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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Wierd Flag

I was driving down 3rd Avenue North towards a trip when a guy walking down the sidewalk was trying to flag me down. I pulled over and turned around.

The guy looked pretty rough, he had a scraggly beard and dirt all over his pants. I assumed he was probably walking from the homeless shelter, which was only two blocks away.

I let him into the car. I let a lot of people in the car, it looked like he needed a ride, that is my job, to give people rides. I admit I have become somewhat racist because of this job and to be honest if this same man was native there would have been little chance of me giving up my trip to flag a native guy around the shelter.

He happened to be white. He did not know exactly where he was going and I asked him if he had any money to pay me for a ride.

He seemed disappointed that I had asked and kind of fumbled around trying to find some cash, I honestly thought he was pretending to look and was expecting the hard luck story and blah blah blah.

To my surprise he pulled out maybe $2000 in cash (mostly $100's. I asked him where he wanted to go while apologizing for doubting him. He said he knew he looked rough or whatever and was actually surprised that I pulled over and let him in the car.

He only went a few blocks and threw me $20 on a $5.70 fare. He kept thanking me for being compassionate but I really do not think I was.


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taxiguy said...

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