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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Miss Toronto

I have to say that not only are you absolutely gorgeous but you were very pleasant to speak with, I only wish our trip together was longer. In fact I answered a lot of personal questions that I do not normally answer.

The only thing I regret not asking you is why would you say something to the effect of  "I am from Toronto and I will never come back here again" moments after arriving in our beautiful city.

Were your first 10 minutes here really that bad? I am sorry there is not that much for you to do on a Tuesday night but there is so much more to explore, please enlighten me of why you would say that and what you would be doing on a Tuesday night in Toronto that is so exciting, there must be something.

Perhaps Wedding Gown sales are not in such high demand here? Maybe the Lawyer I picked up later was handling a few divorce cases.

I wish you good luck in school and perhaps you will come back some day and see the true beauty of this great city, other than the airport and your hotel.

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