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Monday, June 29, 2009

Off His Medication...

I was called to a North side residence and pulled into the driveway. The entire driveway was a complete mess and it looked like someone had just wrapped up a party.

I noticed a hand written note on the front door and was interested in what it said. I thought maybe the note was for me telling me they were in the back or something. I waited a couple of minutes and decided to ring the door bell. No one answered so I took a couple pictures of the front door area.

There were pornographic magazines in clear view of any Girl Scout Guide trying to sell cookies, as well as empty beer cans and cigarette buts and garbage everywhere. I wish I had taken a wide angle shot of the place but was in a rush and didn't want to get caught.

I am glad the guy never appeared as I am sure it would have been an interesting encounter.

If you can not read the note left on the door it says (including the writers punctuation)...

"Richard I will Be back tomorrow For my things, you need to take your meds you lost it, if you keep drinking all the time, without taking your meds. you are hearing Voices that aren't there. Get help Buddy, S."

Saturday, June 27, 2009

To the Employee of the XXXXXX Strip Club:

Damn your boobs were pushed up and out of your shirt so far I tried my very best not to stare.

Every time I needed to look right (at every intersection) I held my breath and tried my best not to look at your tantalizing melons.

I remember when you came to the door, bent over and asked me if I had been waiting long, I cleared my throat and said no. After seeing those giant beer can crushers I would have waited all night and still said I had just pulled up.

This picture is not of her and is a random example of some of the serious distractions I have to deal with.

Wierd Flag

I was driving down 3rd Avenue North towards a trip when a guy walking down the sidewalk was trying to flag me down. I pulled over and turned around.

The guy looked pretty rough, he had a scraggly beard and dirt all over his pants. I assumed he was probably walking from the homeless shelter, which was only two blocks away.

I let him into the car. I let a lot of people in the car, it looked like he needed a ride, that is my job, to give people rides. I admit I have become somewhat racist because of this job and to be honest if this same man was native there would have been little chance of me giving up my trip to flag a native guy around the shelter.

He happened to be white. He did not know exactly where he was going and I asked him if he had any money to pay me for a ride.

He seemed disappointed that I had asked and kind of fumbled around trying to find some cash, I honestly thought he was pretending to look and was expecting the hard luck story and blah blah blah.

To my surprise he pulled out maybe $2000 in cash (mostly $100's. I asked him where he wanted to go while apologizing for doubting him. He said he knew he looked rough or whatever and was actually surprised that I pulled over and let him in the car.

He only went a few blocks and threw me $20 on a $5.70 fare. He kept thanking me for being compassionate but I really do not think I was.

Thursday, June 25, 2009


I have no problem picking up a blind war veteran and transporting him to the hospital to see his dying wife.

One day I helped him to the fourth floor and his wife was so very happy to see him, normally a volunteer escorts people to their family.

I have never escorted a blind person that far and was unable to estimate distances correctly, but I got him there.

Fuck all of you that refuse this trip. It may not be profitable but show some god damn respect you pieces of shit.




Sunday, June 21, 2009

Random Saturday Night Fares

I have found that I write about natives and crack whores far too often and will try to steer my topics elsewhere.

The night started off extremely slow. I found myself pacing in the office wondering when I was going to make some cash.

Thankfully between 11:00pm and 3:00am taxis were in high demand. The bars were very busy and likely due to all the weddings happening in the city. People were dressed to the nines. I picked up a native dude in a suit at the Roadhouse. That is extremely unusual.

Some Random Trips.........................................................

I picked up this elderly lady from a old age home earlier in the evening. I asked her how she was doing and where she was going. She said she was fine and that she was going far away.

I asked her where she wanted to go exactly, and again she says it is far. She then mentions 12 st a and I ask whether it is North or South. She said again 12 st a. I asked her for the house number and she started listing off different streets that she knew or whatever... it sounded like this ``12 st a, 4th avenue, 12st, it`s far away, you know where I mean, by 10th avenue... 21st street, 3rd avenue, far away``.

I was confused but gathered that it was on the South side on 12 street a. She then pulled out a piece of paper with the address written on it. It turned out not to be the correct address of where she was going but it was close.

I told her I was not sure where she wanted to go and she guided me to the address. She had a key to the house and I waited for her to get inside.

