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Monday, November 30, 2009

The Inspiration

I can almost guarantee that I will be able to bust someone within Lethbridge performing a similar sex act on a prostitute. It is just a matter of time. It seems even strange to me but I will catch someone in the act, I know I will.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Testing out the Camcorder on Prostitutes

These videos are unedited and are very amature. All in all I spent more than an hour downtown tonight and saw at least seven prostitutes and was openly propositioned by two of them. I left the downtown area after I thought they were on to me.

I was parked downtown at the XXXXXX Sub Restaurant at around 11:30pm.

Marsha standing on the corner.

Marsha standing on the corner 2 (alternate light capture).

Marsha looks pregnant photo.

Marsha gets picked up and I follow, leads to nothing really.

Here is the pimp, I saw him with numerous prostitutes tonight and it was quite clear that he is definately a pimp. It only took me half an hour to figure this out. Not sure where the police presence is considering they announced that they are ramping up efforts to curb prostitution, which is still rampant.

Closup photo from video of the pimp.

Photo of the pimp's truck.

Photo of the pimp's liscence plate.

Cruising behind the XXXXXX looking for action. None found.

All in all the camcorder test went well. I look forward to posting more videos as they come along.


All videos and pictures removed from this site.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Stabbing at the XXXXXX

Ever since five people were stabbed outside of the XXXXXX a few weeks ago the bar has been a wasteland.

Two people were airlifted to Calgary in critical condition and all of the victims have since recovered, as far as I know.

I understand the XXXXXX has installed a metal detector, which is a first for Lethbridge. Most people I speak with are outright avoiding the bar out of fear of being stabbed.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Pregnant 17 Year Old

I have recently been consumed with the thought that I will be sent out to Shaunessy to pick up a woman that has prepaid her trip to go to the Lethbridge Regional Hospital when she goes into labour.

I have since started carrying a first aid kit just in case something might go wrong while I am potentially on the call.

I watched a video on YouTube called "how to deliver a baby in a taxi". I learned a few valuable lessons, having no children myself the video explains not to cut the cord and to get the woman to a hospital as soon as possible. Also if the baby does not start crying within 30 seconds of birth to clear the airway and give CPR if necessary.

Anything else you think I should know?

Random Recollection - K

I remember a customer a few months back telling me "You can only masturbate so many times in one day before it starts to hurt, what else can I do? I'm retired."

I actually like this guy, he is in his mid 30's and had a stroke a few years back which has made him dependant on a cane.

He likes his sports and called me out on not knowing which CFL teams were playing today (Sunday). He really is quite an interesting character and mentioned to the effect that he was a real Canadian for knowing what was going on in the CFL and which Canadian NHL teams were playing when and where (implying that I was not a real Canadian, jokingly of course,)

He embarrassed me for about 3 seconds and I hope he enjoyed jerking himself to pain while eating his hot dogs.

Beer Fest Weekend and Swollen Members

Beer Fest was at the Exhibition tonight and Swollen Members played the Blarney Stone. Knowing where people were and where they were likely going definitely helped the bottom line for me.

Reviews of the Beer Fest were mixed. The drunker people were the more they seemed to enjoy the event. About 50 percent of the people I spoke with that attended the event were dissatisfied and most of the dissatisfied people were soberish (my new word) and had felt they had been mislead by the advertising.

Most people had assumed that once they paid the $10 admission price that they would be able to sample as many beers as they wanted. That was not the case and from what I read in the newspaper once the admission was paid tickets were for sale for $.50 a piece and different vendors required different amounts of tickets to sample their beer. Much like a county fair.

The Swollen Members played the Blarney Stone tonight, also with mixed review. Apparently they were to start at about 8 or 9 pm. After the opening acts were through SM did not start until 12:30 am. Some people were upset and left before hearing the main event.

I know you folks spent on average $25 per ticket but that is how bars operate, they draw you in early so you buy drinks and spend money. 12:30 is reasonable in my opinion for the main event to begin. Remember when Method Man and Redman played at Suede? They did not come on until after 1:30am.

Suede is no longer in business.

Monday, November 2, 2009

From the Archive... Dicks, Dildos, and Vibrators... Women Commentary.

This was about half of the trip.


Video Removed From Site.

October 31 in Review

Revelers were out in full force Saturday night. House parties were everywhere and the bars were packed to the rafters.

It was expected as halloween was the second busiest day last year, new years eve being the busiest.

Here are some statistics from the night including personnal traffic violations (some are estimated):

Obstructing traffic: 3
Speeding: >50
Excessive Speeding (>than 25km/hr over speed limit) 1
Over Capacity: 3-4
Unsecured Child (no child seat): 1 (Child seats are not exempt from being used in taxis in Alberta)
Passengers without seatbelt : >60 percent
Open liquor: 2-4
Lipstick removed from face: Once
Average wait time after 9:00: 45 minutes-1hour.
Flags: >20
Sick customers (puking): 1
Racing (to speed limit): 1
Failure to yield to a pedestrian : 0
Excessively drunk customers: <5
Scantily clad women: plenty


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