ass pube."

I am not here to report the story but in my opinion they should have conducted the Hepatitis A vaccination clinic in the parking lot of the downtown business to send a message that this is unacceptable. This XXXXXX employs many workers and clearly some person did not wash his hands after taking a rancid shit all over and then prepared food and/or served customers without washing his o her hands during a three day period.

I am sure XXXXXX has some sort of sign in the staff washroom that says "Wash Hands After Wiping Your Ass," but they should still be held liable for their neglect in training staff and I hope a class action lawsuit is launched against XXXXXX over this issue. I wonder how many employees had any sort of Food Safety Training.

This businesses should be held more accountable. Did this location ever stop serving food or close for any period of time in order to disinfect the restaurant? (That likely did not need to happen with this type of illness)

The Alberta Health Website Restaurant Inspection has not reported any problems with this location whatsoever, so what good is this service if it is not up to date? The restaurant has been inspected since then but there is no indication that there was such a serious Health risk what so ever. If you do not get your Hep A vaccine by today (Sunday September 5th) it will not be effective.{95E13B10-4C10-415F-AC30-FDECEE60558C}

I guess they had a message posted on their homepage.

So was this employee terminated or did he just start washing his hands? Why only a three day period?

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