She was a very pleasant lady. I think maybe she has a mild case of Alzheimer's. She tipped me $10 or 100 percent of the fare for being patient and courteous with her (at least I think those were her reasons). I especially made it clear that she had given me a $20 and asked again if she was sure she did not want any change. I do not take advantage of anyone, especially an elderly lady.


I picked up the crazy lady that thought I had run over someone and almost killed a few people in a parking lot while I was going 5kmÉhr. That happened a few months ago.

This time she had a ham with her that was somewhat covered with tin foil.

While she was getting in I asked her how she was doing, she responded by saying ``what do you think I am a cunt or a bitch``, I said no I ask all of my customers that.

I tried to recall her memory of when she had thought I ran some people down in a parking lot while driving her to a bar. She explained that she did not have her glasses on. HA HA CLEARLY.

She begins to tell me that she is abused by her man. Not only physically but emotionally, she started crying. She told me the next bruise that he gives her she is going to leave him.

The tears were running down her face and she was clearly upset. I tried my best to console her and basically said there was not a whole lot I could do for her, but that she should involve the police the next time anything happens.

She did not want to get out of the car, I think the was scared. I didn`t know what to do or say. Her last words of advice were ``never have kids``. It was strange.


The guy I mentioned earlier in the Suit at the Roadhouse... I pulled up close to the bar and he immediately offered me $100 to get him home. He said he lived on the West Side and I said that was way to much money.

He offered me $50 to take him home, of course I accepted. After we started going his girlfriend was quite pissed off at the price, even thought the guy didn`t care about the money I gave him $10 back anyway. I ran the meter and it was $15 once we arrived. He was more than happy just to get home.

As pissed off as his girlfriend was it was HIS offer to pay me that much and not my request.


I picked up three doctors (I presume) from the Casino and the entire trip back to the hotel they were talking about how to change the Canadian Health Care system, more specifically the wait times in Emergency rooms. They had some interesting ideas.


I picked up four people from the Letbridge Transit Headquarters. They were returning from a golf tournament and arrived on a private bus. I watched the bus unload and it seemed as though everyone was emptying their beer cans in the parking lot.

They gave me their address and I knew the house. It can be a tricky place to find but I drove there like I lived there. Upon arrival the guy says, ``man you really know your way around`` and I said ``I know your two daughters``. It came out kind of wrong and everyone but him started laughing, someone said ``that explains it``. I made sure to mention that I did not know them personally but had picked them up before.

The one girl works at a Source Adult Video store. She claims not to even like porn. I don`t know about that, who the hell works at a porn shop that doesn`t like porn. I remember her mentioning that a lot of older men like to rent the young gay twinks porno and that it sickened her, also a popular rental was super fat women.

The other daughter works at BK and looks like a complete slut, even for a high school girl.



I picked up a group from the Sound Garden tonight and a man told me the final destination, followed by ``you know right next to the crack house``. I knew the address and personally gave him my condolences because I know he is trying to sell his house but has the shittiest neighbours in Lethbridge, so nobody wants to buy it (I had not previously met this guy). I have picked up hookers from his neighbors house and even dropped a guy off there that had a huge gash in his arm that required medical attention, I doubt he ever got any. That house is notorious and he said the police can do nothing about it.

He mentioned that the crack house was taken care of because he had paid someone $1000to burn it to the ground. Another guy in the back seat said he would do it for $500 but apparently the deal was already made.

(remember the red cross trip from that place, for me only)


I had a puke scare tonight and her friends were basically counting down how long it was going to take to get to the house to puke. ``fifteen, fourteen, thirteen...`` It wasn`t really that bad but I am certain she had a rough morning.


Fucking guy who works at the Casino. I like you but I have no tripped you at least twice because you have dissapeared some how and you are never waiting for your cab. I waited five minutes at the employee entrance for you and said fuck it, I drove to the main entrance and pulled a $75 flag, the trip went all over town. I have doubts that they were all going to make their 8am tee time, especially the first guy. Good guys, excellent trip.

I think one of the guys was the owner of Scores, at least from his Visa Statement.


Monday, June 15, 2009


To be discussed.

Hooker in Action

I noticed the same girls out tonight trying to make a buck. One in particular was standing on her usual street corner around the Lethbridge XXXXXXl.

Every time I drive by her she looks right at me and advertises her hooker services (with a strut or pose).

