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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Paralyzed but Lucky to be Alive?

A little hesitant to post this...

Apparently a few weeks ago a person was riding his/her bicycle Westbound on Whoop-Up Drive into Eastbound traffic when an oncoming Eastbound XXXXXX Taxi struck the cyclist and sent him/her to the Chinook Regional Hospital where he/she was soon airlifted to Calgary in critical condition.

I have heard that this person "lost both of their legs". Exactly what that means I am unsure but it can not be good.

There is a paved walking path directly adjacent to the main thoroughfare and to decide to ride your bike into oncoming 90km per hour traffic is just crazy. Perhaps signage is lacking to direct pedestrian traffic to the path but who knows, it is not for me to speculate.

I see people on this crossing all the time, either walking, skateboarding, or cycling down this huge hill, I suppose it was just a matter of time until someone was seriously injured. I guess he/she should be happy to be alive but still a tragic, life altering experience.



Anonymous said...

Hey I know more about this story.
It was a male who was intoxicated with an extreme amount of alchohol, it was actually said that it was pretty crazy he was able to operate the bicycle with that high of a blood-alchohol level. Anyways he was traveling into oncoming traffic.
Like you said he was hit by a cab.
He was air-lifted to calgary and did not lose both his legs. Only one, but has contracted a serious blood disease from all of this. And it is said that he will lose his other leg, and perhaps an arm.
He is in pretty bad shape, but seems to being doing well mentally.
But hes not out yet, so we'll see.

taxiguy said...

Thank you for the update.

taxiguy said...

I hope that he will have at least one limb after all of this... lucky to be alive in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Old news, but he did keep the other leg, they got the infection under control.


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