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Monday, November 2, 2009

October 31 in Review

Revelers were out in full force Saturday night. House parties were everywhere and the bars were packed to the rafters.

It was expected as halloween was the second busiest day last year, new years eve being the busiest.

Here are some statistics from the night including personnal traffic violations (some are estimated):

Obstructing traffic: 3
Speeding: >50
Excessive Speeding (>than 25km/hr over speed limit) 1
Over Capacity: 3-4
Unsecured Child (no child seat): 1 (Child seats are not exempt from being used in taxis in Alberta)
Passengers without seatbelt : >60 percent
Open liquor: 2-4
Lipstick removed from face: Once
Average wait time after 9:00: 45 minutes-1hour.
Flags: >20
Sick customers (puking): 1
Racing (to speed limit): 1
Failure to yield to a pedestrian : 0
Excessively drunk customers: <5
Scantily clad women: plenty

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