A short time later I was driving by the Lethbridge XXXXXX and was stopped at a red light. I noticed this same woman in a vehicle going through the intersection. I figured something was up and decided to investigate, possibly to cure my boredom.

By the time the light turned green and I found the car less than a half block away beside the Lethbridge XXXXXX the guy had reclined his car seat with his arms behind his head and the hooker was bouncing away on his cock.

They never saw me but she was really going at it, I could see her hair bouncing up and down at lightning speed.

I drove away and came back soon after and they were already gone. I noticed her 20 minutes later standing outside of the XXXXXX, again basically propositioning me and everyone else with her hooker stance/pose.

I know this sort of thing happens a hundred times a day in Lethbridge and there is a significant market for prostitution for a city of 85,000 but I have never seen it happen first hand.

The guy was driving an older model blue Honda.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Job Opening

Job Opening:

Wanted (not by me):

1 or more XXXXXX prostitutes from the XXXXXX.

All the current prostitutes from the XXXXXX are on crack and are completely fucked up.

Must be willing to suck cock and fuck for cold hard cash. (You can use the money to buy crack cocaine by the way).

With the recent Lethbridge Police "crackdown" of prostitution there is a viable market for young, enthusiastic XXXXXX crack whores, if you are XXXXXX, please apply.


You must enjoy hard core drugs such as heroin or crack cocaine, although not necessary, you will become accustomed to the lifestyle.

Also I presume johns prefer females with at least a grade 4 education and must be 13plus.

No cover letter required... just stand on 5th street South around the XXXXXX and you are sure to make a few bucks... just don't get murdered.

Please forward your resume to XXXXXX (care of Lethbridge Corrections Center (jail)) or XXXXXX in the physch ward.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Cool Trip

Senator J.F.

Appointed by Trudeau.

Wierd Flag

I was sent for a call to XXXXXX Downtown and was on my way when this guy flagged me down at around 8pm in front of the Lethbridge XXXXXX.

I decided to stop and he proceeded to tell me that he was in an emergency situation and needed to get his medication. He told me that he had $8 and needed to get to 13th street and back with his medication.

I told him I was already on a trip and said I would come back if he wanted. He agreed and I told him I would be back in 15 minutes. I asked him to wait on the street.

I drove my original fare, cleared, and proceeded back downtown to see if the guy was still there.

Upon arrival at the Lethbridge XXXXXX I on 5th street South he was still waiting, now with a friend.

I pulled over and they are very excited that I actually came back. I knew something was up even before I said I would come back, if it were a true emergency I would have had no problem extending a hand.

Long story short they were both new to the city and were former/current intravenous drug users. What I was told was the one dude needed to get his "medication".

So we agree on, well, ..... I can not say.

They have no idea where they are going and I finally get them to Heather Road on the North side, (I was pissed because I was driving up and down 13th street South for them to try to identify a landmark of where this guys place was, the thing that pissed me off the most was the guy new the name of the fucking street a block before we got there, had he told me the fucking street in the first place I would not have wasted time and gas driving around aimlessly, fucking XXXXXX...

So we arrive at the place and the guy in the back seat went in to make the deal, I don't really know what was happening inside but became aware of my safety and surroundings when the XXXXXX drug dealer in the Chrysler 300 M pulled up and there was some sort of problem with the quantity.

Apparently wherever this guy was from Methadone costs $5 per 30 grams, he had paid $1 per gram here. He was clearly pissed off and I thought shit was going to hit the fan at the dealers place.

Meanwhile I .............(can't really say until employment agreement expires)

Whatever it was he bought he said it was grade A shit but cheap on the quantity. From what I saw he counted maybe 7 or 8 prescription style pills in his hand.

Then the guy asks me to lend him $20 to buy more so he would not get beaten up when he arrived back at the Lethbridge XXXXXX. I immediately declined and said we had a deal and was holding up my end of the bargain and that I was leaving in two minutes if his friend didn't come back, after all this I think he was really in trouble from whomever had pitched in on the Methadone because he was scared shit less to go back into the Hotel basically empty handed because they were going to eat the pills they had gotten no matter what happened.

The one guy said he was working at the XXXXXX Diner and wanted me to come in and he would give me $40 or something, I told him not to worry about it, he was sincerely grateful and I was honest, and shit did not hit the fan.


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