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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Money Talks - $147 Tip

I flagged a few guys Friday night from the concert at the Exhibition grounds featuring Three Six Mafia and Swollen Members, among other groups. They were going to XXXXXX Nightclub and during the trip one guy offered me $100 to pick him and his friends up at exactly 2:20 AM outside of XXXXXX.

I agreed not thinking they were actually serious. So we arrive at XXXXXX and they pay the fare and the guy throws me a $100 bill on top and says to the effect "see you at 2:20", which was about 1 hour away, I agreed and left for my next trip.

So the guy threw me an extra hundred bucks without knowing me whatsoever and trusted that I would actually come back for him and not just fuck off with his money, which I easily could have done.

I am an honest guy and I arrived at XXXXXX a couple minutes early. I probably had 20 some people try to get in the car while I was waiting for this "player", maybe not the best term. People were literally trying to open my doors while I was still driving/moving. I was telling people I was sorry and that I was already hired. I am sure I was called an "Asshole, Cocksucker, Fucking Bitch, etc", people were literally pissed right off that I would not pick them up (which is not unusual after arriving at a busy place after last call).

I called the guy and no answer, I waited at the very front on the nightclub for a couple of minutes. I knew I was early and was stopped right outside the front door of the club, in gear (so the doors were still locked), when right on cue out walks "buddy" with his friends and I let them in. They were happy I kept my word that I would pick them up at exactly that time, and they were right on cue.

So I drove them all home and the meter was at $23.00. I said they were all good and paid for when the guy decided to throw me another $70 basically just for keeping my word.

The title speaks for itself at this point.

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