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Monday, June 29, 2009

Off His Medication...

I was called to a North side residence and pulled into the driveway. The entire driveway was a complete mess and it looked like someone had just wrapped up a party.

I noticed a hand written note on the front door and was interested in what it said. I thought maybe the note was for me telling me they were in the back or something. I waited a couple of minutes and decided to ring the door bell. No one answered so I took a couple pictures of the front door area.

There were pornographic magazines in clear view of any Girl Scout Guide trying to sell cookies, as well as empty beer cans and cigarette buts and garbage everywhere. I wish I had taken a wide angle shot of the place but was in a rush and didn't want to get caught.

I am glad the guy never appeared as I am sure it would have been an interesting encounter.

If you can not read the note left on the door it says (including the writers punctuation)...

"Richard I will Be back tomorrow For my things, you need to take your meds you lost it, if you keep drinking all the time, without taking your meds. you are hearing Voices that aren't there. Get help Buddy, S."

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