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Friday, June 12, 2009

Job Opening

Job Opening:

Wanted (not by me):

1 or more XXXXXX prostitutes from the XXXXXX.

All the current prostitutes from the XXXXXX are on crack and are completely fucked up.

Must be willing to suck cock and fuck for cold hard cash. (You can use the money to buy crack cocaine by the way).

With the recent Lethbridge Police "crackdown" of prostitution there is a viable market for young, enthusiastic XXXXXX crack whores, if you are XXXXXX, please apply.


You must enjoy hard core drugs such as heroin or crack cocaine, although not necessary, you will become accustomed to the lifestyle.

Also I presume johns prefer females with at least a grade 4 education and must be 13plus.

No cover letter required... just stand on 5th street South around the XXXXXX and you are sure to make a few bucks... just don't get murdered.

Please forward your resume to XXXXXX (care of Lethbridge Corrections Center (jail)) or XXXXXX in the physch ward.

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