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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Why Not - Part 2

If you are unaware I am currently not driving a taxi. I have felt that something is missing in my life. The excitement that was readily available every time I got behind the wheel is no longer there. I have found other ways to feel that same excitement.

I described in detail the effort we put in preparing for "Why Not" so I will leave out most details because they are mostly the same. I was disappointed I did not have a picture of our last outing. This time I have some decent video footage, so it is pretty self explanatory.

In addition this was a fully consensual activity and she was not harmed in ANY way. Physically or otherwise.


Anonymous said...

This isn't very ballsy to do it on a night like Halloween! You should go back to driving taxi so we can get some good stories.

taxiguy said...

Thanks for the comment.

Taxi Gulf Breeze said...

Pretty Bizarre, but amusing!!

Dawn said...

Woah, is this all in Leth? Hmm. I'll have to keep an eye out!


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