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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Why Not - Part 2

If you are unaware I am currently not driving a taxi. I have felt that something is missing in my life. The excitement that was readily available every time I got behind the wheel is no longer there. I have found other ways to feel that same excitement.

I described in detail the effort we put in preparing for "Why Not" so I will leave out most details because they are mostly the same. I was disappointed I did not have a picture of our last outing. This time I have some decent video footage, so it is pretty self explanatory.

In addition this was a fully consensual activity and she was not harmed in ANY way. Physically or otherwise.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Deadly Accident at 8th Ave and 13th Street North?

At approximately 3:30am (by my estimation) it appeared that a single vehicle accident occurred at 8th Ave and 13th Street North.

It appeared that whomever was driving took out a light pole and crashed into a building on the opposite side of the road. It appeared that the vehicle was traveling southbound. That person seemed to be loaded into the ambulance already deceased.

This video was taken 15 minutes ago at approximately 3:45am.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

From the 6th Avenue Standoff

Just a visualization of the scene. At least as close as I was allowed. Full story here.
I did not capture the take down as this lasted over 6 hours and I do have better things to do.

This was the first video I took. I thought the guy was in the red brick building but he was not. Just another angle I guess.

I was pulled over and questioned after the following video so I mise well show it. I did not know the Lethbridge Police Service has such a robot. I assumed it had come from Calgary.


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